The Hulkfit Half Rack / Squat Stand Review

Some time ago, we had reviewed the Hulkfit Power Cage, a four-post full rack suitable for beginners and intermediate-level trainers. In this article, we will be reviewing the HulkFit half rack/squat stand, a two-post squat stand for small home gyms where you cannot have a full-size rack.  

Hulkfit half rack/squat stand is one of the cheapest products of its kind. Being a low-cost product, it is designed only for beginners and recreational trainers. 

It is also sold under the brand name BalanceForm. Some buyers have stated that the box they received has Everyday Essentials branding instead of Hulkfit brands. So, most likely, these three brands are owned by a single parent company, which is a Chinese one. 

We have tried a couple of products from Hulkfit and, so far, we are pretty happy with them. Of course, they are flawed and they have a lot of scope for improvement. But, HulkFit products are designed for recreational use and that’s why those flaws can be ignored, considering their low cost. 

Read our detailed Hulkfit half rack review below to learn more about it and understand where it stands when compared with other competitive products. 

PS: Here is a detailed article on ‘What is the difference between Squat Racks, Power Racks, Half Racks, and Squat Stands’. 

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Quick Review Video

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Quick Review Summary

Hulkfit half rack/squat stand is a low-cost product meant for beginners and recreational home gym owners like us. It is a very basic rack with no frills and fancy features. You can choose from three different colors. The weight-bearing capacity is stated to be 500lbs but we suggest you shouldn’t use it for training with more than 250lbs. The build quality is pretty decent but the finishing and welding may not be perfect. The j-hooks could have been better but you can replace them with better ones later when you feel the need. 

The half rack is also available in PRO version but we do not recommend that because it is expensive and you have many better options to choose from.


  • Highly affordable
  • Has weight pegs for holding the plates and weighing down the rack
  • Easy assembly
  • Perfect for beginners and casual trainers


  • Weighs just 60lbs and needs to be weighed/bolted down for stability
  • The pro version is not a value-for-money product as better alternatives are available
  • The j-cups are not of good quality and may wear out within a few months if used daily


We are giving this a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Hulkfit half racks are available in two varieties; the basic version and the PRO version. The basic one is the cheapest half rack we have come across so far (till the time of writing this article). The PRO version, however, is more expensive than other competitive products. 

In this blog, we will be reviewing the basic one because, as we just said, the PRO version isn’t a value for money product. At the time of writing this article, it was sold at around $400. If you have that high budget, you should go with Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack instead. It is taller than the Hulkfit one, making it suitable for taller people. Plus, it is wider and has better stability than other competitive products, so you can do calisthenics as well. 

Features and specifications of Hulkfit half rack/squat stand  

Hulkfit half rack dimensions
  • Dimensions: 81″ x 50″ x 46″
  • Weight- 60lbs 
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 500lbs as per manufacturer but we don’t agree. Read below to know more
  • Hole spacing- 2” which is an improvement over the Hulkfit power cage that has 3” gaps between the holes. 
  • The holes are numbered for your convenience. 
  • Comes with a pullup bar and a pair of j-cups. The PRO version comes with spotter arms, multi-grip pullup bar, dip handles, 4 weight horns, and two barbell holders. 
  • Has weight horns at the rear ends of the stand for weighing down the machine
  • Warranty- 2 years

Hulkfit half rack is a decent product for beginners and recreational trainers 

It is available in three different colors but black is our favorite because scratches cannot be seen so prominently on it. 

Just like the other Hulkfit Products, the assembly instructions you get with it are quite vague. But, don’t worry. The process is rather easy and doable by people who do not know anything about assembling things. 

The manufacturer claims that it can hold up to 500lbs but we don’t believe that. 

the triangular gussets of Hulkfit half rack/squat stand

The frame is rather thin and the triangular gussets that are used to connect the uprights with the base are flimsy too. We wouldn’t trust this half rack to hold more than 250lbs of weight. Now, if you are a beginner or a casual trainer, this should be more than enough.  But, if you want something heavy-duty, you should go for Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack, which can hold 1000lbs of weight. 

Hulkfit half rack is compatible with all accessories made of 2.5” X 2.5” frames

You can add a dip bar, resistance band pegs, LAT machine, and many other accessories of your choice. You don’t necessarily have to stick with the same brand. Buyers have stated that the frame has a pretty standard size, so you can buy accessories from almost any company of your choice. 

Do check out the Hulkfit Landmine Attachment that the company sells for all its squat racks and power cages. 

It is a good option for low ceiling areas 

The max height of the Hulkfit half rack is 81”, which makes it suitable for basements and other low-ceiling areas. 

Here is how you can build a basement home gym where you will be able to use this half rack.

If you have a very low ceiling where you can’t even fit the Hulfit half rack, don’t worry. Titan Fitness T3 series short squat rack with 72” height should be good for you. If you need something taller, you can go with the ETHOS Folding Wall Rack.  

The plastic lining of the j-hooks could start peeling off within a few months 

Buyers's feedback on the quality of j-hooks

A lot of buyers have complained that the quality of the plastic used on the j-hooks is not good and could wear off within a few months of use. Plus, the lining may start to peel off sooner than expected. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that you can do about it because, after all, you get what you pay for. 

If you are not lifting heavy, these hooks can still last 6 to 8 months and then you can replace them with something better. Here are some of the best replacement j-hooks that we recommend. 

The j-hooks with flimsy plastic lining

Other than the poor plastic quality, some buyers have complained that the j-hooks sometimes do not sit flush on the squat rack and that's why they wobble a lot while racking and unracking the barbell. 

Now, this could be an issue because wobbling j-hooks can affect your confidence. We evaluated more than a thousand reviews and we believe this could be because of faulty welding or a thick layer of paint on the hooks or uprights. But, don’t worry, such cases are rare. 

Many buyers have complained of bad packaging and missing parts 

That’s quite expected from a brand like HulkFit. It is not a renowned professional-grade company like Rogue. It is, after all, a Chinese company that sells low-cost products. So, obviously, HulkFit doesn’t really bother improving their packing and shipping. Buyers have reported that they have received severely beaten packages. The products too got dents and scratches due to poor handling. 

Some other buyers have complained of missing parts, often nuts and bolts that you can easily find at any hardware store near you. However, the seller should work on improving its quality control.  

The pull up bar is very basic with no knurling on it 

If you are planning to use this Hulkfit half rack for pull ups, you will have to wrap some athletic tape around it. To be honest, we don’t mind this because we don’t really expect too much from a $150 squat rack.


We are giving this a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

As we stated at the beginning of our review, the Hulkfit Half rack is one of the cheapest and yet top-rated products in its category. It isn’t the best in class but it works as expected, which is what matters the most. 

If you are a recreational trainer, you should go for it but do not hesitate to compare it with the many other best half racks that we have selected for people on a budget. A thorough comparison will help you understand what to expect from each of them and which one will best serve your purpose.