Best Adjustable Weight Benches on Amazon for Under $200 – Updated 2022

Got a flat bench but need something with bit more adjustability? We have done your homework for you! Read on to find out top picks for this years Best Affordable Adjustable Weight Benches! Our Top …

Best Adjustable Weight Benches for 2019 ($150 or less)

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Got a flat bench but need something with bit more adjustability? We have done your homework for you! Read on to find out top picks for this years Best Affordable Adjustable Weight Benches!

Our Top Picks

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⭐️ Best for Small Spaces: GYMENIST Exercise Bench

GYMENIST Exercise Bench

The GYMENIST Exercise Bench

The GYMENIST is quick to catch any potential buyer’s eye because it’s less than $100. Of course, this same fact might cause equally numerous people to regard it with a little measure of wariness. But once you take a closer look at this seemingly modest adjustable weight bench, it becomes obvious that there’s really more to it than meets the eye. Why else would majority of the 242 customers who bought give it a 5-star rating? Well, let’s just say, for its price, it manages to impart a lot of features that people generally look for in an adaptable weight bench.


  • Folds away easily
  • Low Price
  • Easy to move
  • Comes already assembled


  • Can't hold a massive amount of weight
  • Build Quality Is somewhat in question I think.

Summary: A Great Adjustable weight bench for anyone that is short on space and not benching a ton of weight!  

👑 Top Pick: FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench

FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench

FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench

If there was a hidden gem in the not-so-extensive list of great adjustable weight benches available in the market today, it apparently has since been exposed as is evidenced by how high the FLYBIRD has soared in the ranks of cheap weight benches. The manufacturers of this product are evidently well aware of what’s essential in an adjustable weight bench. It boasts of having 7 different decline and incline positions and 3 seat angles, assuring the myriad exercises you can perform. The FLYBIRD has since reinforced its steel pipe frame, almost doubling it even, resulting in greater weight capacity. That’s a winning feature in itself already. And the 1-year warranty you’ll get for the frame is proof of just how durable this product is. A 30-day warranty, on the other hand, is given for the pads.


  • One of the most durable (if not the most durable) budget weight benches you can buy. There’s practically only a single user, as of this writing, that complained of a frame that broke. It can support up to 500 pounds.
  • Very compact when folded, making it ideal for homeowners with limited space for equipment.
  • Really highlights the versatility of an average adjustable weight bench.
  • Easy to assemble after purchase.


  • A few reviewers aired their frustration about the FLYBIRD not being able to meet their height or offer enough head support, especially when inclined or declined. This is why being aware of its maximum height limit (which is 6’) is very important.

Summary: A total of 4.4 stars is its current rating out of 253 customer reviews, and these stats, along with its overall solid features, already make it promptly stand out as the best among cheap flexible weight benches.  

🥈2nd Place: Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Adjustable Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Adjustable Weight Bench

We’ll just go ahead and say that this bench trumps the competition. After all, can you really believe that a flexible weight bench that costs no more than $110 can have an 800-lbs. weight capacity? Well, it’s real, folks, and this weight bench’s patent triangular support frame is what made it a possibility. But that’s just scratching the surface, so to speak. This bench transmutes seeming cheapness into staggering perfection. For the gym rat with a stiff budget, what could be better than that?


  • Expect heavy duty support all the way. Don’t expect, on the other hand, the usual wobbling a lot of adjustable benches tend to make.
  • The upgraded backrest really delivered what it was introduced for: better back support. It also supports numerous positions (12, to be exact) with every adjustment.
  • Higher than normal height capacity that tops at 6’4”.
  • Leg hold down has 3 possible positions, while front leg can be adjusted into 2 positions.
  • Can be folded smoothly and transported quickly because of its built-in wheels.


  • Many reviewers have complained of the seat having some kind of residue upon purchase. But this appears to be a limited time issue that has gotten addressed already.

Summary: If this isn’t the “holy grail” of low-cost adjustable benches, then we don’t know what is. You could not possibly ask more from a work bench with this jaw-dropping price tag. The more than 500 buyers who gave it a 5-star rating probably thought the same thing.  

💪 A Solid Option: The HulkFit Adjustable Bench

HulkFit Adjustable Bench

HulkFit Adjustable Bench

True to its name, the HulkFit sent shockwaves when this it entered the market fairly recently. While the product is actually a power cage setup, its bench is quick to stand out. It has a 600-lbs. (real) weight capacity, which immediately makes it stand apart among entry-level weight benches. You can thank its uncommonly thicker frame for that, though, making this preferable for those who really want to have the peace of mind that their bench won’t snap or wobble too much when working outs. Despite its larger than normal width and thickness, the bench is still easy to transport.


  • Ensures optimal stability due to extra safety features provided by its leg hold down.
  • Its extraordinary sturdiness is truly a bang for your buck, considering it’s less than $100.
  • Comes pre-assembled and shouldn’t take a couple of minutes to put together completely.


  • Angle adjustments are limited to a 20-60 degree range only.

Summary: For its overall features this bench is really recommended for anyone who prioritizes safety when using an entry-level adjustable weight bench. The 4.6-star rating it’s gotten from 342 reviews is an undeniable proof of this newcomer’s superiority.  

Buying Guide


Adjustable Benches are benches that allow the back to angle so you can perform a wider variety of exercises.

This type weight bench more than earns the “adjustable” label that’s attached to it. It’s just oozing with versatility when it comes to the sheer amount of exercises you can perform on it. It, in essence, unlocks more of a standard weight bench’s potential. From the good old chest press and triceps press to the bicep curl and ab crunch, these are but some of the workouts you can do with the help of an adjustable weight bench, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

To be specific, we’ll only cover the best adjustable weight benches that don’t go beyond the $150-$200 price range. We’ll even go lower than that! After all, there are surely some gems out there that really provide exceptional value for money you can rarely expect from more economic weight benches. You just have to take the time to discover them. And we’ve actually already done that for you, as is proven by this thorough guide.

What is the advantage of an adjustable weight bench vs a flat bench? 

The main advantage of an adjustable weight bench is that it allows you to perform a wider array of exercises than just a flat bench alone. You will be able to perform incline presses, incline rows and a lot more exercises.

The large disadvantage though is that they typically can handle less weight unless you get a very heavy-duty one that costs more. Still, for a beginner, I think an adjustable bench is definitely the way to go.

Review Wrap-Up

As you can see, entry-level adjustable weight benches should never be immediately crossed out. This is especially true if you are trying to make the most out of your limited budget. They’ll still be able to provide the bare necessities (and a lot more), which could prove to be pleasantly surprising.