Rogue RM Series Monster Racks Review

Rogue RM series monster racks are the kings of all squat racks and power cages. They have a beastly appearance, which reflects that they can hold anything and everything that you throw on them. Rogue monster racks are fully customizable as per your needs and preferences, so you don’t have to settle down for anything less. 

But, as expected, you will have to pay a whopping amount of money for them. So, a lot of buyers prefer to go with Rogue RML series Monster lite racks that are made of the same steel that is used for the Monster series racks. They also have the same weight-bearing capacity. However, Rogue R series monster racks have thicker, bigger hardware than the Monster lite series racks, which means they are better in terms of quality. 

Still confused which one you should go for? 

Read our detailed Rogue RM series monster racks review below to understand how these two differ and if it is worth spending a fortune on Monster racks. 

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Quick Review Summary

Rogue RM series monster racks are one of the finest quality products meant for people who want to train really hard. They are fully customizable i.e. from the top pull-up bar to the coating of the nuts and bolts, you can customize it as per your need and liking. These racks have a large footprint and a tall height, making them unsuitable for compact spaces. 


  • Has bigger, thicker hardware that help improve its overall sturdiness
  • Available in various heights to suit various home gym needs
  • Can be customized in various ways
  • Numerous accessories available to increase the versatility of use of these racks


  • None as such


We are giving this a rating of 5.0 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • As of writing this article, the Rogue Fitness RM Monster rack series has 11 products including a wall-mounting one and a Monster cave that is specially designed to be used for Olympic training, military training, etc.
  • Some of these racks have to be bolted to the floor whereas others can be used without floor anchoring.
  • All of the Rogue RM series monster racks have a walk-through design i.e. there is no rear stability bar. You can walk through them or slip your bench as much as you want.
  • Almost all these racks are sold in various heights to suit various home gym needs.
  • All of them are made of 3” X 3” 11 gauge steel tubing.
  • All of them feature westside hole spacing i.e. they have 1” gap between the holes. Read this article to find out why westside spacing is so important in squat racks.
  • They have 1” hardware, a feature that is only reserved for high-end power racks meant for heavy use.
  • Multiple color options and finishing available.
  • The uprights have holes on all four sides. The holes are numbered for your convenience.
  • Rogue Fitness manufactures lots of attachments and accessories that are specifically meant for its Monster series racks because finding 1” hardware is not easy.

Rogue RM series Monster racks have large footprints 

Rogue RM Monster rack 2

Image Source: Rogue Fitness

And, that's quite understandable. The Rogue Monster racks are meant for heavy-duty use, possibly commercial use. They are meant for advanced trainers, athletes, bodybuilders, military personnel, and those who have to train hard so that they can keep up with their daily life. 

These people usually have a broad body. Plus, since they will be lifting a lot of weight, they would prefer to go with a rack that provides enough space and flexibility, so they can train safely and comfortably without making even the slightest possible compromise. 

Wondering how large the footprint usually is? 

The inner workout area of Rogue fitness RM Monster series squat rack is much larger than that of the affordable range of squat racks.

For example; the Fitness Reality 810 XLT squat cage has a footprint of 50” X 46” whereas the Rogue RM-4 Fortis Rack has 53” X 53” footprint. The MONSTER COLLEGIATE HALF racks have a footprint of 62” X 53” and the ROGUE RM-6 MONSTER RACK 2.0 has a footprint of 80” X 53”. 

The footprint, however, is almost the same as the squat racks that are meant for advanced trainers

The Ethos squat rack measures 59” X 58” and the Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0, which is also a very basic rack like the Ethos one measures 53” X 53”.  The Titan T-2 Series Power Rack measures 57” X 50”. As we said above, all these squat racks have a very similar frame made of almost the same quality of steel and are meant for the same type of users. 

Rogue RM Series monster racks are taller though 

Most of them are available in various height options. The shorter ones are usually 90” whereas the tallest ones are around 108”. Some of them are also available in 100” height. 108” height is exceptionally good because you can easily use gymnastic rings on them to do the calisthenic moves. 

These are probably the tallest possible squat racks we have come across. Some time ago we used the Rep Fitness PR 4000 half rack, which is 103” tall. Most competitive products too are almost 103” tall. You won’t find many options that are taller than that. So, yes Rogue RM series monster racks do get an advantage here. 

Rogue RM series monster racks are not suitable for compact home gyms 

This is quite obvious because they are taller than what you can accommodate in your basement gym or garden shed gym, or a shipping container gym (yeah, that's in trend these days). But, if you have an outdoor gym or if you have converted a spare room to your home gym, you can use it comfortably. 

What we want to say here is that make sure the ceiling of your home gym is tall enough to accommodate the rack that you are ordering. 

Rogue RM series monster racks have 1” hardware

Wondering what difference it makes? 

Look at the image below. 

1" versus 5/8" hardware

As you can see in the image above, 1” hardware are much bigger and stronger than the standard 5/8″ hardware. This also means they are more reliable when you are training with heavy weights. 

See the below image to get an idea of how big the nuts and bolts are. If you are training with more than 600lbs of weight, that’s what you need to feel confident enough to keep going. 

1" nut size comparison with a cold drink can

Image courtesy: YouTube

Bigger hardware means better quality accessories

Now, this is both a pro and a con. 

The con is that you can’t use just any accessories of your choice because most of them are meant for ⅝” holes. You will have to specifically buy accessories meant for 1” hole sizing and there are not many brands that sell them other than Rogue and Titan Fitness. Plus, they are expensive. 

The good thing about these specific accessories is that they too are thicker and stronger just like the racks they are meant for. They are the ones you can trust when you are training hard and fast. 

The uprights of the Rogue RM series have holes on all four sides so you can add tons of accessories

Buyer's response on the versatility of Rogue Monster series racks

Every part and every side of the uprights have holes and they all are pretty synchronized. So, if you want to add a ton of accessories, why not! The other squat racks usually have holes only on the front side so you can add very limited add-ons and even if you do add a lot, you will have to keep removing them when done so they don’t interfere during your squats.


We are giving this a rating of 5.0 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

As we said at the beginning of the article, Rogue RM series Monster racks are one of the best products for people who are preparing for competitions or are into a profession where they have to do a lot of hard work to stay fit like hulk. It is a near-perfect product with no possible flaw that we could figure out. 

Rogue Fitness ships its products worldwide in proper pallets in multiple boxes so no matter where you are, you will get your order in a good condition. 

If you are thinking about buying this rack, you are probably strong enough to try out the Jeff Nippard bodybuilding program. We recently came up with a detailed article on it, just in case you are interested. We have also figured out why people get lumps in their back from squats. Do read it and stay safe. 

That’s it for this article. Get in touch with us for queries and suggestions.