Can You Be a Fat Guy With Abs?

Having abs is an ultimate fitness goal for many people but it is not an easy feat to achieve. A chiseled midsection is without doubt quite appealing but not everyone has the discipline or genes …

Having abs is an ultimate fitness goal for many people but it is not an easy feat to achieve. A chiseled midsection is without doubt quite appealing but not everyone has the discipline or genes to get it. 

a guy working out
a guy working out

Other factors like body fat percentage and exercise also play a key role in determining whether you can have defined abs. Moreover, if you’re fat and trying hard to lose weight, the question arises can you be a fat guy with abs? Let’s try to find the answer to this and understand how a six-pack is developed. 

What is Body Fat Percentage 

Let’s begin with understanding body fat percentage since this essentially determined whether your six-pack will show or not. Our body mass is made up of fat which is a normal part of the human body. 

It helps to store and provide energy for bodily functions. There are different kinds of fat in the human body and the one that is visible to you when you look yourself in the mirror is subcutaneous fat. 

Body fat percentage is different from body mass index (BMI) and the two should never be confused. Body fat percentage can be calculated in different ways but the best way is to visit a health practitioner and get it calculated professionally. 

The Ideal Body Fat Percentage for a Six Pack

Different body fat percentages in men and women mean different things. If you are a fat guy who wants abs your best bet is to be within a certain body fat percentage for your abs to show. 

Bodybuilders who work hard on their bodies day in and day out have a body fat percentage between 5 and 9, which is extremely hard to maintain at the lower end. This percentage of body fat means there is only enough fat to help you survive. 

a man flexing his abs
a man flexing his abs

If you are in between 10 and 14 body fat percentage then that means you are lean and your abs will still be visible. This body fat percentage is easier to obtain. Up to 19 percent body fat is still considered healthy however, it is unlikely that you will see much muscle definition in this range. 

If your body fat percentage is between 20 and 24 this means that you are soft around the middle and your abs will not be visible. In men, a body fat percentage between 25 and 29 is considered obese and you will not see your abs at all. 

In this range, it is recommended that you start making lifestyle changes to get back to a healthy body fat percentage range. Body fat percentages can be higher than this as well and potentially pose a health risk. 

Can you Be a Fat Guy with Abs?

So now the question is can you be a fat guy with abs? Yes you can be but your abs won’t show unless you are at a healthy body fat percentage. This number can be different for different people but to be a fat guy with abs you will need a body fat percentage below 15%. 

This number varies among different people because of having different body fat distribution. Some people have more fat around the stomach while others may have it around their hips, which makes it different for everyone to achieve abs. 

Body fat distribution is determined by different factors which can be environmental or genetic. So if you are not in the ideal body fat percentage to get those abs, you can try. However, the six-pack look is created where the three lateral tendons intersect with one horizontal tendon. 

Not all people have the same tendon pattern in which case you may develop a four or eight pack. There are many six-pack shortcut programs that you can try but real results are best achieved with consistency and hard work. 

How to Get Abs

If you’ve decided to take up the challenge and move from being fat with abs to a guy with abs, then you need to do some serious work on yourself. Depending on how much body fat you need to lose, here are some of the basics to get to those abs:

Be Conscious of the Calories 

When you’re trying to lose body fat, you need to be conscious of your calorie intake. With that being said be mindful of portion control and size if you’re seriously trying to work towards getting those abs.

Strike a Balance with Carbs and Protein 

To increase fat burn and boost energy levels for better workouts you should find a balance between the carbs and proteins you consume. A good practice would be to take between four and six ounces of protein at every meal. You can also add a cup of vegetables and starch each to this. 

Having three meals like this and protein-loaded smaller snacks in between will help boost your metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Stop Mindless Snacking 

If you are serious about your journey to making those abs then you need to stop mindless snacking. If you’re working hard in the gym it doesn't mean you can reward yourself with a beer or fries later. All those extra calories from the wrong sources will thwart your efforts of a six-pack. Instead, if you want to snack, snack up on some protein and veggies.

Include HIIT in your Workout 

When it comes to your workout then make sure you are including weight training in your routine as it will help build muscle and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you lose fat. The only way to get defined abs is to do an overall workout that enhances and focuses on all muscles of the body.