Rep Fitness PR-1050 Review

If you are looking for a full-size power rack that can be accommodated in low ceiling areas and compact home gyms, you don’t have too many options to choose from. Squat stands and half racks would be a better option but they are less stable and less versatile than power cages. 

So, if you are determined to buy a squat rack or power cage for your small home gym on a budget, REP Fitness PR 1050 is one of the few products that we recommend along with Fuel Pureformance Full Cage, Titan T-2 Series short Power Rack, and the Rogue Echo series RE-3 power rack. 

We have already reviewed the other products. In this blog, we will be providing you with a detailed review of the REP Fitness PR 1050 squat rack which is almost the same as the REP Fitness PR 1000 squat rack. The only major difference between them is the footprint. 

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Quick Review Summary

Rep Fitness PR 1050 is a short squat stand that is just 6’ high. Its short height restricts you from doing many upper body exercises but if you have a low-ceiling basement where the standard squat racks won’t fit, this should be a good option. It has a 2” x 2” 14 gauge steel frame that can bear 700lbs of weight, making it suitable for intermediate to advanced trainers but not bodybuilders. You can’t bolt it to the floor but you can weigh it down to enhance its stability. 


  • Excellent for compact spaces
  • Has weight horns for weighing the squat rack down
  • Provides high value for money


  • Assembly instructions could have been better


We are giving this a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Features and specifications of Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack 

  • Dimensions: 72” high X 58” wide X 48” deep
  • Weight: 123lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 700lbs 
  • Frame: 2” X 2” 14 gauge steel 
  • Accessories included: dual pull up bar, a pair of weight horns, a pair of j-hooks, and a pair of safety catches
  • Has 2” space between the holes. The holes are numbered for your convenience.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty 

The build and overall quality of the Rep Fitness PR 1050 short rack are pretty decent 

Just like its taller brother Rep Fitness PR 1000, this squat rack too is sturdy enough to bear more weight than what a home gym owner like us would be able to lift (unless you are an athlete or a bodybuilder). 

Since it is a budget squat rack, stability may be an issue but then, most affordable squat racks and stands wobble. 

Base of Rep Fitness PR 1050 short rack

You can either weigh them down using weight plates or anchor them to the floor. 

The Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack has two weight horns that you can use to organize your plates as well as to weigh it down to minimize the shakiness. It can’t be bolted down to the floor because of the absence of necessary holes and hardware. However, if you are a DIY person, you can buy brackets and nuts from any hardware store and use them for anchoring the rack to your floor or weightlifting platform. This is not necessary though. 

The uprights have a standard dimension, so you experience any issue finding the necessary accessories/replacements 

Most affordable squat racks are made of 2” X 2” steel frames. A few may have 2.5” X 2.5” frames but 2” x 2” could be considered an industry standard for racks that are meant for recreational home use. If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, you should go with 3” X 3” squat racks such as the Ethos Power rack 1.0 or the Rogue Monster Lite series power racks. 

Talking about the Rep Fitness PR 1050 short rack, it comes with a pair of j-hooks and a set of safety bars. You can buy additional accessories of your choice such as dip handles, landmine attachments, extra/replacement j-hooks, etc. you can either buy accessories from Rep Fitness or any brand of your choice provided they are made of 2” X 2” frame and provided the rack. 

The dual pull up bar is a rare find in this price range 

dual pullup bar of Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack

Rogue Fitness is probably the only other brand that includes dual pullup bars with its squat racks such as the Echo series racks and the SML series racks. It calls them Fat/Skinny pull up bars. 

Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack also has a similar addition. One of the dual bars is the standard bar with 1.25” diameter and the other one is thicker with 2” diameter. The thicker bar is excellent for improving your grip and forearm strength. 

The short height of Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack limits the types of exercises you can do 

And, there is nothing you can’t do about it. 

But, we thought we should remind you here so you know what to expect from it. Many buyers didn’t actually think about the height and ended up buying the wrong product. 

The rack is just 6’ tall. If you are 5.8’ tall, there are chances you could accidentally hit your head against the top bar. Plus, if you want to do muscle ups and other upper body exercises, you may have to compromise your comfort and form. 

Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack is only meant for compact spaces. If you can accommodate taller racks, you must go with them instead because who wouldn’t want to buy something better! 

Assembly is straightforward but the instructions are insufficient 

Just like most Chinese home gym equipment, the REP Fitness PR 1050 squat rack too comes with a basic pictograph depicting what needs to go where. There are no written step-by-step instructions and they are not needed because the assembly process is pretty easy and straightforward. However, if you have never assembled anything or if you are not that good with tools, you may have to seek help from a friend. Depending upon your skills, you should be able to assemble it within an hour or two. 

One thing that we don’t like about the assembly is that it comes with 20 hex bolts and 8 carriage bolts. It would have been easier if all of them would have been of the same type. Well, it’s not really a complaint but a suggestion for the manufacturer. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

As we have clearly stated above, Rep Fitness PR 1050 squat rack is a good option only for people who need a short rack. If you can accommodate a 7’ rack, you must go with the Rep Fitness PR 1000 squat rack or other similar products listed in our article on best budget squat racks

That’s all we have to say about this product. Keep reading our website for more such helpful and genuine product reviews and informational articles.