The Best Walmart Kettlebells

This pandemic has taught us a lot of things. One of the main things we’ve had to learn how to do is transform our typical gym workout to fit our living rooms, garages, and backyards. Since working out at home is still the safest option, you’re probably one of the thousands of people looking to beef up their at-home workout space. To do that, you’ve definitely looked for some equipment online. 

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Dumbbells and barbells can be bulky and expensive, but kettlebells can actually be a great investment. They are versatile, durable, and don’t require a lot of space for storage. Sporting good stores and gym equipment manufacturers might be the first place you’d look for great kettlebells, but Walmart actually has some amazing options. 

Keep reading for more on the five best kettlebells you can order from the Walmart near you.

Everyday Essentials Cast Iron Kettlebell – The Basic Model

When you think of a kettlebell, this is probably what you picture. Just a basic, cast iron hunk of metal that you can swing around to build those muscles. The beauty of this option truly is its simplicity.

With 10 different weight options, you’re sure to find exactly the right kettlebell for your exercise needs. For the beginners, the 5 or 10 lb options might be the best bet. For the more seasoned kettlebell swinger, push yourself to the limit with the 45 or 50 lb variations. And with prices starting at just $12.50, you can afford to get a whole set to build out a full home gym setup. 

These kettlebells are made of solid, high-quality cast iron that is built to last. The pandemic may not last forever, but these durable weights certainly will.

Weider Power Kettlebell Kit – The Perfect Trio

If you’re just starting to build out your own gym, then this ready-made set is the perfect place to start. This trio of kettlebells comes with weights in 5, 10, and 15 lb levels. While this may be a little light for more advanced kettlebell users, it’s perfect for anyone just learning the ropes.

With an extra-wide grip, these kettlebells are easy to maneuver. Their flat bottoms also make them easier to set down without knocking them over. 

While the design stays true to the classic kettlebell look, there are a few details that make this set really stand out. Large numbers and just a hint of color give these weights the perfect bit of style that your home gym needs.

Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Color Vinyl Coated Kettlebells – The Pop of Color

Move over, boring kettlebells. This option replaces the traditional cast iron look for a pop of color with durable vinyl coverings. Much like the other Everyday Essentials option, these kettlebells come in a variety of different weight options. 

Each weight has a different color, so you can easily tell them apart from a distance. In addition to providing more color to your workout, these vinyl coverings also have large numbers that make it even easier to choose the right one.

The vinyl covering also helps protect the kettlebell and keep it from scratching your floors. This option really combines strength with style. 

Elite Kettlebell – The Advanced Model

Kettlebells are meant to be heavy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. These elite kettlebells have specially-designed handles that are more flexible and easier to handle. Instead of traditional cast iron, these weights use a more pliable material for a better grip.

But the handle isn’t the only thing that has been redesigned. This option also boasts a special covering that makes it a bit more moldable and less damaging for your floors. If you don’t have home gym flooring, then choosing the right weights will definitely be important. 

This special material helps lessen the impact on your floor to help prevent cracks or scratches. You’ll still have to maintain proper swinging form, but these elite kettlebells ensure that your home won’t pay the price for your intense workout. 

TKO Kettle Bell – The Sleek and Simple

While this option does not come with a lot of weight options, it does provide a unique style that is unmatched by most other kettlebells. This weight is covered in a protective plastic shell that adds a nice sleek look to the kettlebell. The large, clear numbers also makes the weight easy to identify.

Besides just making it look nice, the molded plastic also serves to protect your floors from damage. The casing gives a smooth surface that’s less likely to scrape up your floors than cast iron. 

Kettlebell exercise options

Once you decide which kettlebell is right for you, it’s time to learn how to use it. There are many different exercises you can complete with different kettlebell weights, so try a few different ones and see what works best for you.

One of the most popular exercises is the kettlebell swing, which involves swinging the weight between your legs and up to chest level. It’s very easy to strain your back with this move, so make sure you focus on your form.

Another great option is to squat with a kettlebell. There are a bunch of different variations you can try that target specific areas of the glutes as you add resistance with the kettlebell.

There are so many different exercise options that it would be impossible to cover them all here. But try out a bunch of movements to see which ones work best for your fitness goals. 

When it comes to kettlebells, you really can’t go wrong. While there are many different options available, all of them can help you improve your overall fitness. Choosing which kettlebells to order should never be harder than actually using them. 

Like any piece of exercise equipment, kettlebells can come with a learning curve. But once you master some of the basic moves and learn how to keep yourself safe, the possibilities are truly endless. Even for athletes with simple at-home gym setups, a set of kettlebells can instantly take your home gym to the next level. 

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