Best Half Racks for Your Home Gym in 2021

Looking for the Best Half Racks for your Home Gym?

Half Racks are a fantastic option for a Home Gym because of their small footprint and sometimes lower cost.

Read this guide before you click on a link to a site written by someone who doesn’t even lift!

It’s easy to make a mistake and get a half rack that will leave you wishing you had purchased something better. Luckily we are here to help you!

No time to read the whole post? Here are our top picks after our extensive research!

#1 Rogue SML Series Monster Light Squat Stands Check Pricing
#2 Titan T-3 Series Short Squat Stand Check Pricing
#3 HulkFit Multi-Function Half Rack Check Pricing
#4 The Fitness Reality Multi-Function Half Rack Check Pricing

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Why a Half Rack?

It’s no secret that I prefer a Full Squat Rack. But even I have to admit that there are times when a half rack can be a better option:

1. Takes up less space

A half rack can be a great option for reducing your foot print when you do not have a lot of space to workout.

2. Can be less expensive

A half rack or squat stand can also be more affordable than a full 4 post squat rack or power cage.

We have also seen though that they are sometimes more expensive than some of the more entry level full squat cages like those in our guide to the Best Cheap Squat Racks. So if you are purely looking at cost, then you might want to choose a full squat rack.

3. Cheaper to ship and easier to put together

A half rack can be cheaper to ship and a lot easier to put together than a full sized rack. This is because there is usually less material to ship and the shipping weight is usually less.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a half rack we have compiled the ultimate guide to the best Half Racks out on the market right now! If you see one we have missed then just please let us know in the comments below.

What is a half rack?

A half rack is a squat rack or squat stand with only two posts instead of 4. The reason it is called a half rack is because it has the two bars instead of four.

What is a half squat rack?

Same thing as a half rack.

Half-Rack vs Full Squat Rack 

When comparing a full squat rack to a half rack it’s important to note that the full rack is safer as when you are squatting inside of it, it is impossible for the bar to fall outside of the safety bars. However, a half rack doesn’t offer the same level of protection.

Tips when searching for a good Half Rack:

  • Make sure you are getting long enough safety arms. You want to have plenty of room to easily catch the bar in the case of a failed rep.
  • Weigh the half rack down to keep it from tipping. This is why half racks with weight horns are such a great option.

How do you squat in a Half Rack?

Honestly just use it the same a regular rack.

Important: Be careful and make sure you don’t back out to far out of the rack. You want to always be in range of the safety arms. That way you can safely dump the bar when you fail.

Don’t think you will ever fail a squat?

You will fail, yes you will fail. (if you are training hard enough that is)

Weigh Down Your Half Rack

Make sure you add some weight to the weight horns on the back of your half rack. Some people like to use sandbags. I usually just throw some spare 45s on them. Just get some weight on there.

You don’t want to dump several hundred pounds on the safety bars of an unweighted half rack. Bad things will happen.

What is hole spacing on a squat rack and why is it important?

For more info on hole spacing see this article dedicated to it.

How exactly do you squat?

Not a bad example of a low bar wide stance squat

That is a little bit beyond the scope of this post. However you can check out our handy dandy guide here.

For this guide we are avoiding all half racks that do not have safety arms

If a rack doesn’t have safety arms then you have no option to safely fail and we consider it more of a squat stand.

Squat stands do have their use though and if you would like to know more about them then check out our upcoming article on them.


#1 – Rogue “Monster Lite” SML Series Squat Stands – Best Premium Half Rack


Models: SML-1, SML-2, SML-3
Material : heavy-duty 11-gauge 3×3″ square laser-cut steel uprights and (3) 2×3” 11-gauge steel base tubes
Weight Capacity (lbs) : 1000
Safety Bar/Spotter Arms Length : 24″
Pull up Bar? : yes
Dimensions : Length-48″, Width-49″, Height-92″
Hole Spacing : 1″
Weight Horns Available? : no

Quick Video Review

Rogue makes some of the best gym equipment out there, and we were excited to try out their Rogue SML Monster Lite Series. Rogue calls this series a “squat stand” but we classify it as a half rack because it has safety bars and the posts are connected.

There are three variations of the Monster Light Squat Stand (SML) Series that Rogue sells:

The Rogue SML Monster Lite series squad stands are made of premium materials and has amazing stability to it.

It does all that while keeping the frame compact and manageable. There are 11 gauge steel uprights at the center of it, providing much-appreciated strength to the structure.

The Rogue SML Monster Lite Series uses heavy gauge American made steel in the construction so you are sure to get a premium quality build. The company also has a superior quality assurance system and it shows, the cuts are done with a laser, the welds are clean and the finish is superior.

While the packaging includes everything you’ll need, it will take some time to assemble the Rogue SML-2 Monster Lite.


  • Comes with J Cups with protective plastic
  • Only weighs 122 pounds
  • The design is compact and won’t take much space
  • Comes with a pull up bar as well


  • Assembly will take some time
  • Not a lot of accessories are included


The best half rack on the market today!


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

#2 – Rep Fitness SR 4000 Rack

More Info Coming soon!

