T-3 Series Power Rack

If you always wanted to own one of the Rogue R Series Racks but couldn’t afford them due to their high price tag, don’t worry. Titan Fitness has an equivalent alternative for you. Its T3 series squat racks/ power cages are functionally almost as good as the Rogue R3 series squat rack. 

Both of them are made of the same 11 gauge Steel with 2″ X 3″ uprights. Both of them can be customized to suit your home gym needs. Yet, the Titan T3 series squat rack costs almost half the price of Rogue R3 series products.   

Rogue’s products are expensive because they are almost perfect in all aspects; right from the welding to finishing, quality control, delivery, and customer services. Titan Fitness, however, focuses on selling products that work as expected. They may not have the most beautiful welding and their paint could start chipping sooner than expected. You might end up receiving beaten boxes with dented products. Yet, whatever you get will definitely be worth its price and definitely a great option to consider when you are not ready to spend a thousand dollars. 

In this blog, we will be sharing our detailed review of The Titan T3 series power rack. We will also be comparing it with some of the other best squat stands that we highly recommend for fitness freaks, athletes, bodybuilders, and people who want something great for their temple of steel.

Let’s get started!


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Quick Review Summary

Titan T3 series power rack is a very basic yet heavy-duty product meant for intermediate to advanced trainers. It comes with only a pair of j-hooks and two pull up bars; one of which is a thick bar. You will have to buy the spotter arms separately, which is OK because it is anyways sold at half the price of its competitive products. You need to anchor it to the floor for use but in case that’s not possible, you may buy a weight plate holder set separately to help weigh it down. 

We do not find any major issues with the Titan T3 series power rack except some cosmetic issues, which we had quite expected. 


  • Moderately priced
  • Heavy-duty rack meant for fitness freaks
  • Comes with dual pull-up bars
  • Tons of accessories and add-ons available


  • Must be bolted to the floor
  • Paint may chip
  • Spotter arms have to be bought separately


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Available in two different heights; 82” and 91”
  • Available in two different depths; 24” and 36”
  • Made of 11 gauge 2” X 3” steel frame
  • You may not bolt it down to the floor if you add an optional weight storage attachment to it but we (and the manufacturer) strongly recommend anchoring it to the floor or to your weightlifting platform.
  • Weight loading capacity- 1100lbs
  • Comes with two pull-up bars; a standard bar and a fat bar
  • Comes with only a pair of j-hooks. You will have to buy the safest accessories separately.
  • Has westside hole spacing pattern in the benching area and 2” above and below it.
  • Has 11/16” hole diameter
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

Don’t have a lifting platform on which you can anchor this squat rack? Here is how you can build a weightlifting platform at home

Need a squat rack that is shorter than this one? You can go with the Titan T3 series short squat rack which is just 72” tall. Or maybe you can buy squat stands instead. 

Titan T 3 series power rack provides the best value for money 

Buyer's feedback on the versatility  of Titan T 3 series squat racks

It is a very basic product with no fancy features that you get with high-end squat racks. Instead of spending money on fancy finishing and powder coating for enhancing the aesthetic appeal, Titan Fitness has focused exclusively on coming up with a product that helps you lift more and lift safely. 

Just like the Rogue R series power cages, the Titan T3 series squat rack is also made of 11 gauge 2″ X 3″ steel. Both of them have a weight-bearing capacity of 1000 lbs. Both of them come with dual pull up bars; one of which is the standard 1.25″ bar and the other one is 2″ thick. You need to anchor them to the floor so stability is not going to be an issue. They both have Westside hole spacing in the benching zone and 2” gap between the holes elsewhere. 

How Titan T3 series squat rack can be anchored to a weightlifting platform

Image Source: Amazon

Can you see how similar they are? Wondering why should anyone go for Rogue when you are getting the same thing for half the price? 

Rogue R series power rack versus Titan T3 series power rack

Titan’s products are not manufactured in the US. And, that may not sound like an issue to most of us but we all know that these imported products have poor quality welds. See the below image for example. 

sloppy welds in Titan Fitness squat racks

Don’t get us wrong; the welds are solid and reliable. You can trust them to hold all the weight and all the rough use you want to throw on your power cage. Just that they are aesthetically not so appealing. Plus, contacting Titan when needed is difficult but Rogue is always available to listen to your queries and issues.

Other than that, Rogue provides holes throughout the uprights on all sides so you can add as many add-ons at any spot of your choice. However, Titan T3 series power racks have very limited holes so you may not be able to add too many add-ons and may have to compromise with your sweet spot. 

Another important difference between them is that Rogue R series squat racks come with better quality accessories and add-ons than the Titan T3 series power cages. Those accessories will last longer even when used roughly. But, they are expensive, so again, you get what you pay for. 

Titan T3 series power rack versus Titan X3 series power cages

Titan X3 series squat racks/power cages are made of 3” X 3” 11 gauge steel uprights and they are more like the Rogue Monster series racks and the Rep Fitness PR 4000 or PR 5000 power cages. All these are meant for people who train really hard. 

The Titan T 3 series power racks are, however, meant for fitness freaks who do not want to settle down with the low-cost squat racks. They are not strong enough to cater to bodybuilders and athletes. 

Assembling the Titan T3 series power rack is easy but instructions are missing

That's a standard problem with all home gym equipment that are sourced from outside. And, there is nothing much you can do about it. 

Thankfully, the Titan Fitness home gym equipment is easy to assemble. They come with an assembly pictograph and a link to an assembly video that may not work. Yet, you will be able to put it together within a couple of hours even though you don't have much assembly knowledge. Just make sure you use your own tools because the ones you will get with it are of no use. 

Holes are not numbered

That's again a common issue with quite a few heavy-duty but moderately priced squat racks. Some of them may have markings on the holes but if the markings are just stickers they will start to peel off within a few weeks. Expensive squat racks, therefore, come with engraved markings. 

But if you are in no mood to spare $100 more only to get marked holes, here is an interesting article on how you can easily remember the position of your j-hooks and safety pin placements.

Pull up bar has no knurling

the two pullup bars of Titan T3 series squat racks

Honestly, it's not a major issue. You can just wrap some athletic tape around and that should help you get a good grip. 

Just so you didn't notice above, the Titan T3 t-Series has two pull up bars. One of them is a 2″ thick bar suitable for people who have bigger hands or those who want to challenge their grip. Rogue squat racks also come with a dual pull-up bar, which it calls the fat/skinny bar. 

Paint gets scratches rather easily  

Chipping off paints is a fairly common issue with all Titan fitness products. Even though the Titan T3 series power cage is powder-coated, the coating is not a premium grade one. It is probably the most basic coating and that's why it is more prone to chipping and scratches.

But, does that matter to you? Because after all, squat racks are meant to get scratched and dented. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

The only reason why we are not giving a 5 out of 5 rating to the Titan T3 series squat rack is that it does not come with a pair of spotter arms, which is the very basic thing you will need to get started. You can buy it separately though. 

We hope our Titan T3 series power rack review helped you understand what to expect from it. Keep reading our website for more such detailed first-hand product reviews and recommendations. 

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