People With Abs Sitting Down: How You Can Be One of Them

Having abs while sitting down is a dream for many people. Most people that have achieved a flat stomach, complain of having fat folds as they sit down. It is a common occurrence and there is a good reason for it.

a man with abs sitting down
a man with abs sitting down

As you stand, the body is stretched and the abdominal fat stretches over a large area, hence making your stomach appear flat. However, as you sit the abdominal area compresses, bringing the fat together hence making you appear fat. Only people with abs sitting down are those with a very low body fat. 

Let’s find out what that means and how you can be among people with abs sitting down.

Abdominal Fat and the Dreaded Fat Rolls 

For a lot of people, it is easy to accumulate fat in the abdominal region. This is more common in older people. The more abdominal fat you accumulate the bigger your fat rolls. People whose stomach protrudes only when sitting down and it’s flat when standing up, have less to worry about. It is when your stomach shows when you’re standing is when you should be really worried because that can be difficult to fix and can lead to various health problems

The Role of Body Fat 

Your body fat plays a key role here. You may be working hard at the gym and finally achieved that much-awaited six-pack. However, it’s not until you sit down that the horror of the fat rolls dawns on you. 

Does it mean that your workouts were wasted? What can you do to truly show off and be one of the people with abs sitting down? Well, the right amount of body fat is your answer to it. In men, the average body fat percentage is between 18 and 24 percent while in women it lies between 25 and 31 percent. 

Fit people may have a lesser body fat percentage however, it is the athletes that really have the least body fat percentage which they achieve by putting in hours of training. 

If you want to find out your body fat percentage have a health professional or doctor measure it and see where you stand. Once you know that you can begin your joining towards the ideal body fat percentage for your body. 

How to Get Abs Sitting Down 

To be among the people with abs sitting down you truly have to commit yourself to a regular exercise plan. It’s best if you have a home gym for the purpose and invest in some budget equipment to get started. 

a man with fat folds when sitting down
a man with fat folds when sitting down

Try to follow an exercise program with a mix of strength training and cardio that will help you lose body fat and build muscle simultaneously. Your aim should be to do 150 minutes of moderate cardio in a week. 

This should be coupled with full-body strength training targeting specific areas of your body, two to three times a week. Lastly, make sure you keep an eye on your diet. No one has achieved their fitness goals with exercise alone. What you put in your body plays a key role in whether the effort you are putting through exercise will show results or not. 

To avoid fat gain, cut out added sugars and processed foods from your diet and make sure you stick to whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, and whole grains. To shed abdominal fat, make sure the amount of calories you burn each day is higher than your calorie intake for the day. 

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