Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack Review

If you are looking for a squat stand below $300, you only have a handful of options and we have already selected some of the best ones for you. Here is our list of best-rated squat racks for your home gym.

Now, as you can conclude from the list, Titan Fitness is the only one that offers an unbelievable 1000lbs weight-bearing capacity! All other squat stands with such high load-bearing capacity cost much more than Titan’s popular T-3 series.

T-3 squat racks are budget-friendly and yet, they have amazing sturdiness and stability. Titan Fitness is a renowned name in the home gym equipment industry. All its products including the T-3 range are curated carefully to let you exercise in the comfort of your home with full safety and without any compromises. This T-3 short squat stand is no exception.

As its name suggests, it is a short stand measuring 72-inch (tall stands measuring 92” are also available with Titan). So, it may not be suitable for pullups and chinups, especially if you are taller than 5’6”. However, it is a genuinely-priced, excellent piece of home gym equipment for people who have limited space but high fitness goals. You can use it for weightlifting, squats, bench exercises, etc. Some of you can use it for pull ups too.

In this blog, we will provide you with almost every possible detail about Titan T-3 short squat rack, so you can make an informed buying decision. Plus, we will also brief you about the T-3 series spotter arms, which are the most popular and helpful additions to any of the Titan T-3 series racks and stands.

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Quick Review Video

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Quick Review Summary

Titan Fitness T-3 series squat stands are available in three different heights. This specific article is about its short stand which measures just 72″ in height and is suitable for compact, low-ceiling areas such as your basement of your shed gym.

It is made of 2″ X 3″ 11 gauge steel, which can bear up to 1000lbs of weight. The uprights feature a westside hole spacing pattern in the benching area. A pair of j-hooks are included with it but being a short rack, it doesn’t come with a pullup bar.

Just like any other Titan Fitness product, the build quality of this T3 series short squat rack/half stand is exactly as expected. The stability too is great for light to medium weight training but if you want to lift heavy, you should weigh it down. Titan Fitness hasn’t provided any floor anchoring option. Plus, the weight holders are missing too. To be honest, we had expected these minor issues.



  • Commercial grade equipment available at an affordable price
  • 1000 lbs weight capacity, which makes it suitable for beginners and intermediate level trainers
  • Can be easily disassembled for transportation
  • Westside hole pattern for extra comfort and safety
  • Welds are neatly done unlike other older Titan products with unprofessional-looking welds
  • UHMW coating in j-hooks for preventing scratches to your equipment
  • Frame is powder-coated to prevent rusting
  • Free shipping
  • One year warranty


  • No option to anchor the frame to the floor. You wouldn’t need to anchor it as it is extremely stable and yet, Titan should have added floor anchors for people who still do not want to take a chance.
  • The holes are not numbered. This isn’t really a big issue but numbering eliminates guesswork and helps you get started immediately. Moreover, only a handful of squat stands have numbered holes.
  • There are no storage pegs at the base. Storage pegs help keep your weight plates organized as well as for weighing down the unit.


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Features and specifications of Titan T3 short squat stand

  • Dimensions: 72” x 47” x 48” (do check out Titan’s 92” T3 squat stand as well) 
  • Weight of the unit: 144 lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Accessories included: J-Hooks with UHMW plastic and all necessary hardware for assembly 
  • Frame is made of 2 x 3-inch 11-Gauge Steel
  • Has Westside hole spacing for height adjustment at the bench and clean pull zone. The rest part of the uprights have 2” hole spacing. The sides of the uprights and base have 6” hole spacing.  
  • Has an easy and stable bolt-together design. 

A detailed review of Titan T-3 short squat stand 

Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack

Built quality

You will be surprised to learn that this Titan squat stand is made of industrial-grade 11 gauge steel, which is why it can bear 1000 lbs of weight. Anything less than 11 gauge (i.e. 12 gauge or 13 gauge) won’t be able to take that much load. This is where Titan T-3 stands can beat the competitors. The other squat stands in this price range are made of 12 gauge steel and some even 13 gauge steel. The more the steel gauge, the more fragile it will be. So, 12 gauge racks will obviously have lesser weight-bearing capacity and lesser sturdiness than 11 gauge ones. 

