Dumbbells Storage Ideas For Small Home Gyms

The idea of building a home gym sounds tempting until you start figuring out how to accommodate most of your equipment in the least possible space. 

Space is a scarcity in most homes these days and that’s why a lot of people these days are building outdoor home gyms and garden shed home gyms. Some are also buying used shipping containers and converting them into home gyms

A lot of companies have realized the importance of compact home gym equipment and have come up with wall mounted folding squat racks and foldable treadmills that can be stored under the sofa or bed. These products have helped many of us build our dream workout space despite living in small homes and even apartments. 

At Home Gym Strength, we keep reviewing compact but fully functional home gym products and home gym storage ideas so you can keep your workout space well-organized and avoid accidents. In this article, we will be talking about dumbbell storage ideas that you can use to keep your weights away when not needed. 

Let's get started!

Buy adjustable dumbbells! 

These are in trend these days because they eliminate the need for multiple sets of dumbbells. 

Products such as FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells can be adjusted between 5 and 55 lbs, making them suitable for recreational lifters as well as intermediate-level trainers. Bowflex 1090 Dumbbells and Powerblock Elite Dumbbells can be adjusted between 10 and 90lbs, making them suitable for advanced trainers as well. 

The best thing that we like about adjustable dumbbells is that you don’t need to brainstorm dumbbell storage ideas for them. They barely require any space and can be stored in a corner of your room. 

However, adjustable dumbbells are not quite durable. They have plastic components that could break if you mishandle them. Plus, adjustable dumbbells are bulky (see the image below). They are not as comfortable to use as fixed dumbbells. 

adjustable dumbbells

If you would rather want to go with the standard dumbbells, the below-mentioned dumbbell storage ideas should help you. 

Buy dumbbell sets that come with their own stand 

This should help you save money. Buying things in bulk is always quite cheaper. Plus, you don’t have to pay for shipping every time you order a new pair of dumbbells.  

Products like Inspire Fitness 210 LB Rubber Dumbbell Set come with their own stand, so compatibility won’t be an issue. Plus, usually those stands are designed to occupy the least possible floor space.  

However, the main issue with these dumbbell sets is that they have a high upfront cost and not all of us would be willing to pay so much in one go. Thankfully, most sellers provide EMIs, so if you are quite sincere about your workouts, you should think of buying a set instead of buying individual pairs and then a stand. 

If you are just getting started, you may not really want to invest so heavily. In that case, you can buy dumbbells as and when needed and, when you have quite a few pairs, you can buy a stand to hold them safely. 

Here are some of the best dumbbell stands that we recommend. 

Space-saving yet highly stable dumbbell stands for small home gyms 

Buying a readymade stand is one of the best and safest dumbbell storage ideas for people who do not want to leave their weights on the floor, risking tipping and accidents. Check out some of the top-rated products that we have selected for you. 

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Marcy dumbbell stand

Marcy Health and Fitness sells quite a few varieties of dumbbell stands. The Marcy DBR-56 dumbbell stand can hold 400lbs of weight whereas the DBR-86 can be used to organize dumbbells weighing up to 1000lbs. Its DBR-0117 model weight rack can hold both dumbbells and weight plates weighing up to 1000lbs. You can choose any of them as per your need. 

The Marcy dumbbell racks require very basic assembly, which should not take more than 15 minutes. They can hold dumbbells of all shapes and sizes. The paint job is perfect and doesn’t scratch so easily. They are heavy-duty products and yet they are very reasonably-price. 

PITHAGE Steel Dumbbell Bracket

Pithage small dumbbell stand

This is a nice little rack suitable for holding three pairs of lightweight dumbbells, not weighing more than 10/15 lbs. If you are not planning to train with more than 15lbs of weight in the next few years, this rack is one of the most suitable options for you.  

As you can see in the image above, it has a very small footprint. But, don’t misjudge it by its look. It has a heavy-duty frame that requires very basic assembly. You can store all types of dumbbells on it. The cradles have plastic coating to protect your dumbbells from damage, especially scratches. The metal bottom is folded to enhance the overall stability of the rack as well as to protect the floor from scratches. 

If you are looking for highly affordable dumbbell storage ideas for small home gyms, Pithage dumbbell bracket should be your first choice. 

AKYEN A-Frame Dumbbell Rack Stand

A-shaped dumbbell stand by AKYEN

A-shaped dumbbell stands occupy the least possible floor space, so that's why we have chosen this AKYEN rack for you. It has a weight capacity of 570lbs and the cradles are big enough to hold the heaviest possible dumbbells. The cradles have rubber inserts to protect your dumbbells. The feet have rubber end caps to prevent the stand from slipping or skidding. 

What we like the most about this AKYEN dumbbell rack is that the space between two dumbbell cradles is 4.2”, which is on the higher side, so you can comfortably store dumbbells of almost all sizes and styles. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Need affordable dumbbell storage ideas? 

Make your own dumbbell stand! 

A good quality dumbbell rack with 1000lbs weight-bearing capacity could cost you at least $120-$150. And, that’s expensive! They are just stands, so not many of us would want to spend so much on them. 

If you are a DIY person with basic knowledge of tools or carpentry, you can build your own wooden dumbbell rack for just $30. Watch the video below for instructions. 

DIY dumbbell racks are easy to build and usable too unlike DIY squat racks that could be risky to use. But, if you just have a couple of pairs to store, a readymade small frame would be better than spending hours on DIYing. 

Convert a table to a dumbbell stand 

DIY dumbbell storage ideas

Image Source: Pinterest 

If you are a crafty person, you can refurbish your old furniture to create a functional and appealing dumbbell rack just like what you can see in the image above. Add two storage layers on the underside of your old study table and bingo! 

You can use storage benches to keep your weights and other small home gym things well-organized instead of leaving them scattered around your gym floor. You can even use underbed storage drawers to hold your dumbbells and prevent them from rolling off. 

Wrap up 

Building a home gym is not that easy but doable. However, maintaining it could be a big issue. If you don’t store your equipment properly, you could step on them, lose your balance, and end up hurting yourself. The above-mentioned dumbbell storage ideas should help you keep your things well-organized. 

We have also written numerous other articles on how to take care of your gym in the long run, so it doesn’t start looking old and shabby. Some of them that you should check out before leaving are ’How To Prevent Your Home Gym From Smelling’, What Color Should You Paint a Home Gym, and How To Have the Best Home Gym Lighting

We hope these articles help you build the workout space of your dream. If you have any query or suggestion, do get in touch with us.