Six Pack Shortcuts Review: Is Getting Six Pack Abs as Easy as Mike Chang Tells You?

If you ask any fitness enthusiast, what is an ideal figure for a man? Six-packs must be included in his definition of that perfect figure for sure. 

a man flexing his abs
a man flexing his abs

Six-packs are considered to be the epitome of fitness and strength. Fitness enthusiasts don't leave any stone unturned to achieve that goal of having a toned core. 

Some people have been working out for years with dedication and conviction but still, they can't see their six-packs. 

However, there is this guy named Mike Chang who believes that there are Six Pack shortcuts and he sells an online course with this name that is quite expensive as well. 

In this article, we will have a Sixpack shortcut review and let you know whether it's as simple as Chang tells you. 

Let's Talk A Bit Of Science 

Most of the people who ask for a shortcut to anything in this world are either not dedicated enough or they are simply lazy bluffers. 

Having abs and showing them off is based on simple knowledge of the human body. 

Let's dive a little into an anatomy class. 

No matter whether your fat percentage is at 7% or 37%, we all have abs. Surprised to know that? 

Well, yes! We all have abs. It's just that some people's abs are covered with fat and some people don't face that problem. 

So, what's the science behind having those bulging abs?

It is quite simple, to be honest. There are no Sixpack shortcuts and you need to have a few basic things if you want to have those Sixpack abs. 

Low Fat Percentage 

It is not possible that you have a high body fat percentage and have those six-packs as well. If you want to gain more knowledge about this particular fact, you may check out this article


Have you ever noticed that one of your mates does not work that hard in the gym? 

He doesn't follow a particularly healthy lifestyle but still has those nice six-pack abs. 

Did you ever wonder why is that? 

Well, this is called the power of genetics. 

It's a gift of nature and having great genetics is very important in bodybuilding.


There are different theories regarding the importance of diet, however, the more common one says that the role of having a clean diet is 70% in having a toned physique. 

So, this is how you can get that desired body and there aren't any six-pack shortcuts

What is the Six Pack Shortcuts by Mike Chang? 

There are a lot of myths regarding fat loss in the fitness industry. Micheal Chang takes advantage of that lack of knowledge. Micheal Chang sells a workout program that requires you to do some workouts. 

a man with a more visible abs
a man with a more visible abs

However, this should be clear that there is not any single workout that will help you get those abs. 

At the end of the day, you need to be in a caloric deficit if you want to have six-pack abs. 

However, if you are already at 10-15% of body fat, these workouts can help you tone your core, and also you can know how to make your abs more visible

Do You Need To Go To Th Gym For Six-pack Abs? 

Having those six-pack abs is a dream of many that can be achieved by sheer hard work and dedication. 

However, if you are having a clean diet, you don't need to go to the gym for long hauls of exercise. You can work out at home with your limited supply of gym equipment at your home. 

All in all, there are no Sixpack shortcuts and you need to work very hard to achieve your fitness goals. We did this Sixpack shortcuts review so that we clear out the myths that were spreading out regarding this. 
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