This doesn’t mean 12 gauge steel squat stands are fragile and unsafe. They are great for people with decent fitness goals but not for people who are into competitive sports such as weightlifting or bodybuilding. For example; the Fitness Reality Multi-Function Half Rack is made of 12 gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 800lbs. It is an excellent home gym equipment for people with standard fitness goals like most of us. But, both of these are priced almost the same, which is why the Titan T-3 short squat stand is a better option.  

Another noteworthy feature of the Titan short stand is that the uprights measure 2” X 3”, which is often the desired dimension for a commercial-grade squat rack. Squat stands for home use usually measure 2” X 2”. 

Hole spacing 

Westside hole spacing example

Just like all other products of the Titan T-3 series, this short squat stand also follows Westside hole spacing pattern i.e. it has 1” gap between holes in the benching and clear pull zone. This is a rare find in squat racks below $300. Usually, Westside hole patterns are crafted in expensive squat stands and power cages. But, there are a few exceptions like this T-3 squat rack. 

Many of us do not realize the significance of hole spacing. Basically, the gaps between the holes can affect your comfort, range of motion, and even your safety! When your legs are trembling under heavy weights, pushing yourself up and down to 1” is easier and safer than 2”. This blog will help you understand more about Westside hole spacing and its importance


The manufacturer claims that this squat stand is extremely stable and doesn’t need to be anchored to the floor. The stand doesn’t come with any holes or hardware for floor anchoring but you can always experiment and come up with your own DIY option. 

We have studied almost all customer reviews in detail and we do conclude that the manufacturer’s claims are right. None of the buyers have stated anything about the wobbling issues. Most of them have claimed that the Titan T-3 short squat stand is very sturdy and stable. 


Because of its easy bolt-together design, assembling this Titan squat rack is a breezeIt comes with all the necessary hardware, making it further easier. Assembly can, however, take some time, especially if you are a novice because the product doesn’t come with any specific instructions or manual. All you get is a picture of the assembled piece. Nevertheless, most buyers have agreed that Titan T 3 short square rack is easy to assemble, just like its other product range. 

Shipping and delivery

Shipping is free for this product. The delivery time frame is short too. Many buyers have stated that they did receive their products faster than they expected during the pandemic. It comes neatly packed and thankfully Titan’s delivery partner handles the packages carefully. No one has complained about beaten packages or dents caused due to mishandling. This wasn’t the case earlier. Until a year ago, Titan’s shipping was pathetic. It is much better now. 


A set of J-hooks is already included with the setThese hooks are coated with UHMW plastic, which is popular for its high durability and low friction. It can protect your barbell from scratches.

Other than this, we would also highly recommend you to buy its spotter arms.

Spotter arms for Titan T-3 squat racks and stands 

Spotter arms compatible with T3 series squat rack/half rack

This weightlifting accessory can be used with any T-3 series rack or any 2” X 3” rack, stand, or power cage. The J-hooks are good but you need these to make your workouts safer. Further, if you want to add more variety to your workout routine, you will need these. They can be extremely helpful especially for bench exercises. If you need a taller rack for pullups, chinups, etc., buy Titan’s T 3 tall squat stand. The only difference between the T 3 short stand and tall stand is their height. Everything remains the same.  

Spotter arms for T-3 short squat rack weigh 14 lbs and are made of 7 gauge steel, which makes them strong enough to bear up to 800 lbs weightThey are also lined with UHMW plastic to protect your barbell from damage. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

The only negative aspect that we didn’t like is the lack of assembly instructions. But, as mentioned, if you have even bare minimum knowledge of tools and assembly processes, you will be able to put it together alone within an hour. Some buyers have stated about cosmetic issues but we can safely ignore them because it’s a squat stand and it is not expected to look pretty. Overall, we happily recommend this product to beginners and intermediate level fitness enthusiasts.