7 Best Adjustable Kettlebells for Your Home Gym

The one equipment that you will always find on the aisles on all gyms and fitness centers is kettlebells. Those candy-colored weights have numerous benefits and yet they are quite inexpensive as compared to $1000 …

7 best adjustable kettlebells for your home gym

The one equipment that you will always find on the aisles on all gyms and fitness centers is kettlebells. Those candy-colored weights have numerous benefits and yet they are quite inexpensive as compared to $1000 exercise machines. 

Various studies have proven that kettlebells can help improve core stability and increase your stamina and endurance. They can improve your cardiovascular health along with your overall body composition. They can stimulate new bone cell growth. If you are in your middle age, you must include them in your workout routine to improve your balance, stability, and flexibility. No wonder why they deserve to be a part of your home gym. 

But, did you know your fitness goals will fail if you continue to use the same set of kettlebells for a long time? When you use the same weight for weeks, your body will adapt itself to the resistance. This is why at some point, you will not find it challenging enough, although it seemed too difficult when you started it. If you want to prevent muscular degeneration or want to lose weight, you will have to constantly improve your endurance. This is possible only when you keep increasing the weight of your kettlebell. 

We understand that it is impossible to own a whole set of kettlebells (unless you have a good budget and a big space). This is why we have found 7 top-rated adjustable kettlebells that you can use to gradually increase your strength and endurance. These are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level people but some of them can be used by athletes and advanced fitness freaks as well. 

But, before we go to our list, watch this video to get an idea of how adjustable kettlebells work.  

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Top 7 adjustable kettlebells for home gyms 

Name Weight capacityAdjusting mechanismOur rating Price
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights8-40 lbsDial turning mechanism4.8Check Price
Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell10-40 lbsManual adjustment 4.7Check price 
Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women5-12 lbsPatented click and twist system4.6Check price 
Kettle GrypUp to 55 lbsIt is a grip handle to hold dumbbells4.7Check Price
Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell16-36 lbsPatented pin-lock mechanism4.6Check Price
NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell HandleUp to 660lbsManual Clamping method4.5Check Price 
Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell20-50lbsManual twist locking pin system4.6Check Price 

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

This is a Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights
This is a Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

These are expensive but they are worth every penny. An easy-to-adjust dial and a wide, stable base make them suitable for people who prefer changing weights frequently during workouts. 


  • Can be adjusted to offer you resistance of 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs. 
  • The resistance can be adjusted by turning a dial. You don’t need to manually add or remove weights
  • You can quickly change the resistance between workouts because all you need to do is to turn the dial. 
  • The locking tabs are made of metal. They are strong enough to prevent the weights from slipping off. 
  • Have metal plates with durable molding. 
  • Bowflex adjustable kettlebells have ergonomically designed handles to give you a good grip. 

The manufacturer states that unlike the conventional kettlebells, these are not meant to be thrown roughly when done. You need to put them down gently or else the locking mechanism will break. 

What we like about it

  • The wide base gives a lot of stability to this heavy piece of gym equipment.
  • The dial system offers hassle-free weight adjustment. It is its USP. A buyer has stated “The ease of changing the weights on these things is amazing. I just can't get over how much I enjoy using them.” 
  • When you adjust the weight, you will hear a clicking sound, which ensures that the plates are locked. This gives you more confidence and assurance of safety while exercising. 
  • Definitely a space saver. 

Things that can be improved

  • Since these are adjustable kettlebells, they have a slightly bulky appearance. You will need some time to adjust to their size. 
  • The handlebar has a slightly different shape, so you would need a few workouts before you feel more confident about using them. 

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Our verdict: 

If they are within your budget, why not! The max resistance this adjustable BowFlex kettlebell offers is 40 lbs, so advanced trainers may not be much happy but it's a good piece for beginners and intermediates. 

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

This is a Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell
This is a Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

This reasonably-priced adjustable kettlebell by Titan Fitness can easily replace at least 13 kettlebells (that's what the manufacturer claims). It has a durable built and is made to last long. Although it doesn’t have a dial to adjust the weight, it is still pretty easy to customize. 

This is a buyer’s comment on its built “ Just picked up the new kettlebell. It seems well built and feels solid when tightened up. It was missing an Allen key but a 5/16 works. There is some paint chipping in one section of the bell. Overall, I think it is a good value.” 


  • It has 6 cast iron plates that you can use to adjust the weight from 10 to 40 lbs
  • The plates need to be adjusted manually.
  • Titan Fitness adjustable weights have plastic clamps to ensure that the weights remain securely locked during workouts. 
  • It has a flat wide base for extra stability. 
  • The handle is 1.5” wide and has a powder coating that gives it a good grip. 

What we like about it 

  • Although you have to do it manually, it is still pretty easy and effortless to adjust the weight
  • The handle is wide enough for people with big hands. 
  • Although the lock is made of plastic, the locking mechanism is made of metal. It is pretty safe. so you don’t need to worry about the plates flying off it while exercising. 

