Microgainz Fractional Weight Plates Review

We recently got a hold of the Microgainz Fractional Weight Plates from our friends at microgainz.com and we have now given them a thorough test. Please read on to find out if the fractional weights left us wanting more or completely fullfilled our expectations!

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Video Review

Quick Thoughts

So this is not a complex product. They are fractional weights and I am not going to add a lot of fluff to this article when there is none needed. We may soon be adding an article about fractional weight plates and why/when you might use them. So sign up for our newsletter to keep posted on that!

Microgainz is simply a perfect product. If you need affordable, well-made fractional plates then these are the people to go to.

Some random thoughts of mine on Microgainz:

  • Shipped securely and quickly
  • Very well-made
  • Accurately weighted
  • Fit perfectly on my olympic bars
  • Solid AF

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