AMGYM LB Bumper Plates Review

We don’t know much about the AMGYM brand, its owners, manufacturing unit location, etc. But we have picked its bumper plate to be a part of our list of best budget bumper plates for home gyms because it is one of the top-rated products with thousands of buyers claiming that it has met their expectations. 

AMGYM’s dumbbell set and power cage are also well-rated products, indicating that they are all made of good quality material. They may not be enough for advanced trainers but if you are just getting started and need value-for-money products that can last for a couple of years before you are ready to upgrade, AMGYM’s products are a good option. 

Talking about the AMGYM bumper plates, they have received as good ratings and reviews as the Titan Fitness Economy bumper plates and Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates. They are also made of virgin rubber, which gives them a low bounce, a feature that helps protect your barbell, the plates, as well as your floor. Read our detailed AMGYM bumper plates review below to find out more about their build quality and where they stand when compared with other competitive products. 

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Quick Review Summary

AMGYM LB black bumper plates are made of virgin rubber, which makes them more durable and resistant to cracks than the plates that are made of crumb rubber. They have a low bounce but we don’t know the durometer rating to compare it with other bumper plates. The steel inserts have hooks that help them embed better with the rubber outer so the inserts don’t come out with slight misuse. 

The two major issues that we found out about these AMGYM bumper plates are that they are not always true to their weights and there are chances that you may not receive your entire order. Read the review below to learn more.


  • Affordable
  • Quick delivery
  • Perfect finish
  • Have hooked steel inserts for better durability
  • Have a low bounce


  • Buyers have complained of receiving incomplete orders
  • The weight of the plates may not always be accurate
  • They need to be aired out to get rid of their overwhelming smell
  • No information provided on warranty


We are giving this a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Sold in pairs of 10bs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 45lbs, and 55lbs. Also available in sets of 120lbs, 160lbs, 170lbs, 180lbs, 190lbs, 210lbs, 230lbs, 260lbs, and 370lbs.
  • Made of virgin rubber.
  • This review is for AMGYM lb black bumper plates. Color-coded bumper plates are also available just in case you want. The color coded ones are also one of the top-rated Olympic bumper plates meant for home and semi-commercial use.
  • Since they are made of natural rubber, they have a low bounce. We don’t know what the shore/durometer rating is because the manufacturer hasn’t provided any such information. The AMGYM KG Bumper Plates, however, have a durometer rating of 90.
  • Compatible with 2” Olympic barbells
  • The plates have stainless steel hooked inserts that help enhance their durability.
  • We couldn’t find any information on the warranty.

AMGYM LB black bumper plates are an excellent choice for people who want to set up their home gym on a budget 

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, they are made of virgin rubber. 

Just in case you don’t know; there are two types of rubber- crumb rubber and virgin rubber. Crumb rubber is basically recycled rubber. It lacks aesthetic appeal and durability, Plus, it has a very high bounce. Bumper plates made of crumb rubber are inexpensive and may work if you are just getting started and need something temporarily. 

Virgin rubber is a better choice for products that are meant to be durable and aesthetically appealing. As expected, the bumper plates made of virgin rubber have a polished look and do not have a lot of bounce. Low bounce helps prolong their life as well as the life of your barbell. 

Have stainless steel hooked inserts 

Hooked steel inserts of AMGYM bumper plates

That’s another interesting feature of the AMGYM LB bumper plates. Look at the above image. Those rods coming out of the inserts are called hooks. These hooks help the inserts embedded better inside rubber so they don’t come out prematurely. See the image below to get an idea of how they are held inside a bumper plate. 

These hooked inserts make the plates last longer. 

the inside of bumper plates

Not all bumper plates have hooked inserts. Some have reinforced inserts, which are equally good. The cheaper ones are just basic inserts placed inside the rubber coating. They are not quite durable and may not last long if you drop your weights frequently or handle them roughly. 

Fast delivery 

buyers' feedback of AMGYM bumper plates

Numerous buyers have stated that they received their order within just a few days. Unlike Titan Fitness LB Economy bumper plates that are mostly on backorder and Rogue Echo bumper plates V2 that could take weeks to get delivered to your location, the AMGYM black bumper plates could reach you within a week’s time, maybe earlier than expected. 

AMGYM LB Black bumper plates are sent in separate boxes 

buyers' feeback on fast delivery of AMGYM bumper plates

Numerous buyers have left negative feedback and reviews stating that they received only a part of their order. 

This could be disappointing but be patient; the manufacturer sends the plates in multiple boxes and each of them may arrive on different days and even weeks. However, if you do not receive all of them by the last day of the return period, you should probably return the product. Since AMGYM isn’t as reliable a brand as Rogue and doesn’t have a very efficient customer service team, we are not sure if you will be able to contact them to help you track the rest of the order or send you the remaining order. 

AMGYM black bumper plates may not be true to their weight 

Some buyers have stated that the plates they received were lighter than their stated weight. 

Well, this seems to be a quality control issue and many of us won’t like it. But, unless you are practicing for competitive sports or have long-term fitness goals of lifting a specific amount of weight, going off by a few lbs shouldn’t worry you. After all, it's all about staying fit and getting stronger. It's about saving yourself from the toxic gym culture and creating a personal, inspirational workout space for yourself. 

You will have to leave them out in open to get rid of the rubbery smell 

Just like REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates, the AMGYM LB bumper plates too have a strong odor that can take up to a week or more to dissipate. If you are intolerant to strong smells, you may not be able to use these plates as soon as you get them. You will have to leave them in the open for a few days. You may wipe them with wet wipes multiple times to speed up the off-gassing process. 
The overwhelming odor may make you doubt their safety but all rubber products smell and there is no scientific evidence found till the time of writing of the article which can prove their toxicity.


We are giving this a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

The AMGYM LB bumper plates deserve a better rating but we couldn’t ignore the quality control issues. Nevertheless, we agree with thousands of buyers who have stated that these weight plates are exactly what they had expected. 

That’s it for this article. Before you go, do check out our list of best half racks and best squat racks, just in case you need one for your home gym.