Things that can be improved

  • The plates of Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebells are not marked. You won’t be able to easily figure out the sequence in which they need to be added. But, you can mark them with paint or a marker. 
  • The handle can become loose when used rigorously. So, you need to tighten its screws. You would need a small 90-degree tool for that. 

Our rating: 4.7/5

Our verdict: 

40 lbs is a good amount of resistance that you can expect at this price range. The powder-coated silver finish and the drop cast iron plates look trendy and attractive, so you can even keep it in the corner of your drawing room (in case you don’t have a dedicated place for your gym equipment). 

Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women

This is an Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women
This is an Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women

This adjustable weight set by Empower is specially designed for women who want to stay fit and exercise anywhere, even in their drawing-room. It has a resistance setting that is suitable for beginners and intermediates. 


  • It can offer you 3 different resistance; 5lbs, 8lbs, and 12 lbs. 
  • It has its patented click and twist mechanism for adjusting the weight and keeping them secured. 
  • The weight needs to be adjusted manually. But, all you need to do is to twist the plates together. Watch this video to see how it works.  
  • The handle is ergonomically designed and has a soft, comfortable grip. 

What we like about it

  • Great for women who don’t want to use too much weight and yet need some variety. 
  • Unlike other adjustable kettlebells listed above, the handle of this one is covered with a soft grip. This makes it comfortable to use. 
  • The click-and-twist mechanism is pretty easy to understand and safe to use. 
  • Comes with a DVD and an exercise sheet. So, if you are new to kettlebell workouts, it could be of great help. 

Things that could be improved 

  • A few buyers have stated that when you change the weight, the shape and the center of gravity changes. But, they have also stated that it's no big deal and you will get adjusted to it after a few uses. 
  • Ladies, if you have long nails, changing the weight will be difficult. Unlike the adjustable kettlebells listed above, this one doesn’t have a dial system or locking system. You need to twist the plates, which does require some effort. 

Our rating: 4.6/5

Our verdict:

Empower adjustable weights for home gym are suitable for beginners and for women who are not really interested in using too much weight. It is also suitable for people who are undergoing therapy and need lighter weights. 

Kettle Gryp

This is a Kettle Gryp
This is a Kettle Gryp

It is not an adjustable kettlebell. It is a grip i.e. a handle that you can use to convert dumbbells to kettlebells. It is a revolutionary product that can help you save space and money. If you already have dumbbells, you don’t need to buy a separate adjustable kettlebell. You can use it at home or carry it while traveling, so you can use the hotel’s dumbbell. 


  • It doesn’t come with weights. It is a grip that can hold your dumbbells and make them work like kettlebells. 
  • Made of high-quality plastic and weighs less than 1 lbs. 
  • Has molded urethane foam inserts that hold the weights tightly and safely.
  • Kettle Gryp has stainless steel hardware and a plastic latch that snaps shut. This helps prevent breakage and slips. 
  • Can be used to hold up to 55lbs of weight with handles measuring at least 4.5”.  

What we like about it 

  • It is an inexpensive way of making kettlebells out of your dumbbells. The price is great for people on a budget. 
  • The dumbbells do fit snugly and securely, so you can exercise conveniently. 
  • The textured handle gives you a good grip even with sweaty hands. 
  • Being lightweight, you can carry it during travels. Perfect for traveling athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Here is what a happy buyer has to say about it “My career requires me to be a road warrior travelling every week Monday-Thursday and staying at hotels. Most hotels have at least dumb bells, but very few have kettle bells. This worked like a charm and I was able to bang out kettle bell swings no problem.” 

Things that could be improved

  • It is obvious that when you insert dumbbells into it, the set will become wider than kettlebells. So, initially, you will have to be careful. 
  • Not all dumbbells fit snugly. You cannot use those with extra thick handles and curved handles. Well, the manufacturer has clearly stated this in the product description. Unless the dumbbells fit snugly, they could rattle and make you feel unstable due to uneven weight distribution. 

Our rating: 4.7/5

Our verdict: 

Please note that it is not an alternative to adjustable kettlebells. The manufacturer hasn’t even made any such claim. It is only meant for people who travel a lot and prefer carrying their own equipment, so they don’t miss their workout. If you are a beginner and do not have a budget for kettlebells (which are one of the most expensive weights), you can buy this Kettle Gryp until you are ready to buy them. 

Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

This is a Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell
This is a Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

Most of the adjustable kettlebells listed here are wider or longer. When you adjust the weight, you will take a few days to adjust yourself to the new height. But, Stamina adjustable kettlebell is different. It looks and feels exactly like a kettlebell with no detachable weights that will affect its height. 

The weights are round plates that can be inserted into the shell as and when required. So, the size and shape of the shell remain unchanged no matter what weight you are lifting. 


  • Can be used to adjust weights between 16lbs to 36 lbs in 4 lbs increment. 
  • The shell measures 16 lbs and the plates measure 4 lbs each. 
  • This adjustable kettlebell by Stamina features a patented pin-lock mechanism to hold the weights in place. This video will give you an idea of how it works. 
  • The handle is made of cast iron and is wide enough for one-hand as well as two-hand exercises. 
  • The base of this Stamina adjustable kettlebell is quite stable and can be used to do push ups.  
  • It comes with a base plate to hold the unused weight plates. 

