Is A Shipping Container Home Gym A Good Idea?

Yes, a shipping container gym is a great idea for people who can’t afford to spare any indoor space. You can use it to create an indoor-outdoor home gym or you can use it for storing your equipment when you are done exercising in your outdoor gym. 

Shipping container gyms are much better than outdoor home gyms

That's because your equipment do not get damaged due to direct sunlight and rain. Plus, you can exercise at any time of your choice without being dependent on the weather or worrying about your neighbors. 

However, shipping container gyms are much more expensive than the garden shed gyms. 

A used 20’ container could cost you around $3500 to $5000. And, one may not be enough if you want to build a spacious workout space where you can accommodate at least all the basic home gym equipment that you may want to use. 

Plus, you may not be able to use the shipping container as it is. You may have to add windows or sliding doors to ensure ventilation. You will have to get electrical supply there so you can use treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, etc. that work on electricity. If you are going to lift heavy weights, you may have to take off the floor altogether, lay a concrete floor inside and then add a weightlifting platform on it. 

All these could cost you more than $7000. And, this doesn’t include the cost of the equipment that you would buy. If you don’t have that high budget, you should build a shed gym instead. Or maybe you can think of building an open outdoor home gym

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Still want to create a shipping container home gym? 

Here is some information that we believe will help you eliminate guesswork and brainstorming. 

Figure out how many containers you will need and how you will join them

small but well-designed shipping container gym
small but well-designed shipping container gym

Image source: ShippingContainersUK

The typical lengths of shipping containers are 8’, 10’, 20’, and 40’. The smaller ones are too small to be used for home gyms. A 20’ container should be good if you want to build a small but functionally efficient workout space. But, if you want to build a spacious home gym where you can create separate areas for cardio, weight training, etc. you should go for the 40’ one. 

Need more space? You can join multiple shipping containers together by removing their adjoining walls. You can even stack them to create a multi storey shipping container gym. Hire a metalworker to get them welded properly for your safety and the safety of your equipment. 

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Think about ventilation and air conditioning 

Shipping containers can get very hot during summer and pretty cold during winter. So, you will have to figure out how you are planning to control the temperature inside.  

If the weather is favorable, you can leave the doors open to ensure proper ventilation. You can even take some of your equipment out and exercise outdoors. Products such as fitness decks, adjustable dumbbells, and squat stands are quite portable, so you won’t mind moving them in and out every day. Plus, exercising outdoors is pretty fun and relaxing. 

However, if you want to use your shipping container gym during the day or during harsh weather conditions, leaving the doors wide open may not be a good idea. You will have to use air conditioning units to maintain the temperature inside. Black and Decker 14000 BTU portable AC should be a good option for you but do not hesitate to check out windows AC because they will save some floor space. 

Consult an electrician to find out how you can get electricity supply in your shipping container gym

shipping container gym
shipping container gym

Image Source: Reddit

He will most likely have to draw an underground cable from your home’s main supply. But, let's not assume anything. Hire a professional to figure out how much electricity you will need and what will be the best way to address your requirement. 

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Think about the flooring product that you want to use 

The metal floor of the shipping container is quite durable but you can’t use it as it is. That’s because the metal floor is slippery. Plus, it does not provide any cushioning. Moreover, the metal floor will make a lot of noise that neither you nor your neighbors will like.   

You need to cover it with a proper home gym flooring product so you can exercise comfortably and safely. Puzzle exercise mats are a great option for almost all types of exercises but if you are into weightlifting, we would suggest you get a proper weightlifting platform. You can buy a readymade deadlift platform or maybe build a weightlifting platform at home

You can place the weightlifting platform directly on the metal floor but it will create a lot of vibration. So, if you train really hard, you may want to remove the floor of the container and lay a concrete slab there before installing a weightlifting platform above it. 

Don’t want to do so much hard work? You can buy a readymade, customized shipping container gym 

shipping container gym example
shipping container gym

Image Source: Big Box Containers

Yes, just like you we are surprised too! 

A lot of companies these days sell ready-made shipping container gyms that you can buy for yourself or for your staff in case you run a business and are worried about the wellbeing of your employees. Many of these companies claim that their container gyms can be used for commercial purposes by personal trainers and even small-scale gyms. Since they are indoor-outdoor gyms, they are much safer to use during this pandemic than the conventional box gyms. 

You can either buy a ready-made shipping container gym with all necessary fixtures and even equipment or maybe you can get it customized as per your liking. 

Sounds tempting; isn’t it? 

But, wait. A readymade shipping container gym can literally rip your pockets. The amount of money MyContainerGym is charging is way more than our budget. We would rather build our own or go for a shed gym

Wrap up 

There is nothing better than having your own workout space. And, it doesn’t really matter where you build it; be it a basement, your roof, a spare room, your garage, your patio, backyard, garden shed, or even a shipping container parked in your backyard. 

Just make sure you choose a spot where your equipment are safe and protected from environmental damage. Also, make sure you choose a place where you can comfortably exercise at your own will and pace without bothering about your family or neighbors or the weather. 

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