Rogue R Series Racks Review

The Rogue R series squat racks are the second line of its squat racks; the first one is the Rogue Echo series that we have already reviewed on our website. The R series is also known as the Infinity series and consists of 6 different squat racks (until the time of writing the article) including a wall-mount option. 

All these squat racks are made of 2” X 3” 11 gauge steel frames. They feature a Westside hole spacing pattern and are rated for more than 1000lbs of weight. You can customize the racks but there are not as many customization options as you get with Rogue RM series monster racks

The Rogue R series squat racks are designed for intermediate to advanced trainers and for people who are into cross-training. But, so are the Monster Lite products and the Rogue Echo series products! 

So how do you decide which one to choose from? 

Well, that’s what this article intends to do. Our detailed Rogue R series racks review will help you gain more clarity on the build and usability of these products and the other competitive ones so you can figure out the one which should be the best option for you.

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Quick Review Summary

Rogue R series squat racks are more robust and heavy-duty than the Echo series racks, making them suitable for home gym owners who are quite serious about their fitness routine. These racks need to be bolted down to the floor for use. Plus, they are 90” tall, so they may not fit well in your basement gym. 

That being said, the Rogue R series are great products for intermediate to advanced trainers who need something strong and durable that can bear all the rough use and abuse.


  • Value for money
  • Heavy-duty products for home use
  • Some parts can be customized
  • They have dual pull-up bars
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Need to bolted to the floor/weightlifting platform
  • Limited add-ons available


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Available in 6 different varieties including a wall-mount one and a half rack conversion kit.
  • All of them need to be anchored to the floor or the weightlifting platform for use. Anchoring kit is sold separately, which is strange but don’t forget to order it too.
  • They feature Westside hole spacing in the benching area and 2” space above and below that.
  • The holes are laser cut, which is why they always line up and it is easier to add or remove add-ons.
  • The Rogue R series power racks are 90” tall.
  • Crossmembers are sold separately for some of the models. These add-ons help enhance the overall stability of the rack.
  • Most racks of the Rogue R Series come with a fat/skinny pull-up bar, which is basically a dual bar with one of them being a standard bar and the other one being a thick 2” bar. The R-6 model also comes with a multi-grip pull up bar.
  • Rogue R series squat racks come with a lifetime warranty.

The holes on the uprights are not numbered

laser cut holes of the Rogue R series power racks

And we don’t like it. Rogue R series racks do not fall under the best affordable squat racks category. They are heavy-duty equipment meant for people who rather take their workouts seriously. The manufacturer should have at least numbered the holes so you don’t have to remember the pin settings from one workout to the next. This is a small issue and we assume it doesn’t really impact the manufacturing cost.  

Anyways, here is an article on how you can mark the holes on your rack/cage to easily remember j-hook and safety pin placements

They are tall and may not be suitable for basements and shed gyms 

As we stated above, all of them are 90” tall so they may not be suitable for basement gyms, garden shed gyms, or the trending shipping container gyms. Make sure you measure the height of your home gym and leave a few inches free at the top for pullups and other exercises that you may want to do using these racks. 

Don’t have enough ceiling clearance? You can go with Titan T2 series shorty power racks or TDS Power Rack. These products are specially designed for small home gyms. 

The fat/skinny pullup bar is amazing 

Rogue Fitness is the only company that includes fat/skinny bars with its squat racks. These are basically two pullup bars joined together and their position can be interchanged as and when needed. One of them is the standard 1.25” bar and the other one is 2” bar meant to help you challenge your grip and intensify your workouts. 

Almost all squat racks sold by Rogue come with these dual bars, which is amazing because it is a premium product that should be sold with premium squat racks only. 

Rogue R series versus Rogue Echo series

Rogue Echo series squat racks are made of 2” X 2” 11 gauge steel frames whereas the Rogue R series products are made of 2” X 3” 11 gauge steel frames. The wider frame of the R series racks makes it suitable enough for intermediate to advanced trainers whereas the Echo series is good enough for recreational lifters and home gym owners although Rogue claims that they can also be used by athletes on budget. 

Rogue Echo series squat racks accept ½” hardware, which is smaller than ⅝”, which is the standard sizing. So, obviously, they are not as good as their big brothers. Plus, you don’t really have many options to accessorize your squat rack because most add-ons are meant for ⅝” holes. The Rogue R series is better in terms of compatibility. 

Rogue R series versus Rogue Monster lite series

The Monster lite series are beefier than the R series squat racks because they have a 3” X 3” frame. These are heavy-duty racks meant for advanced trainers and athletes. You get more options to customize your rack than what you get with the Rogue R series racks.   

If you are already lifting more than 500lbs of weight, you should go with Rogue Monster Lite products. Or maybe, you can check out the Rogue RM Monster series products, if you are flush with cash. Otherwise Rogue R series is more than enough to help you grow stronger and bigger from the comfort of your home. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

The only reason we didn’t rate it 5-star even though it deserves is poor customization options and limited add-ons. If you are a recreational trainer, you may not mind it. But, if you are a fitness freak who loves to experiment with something new frequently, you might want Rogue to come up with more and more accessories. 

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