What we like about it

  • It looks and feels like a conventional kettlebell. 
  • The weights are inside the shell, so the shape doesn’t change, which is a major issue with other adjustable kettlebells. 
  • The base plate helps protect your floors. If you need extra protection for your floors, here are some of the best home gym flooring products for you. 
  • Comes with 90 days warranty. 

Things that could be improved

Yes, the weights clang, especially during swings, but there is an easy fix. I rolled up a tissue, tore it in half, taped it on either side of the hole in the top weight, then set the bell down, slid the pin in, and viola! no clanging.” 

  • Unlike other adjustable kettlebells listed above, adjusting its resistance does require some time. You cannot really do it within a few seconds but it is still easy and quick. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our Verdict: 

36 lbs resistance is less for the price you are paying. Most of the other adjustable kettlebells offer up to 50 lbs resistance. Unless you are an advanced trainer, this shouldn’t bother you though. Since the shell size is fixed, you won’t have trouble adjusting to it. 

NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

This is a NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle
This is a NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

Just like Kettle Gryp, this one is also a handle that can hold dumbbell and barbell weight plates and give you a kettlebell like exercise equipment. 


  • It can hold standard 1” plates. There is a different handle for 2” olympic weight plates.
  • Can hold more than 600 lbs weight. So, it is suitable for advanced trainers and athletes as well. 
  • The plates need to be clamped on the threaded spin-lock collar. Clamping is much more reliable than other modes of spin-lock mechanism. 
  • It is made of heavy-duty metal. There are no plastic parts. 
  • The large ergonomic handle gives you a good grip. 

What we like about it

  • The whole thing is made of metal. Even the weights need to be clamped. So, it sounds more reliable and durable than the ones that use a plastic locking mechanism, although they are equally safe.
  • You can use just any weight plate. 
  • 660lbs weight-bearing capacity proves that it is extremely durable and reliable. 
  • The handle has grips. It is wide enough to be used while wearing workout gloves. 

Things that could be improved

  • Due to the height of the collar, this NewMe Fitness adjustable kettlebell has a taller handle than conventional kettlebells. But, after a few use, you will get adjusted to it. 
  • It is impossible to change weights within seconds. Every time you need to change weight, you need to thread in the plates and secure them with the clamp. 
  • It doesn’t stand flat on the floor. 

Our rating: 4.5/5

Our verdict:

We rated it slightly lower because it rolls and we find it irritating. The manufacturer could have added a stand for holding but it is so inexpensive that you wouldn’t mind it at all. When assembled, it doesn’t look like an adjustable kettlebell but that doesn’t really matter until you are getting a good workout. 

Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell

This is an Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell
This is an Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell

Some adjustable kettlebells do make a rattling noise when you take out some of the weights, which is quite irritating. It makes you feel nervous and unsafe, although we all know safety is not an issue at all. This Apex adjustable kettlebell is designed to solve this issue. It comes with spacer plates that weigh nothing and their dimensions are that of weight plates. These plates give a snug fit to the entire unit, so there is no rattling sound


  • You can replace the spacer plates with any weight plates with 1” opening to create an adjustable kettlebell.
  • You can use weights of your choice; 2lbs, 5lbs, 10 lbs, anything that suits you. 
  • The base measures 5lbs and the handle measures 15 lbs. So the starting weight is 20 lbs. 
  • It can give you up to 50 lbs resistance. 
  • Apex adjustable kettlebell is made of solid cast-iron and has powder coating. 
  • The U-shaped handlebar is very comfortable for use. 

What we like about it: 

  • Doesn’t make any rattling sound. 
  • It can accommodate weight plates of dumbbells and barbells with 1” opening
  • Has a flat bottom for extra stability. 
  • It is quite inexpensive. Here is a quote from a happy buyer 

I think this is a great alternative if you're limited by space/storage and do not want to pay higher prices for other adjustable kettlebells which are double/triple the price.”

Things that can be improved: 

  • The pin system makes it pretty easy to change the weights but it will take about a minute to do so. 
  • The image is misleading. The plates shown in it are space plates and not weight plates. The seller has clearly mentioned it in the product description and yet many people didn’t bother to read it. 

Our rating: 4.6

Our Verdict: 

It is a well-built product that gives you an option to even use your already existing weight plates to make your own adjustable kettlebell. Unless you don’t want to stop for a minute and change the plates, it is just fantastic for everyone who is ready to start with 20lbs. 

Wrap up

We have already mentioned above that adjustable kettlebells are safe for use. The weights may rattle but they will remain safely locked in their place. However, we recommend that you must not throw them on the floor when you are done, just like we do with the standard kettlebells and other weights. This could damage their locking mechanism. 

Adjustable kettlebells are good options for space-crunched home gyms. But, if you have ample space, a good budget, and a willingness to build a great home gym, don’t forget to check out our list of the best kettlebells sets for all your exercising needs.