#3 – Titan T-3 Series Squat Stands – Best Mid-Range Half Rack

The Titan T3 Series I am evaluating. Still waiting for the spotter arms to come in but so far I impressed with it.

Material : 11 gauge 2″ x 3″ steel
Weight Capacity (lbs) : 1000
Safety Bar/Spotter Arms Length : 24″
Pull up Bar? : yes, in the V2
Dimensions : Depth: 48″, Width: 49″, Height: 92″
Hole Spacing : 2″
Weight Horns Available? : yes in the V2

Quick Video Review

This half rack is a new favorite of ours and we almost put it at the top spot just because of the amount of value that it offers relative to its price. You will be hard pressed to find a more quality half rack that you get in this for the price you get.

It is relatively stable compared to other cheaper half racks like the Hulk Fit and fitness reality half racks and overall the steel and construction feels much higher quality.

That being said this half rack does not feel as stable or movement free during heavy lifts as the rogue fitness racks above do. That being said I would trust it with lifting heavy weights above 400 pounds as long as your weight down the rack or secure it to the floor.


  • Fantastic Price
  • Stable
  • High Quality
  • 11 gauge steel construction
  • Free Shipping!


  • Not as heavy duty and sturdy as the Rogue SML Series
  • You have to buy safety arms separately (like Rogue)

Summary: The best quality half rack we have found besides the Rogue SML Series Racks.

#4 – HulkFit Multi-Function Half Rack – Best Entry Level Half Rack

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack Exercise Squat Stand with J-Hooks, Spotter Arms Dip Bars and Pull Up Bars, 800-Pound Capacity

Here is the yellow beast in all her glory in my old storage unit gym

Material : Heavy duty square steel frame, 2×2, 1/16th thick
Weight Capacity (lbs) : 800
Safety Bar/Spotter Arms Length : 20″
Pull up Bar? : yes
Dimensions : 81″ x 44″ x 46″
Hole Spacing : Slightly More than 2″
Weight Horns Available? : yes

Quick Video Review


So this is a very basic and barebones half rack. I would argue that it’s the very best at this price point (often less than $300). But the stability is not amazing.

It will wobble on you. See the video above for more of what I mean. The more you weigh it down the less it will wobble.

It is a very bright yellow. Not that the color of your rack matters.

Basic j hooks and spotter/safety arms

The J-hooks suck on the half rack and the safety arms are not long enough. But for the price they are functional and get the job done.

Built in back weight horns

The HulkFit Multi-Function half rack also comes with weight horns on the back. It is essential that you use these and weigh the rack down as much as possible.

Space Saving

The real selling point for this rack (and a lot of half racks) is that they have a small footprint. This is perfect for people in apartments or smaller rooms.

The most complete cheap/affordable half rack on the market

Overall, the HulkFit Multi-Function half rack is a good option for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot and/or doesn’t have a lot of space.


  • 800-pound capacity (though I wouldn’t trust anything over 400)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick to ship (Amazon)
  • Comes with two pull up bars
  • Has a weight horns built-in to the rack


  • Wobbles
  • Safety arms not stable and not long enough
  • One color available

Summary: Buy it if you are concerned with price, want cheap/fast shipping from Amazon, and are not going to be lifting more than 300-400 pounds (in my opinion).

#5 – The Fitness Reality Multi-Function Half Rack – Great Entry Level Half Rack

Full Review Now Available! – Read Full Review Here

Quick Video Review

This is a great affordable half rack and very similar in a lot of ways to the Hulk Fit Rack. Keep in mind you are not are not going to want to lift more than 400 pounds on this thing.

We think it’s one of the best affordable half racks we’ve been able to review but we wouldn’t currently rate it as highly as the Rogue Fitness or Titan Fitness Half Racks above.

  • Great Price
  • Easy to put together.
  • Comes with interesting accessories like the land mine attachment.


  • Not a super duty half rack like some of the Rogue Fitness or Titan Fitness half racks above.
  • Has a bit of wobble to it though that can be cured by weighing it down.
  • Not a super well-known brand like Rogue Fitness or Titan Fitness.
  • The overall height of the half rack leaves a little bit to be desired.

#6 – Sunny Health & Fitness Power Half Rack

Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack with High Weight Capacity, Olympic Weight Plate Storage and 360° Swivel Landmine and Power Band Attachment

Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack with High Weight Capacity, Olympic Weight Plate Storage and 360° Swivel Landmine and Power Band Attachment

Material : 2 ¼” x 2 ¼“ Steel
Weight Capacity (lbs) : 800
Safety Bar/Spotter Arms Length : 16″
Pull up Bar? : yes
Dimensions : 42L x 47W x 85H
Hole Spacing : 1″
Weight Horns Available? : no


  • Heavy and stable frame
  • Knurling grip on the pull-up bar
  • Plate storage rack on the back
  • Comes with landmine barbell attachment


  • Shipping package needs a lot of improvements
  • Included “tool” is flimsy in quality

Summary: Made with a focus on versatility


So that is it for our Ultimate Guide to the Best Half Racks you can currently get on the market today. As usual, let us know if we forgot anything in the comments below.

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