How to Reduce Stretch Marks Around Your Abs

Stretch marks occur whenever the skin cannot keep up with the growth of the tissues beneath it. We gain and lose weight rapidly, so we are often left with stretch marks across our belly which …

Stretch marks occur whenever the skin cannot keep up with the growth of the tissues beneath it. We gain and lose weight rapidly, so we are often left with stretch marks across our belly which is the fastest growing tissue. You can treat belly stretch marks very easily, but if you start the treatment before the stretch marks appear, the results are better.

Where do stretch marks on the stomach come from?

stretch marks on the stomach
stretch marks on the stomach

Stretch marks can come from a lot of different sources. Some are more predictable than others. One cause of stretch marks are expected weight changes, like during puberty. Many people's skin grows a lot during  puberty, and are left with stretch marks. It's possible that rapid weight gain could occur as a result. For instance, pregnant women will usually gain 50 pounds or more during pregnancy. This is often the most common cause of stretch marks in women. Taking steroids, Actos or Avandia for diabetes can make you gain weight rapidly. Actos may put on a few pounds to play a certain role, and bodybuilders training too hard might end up with stretch marks from their six-pack abs.

You can use analytics to see the patterns of weight change for a given time period, and this will help you prevent weight gain. The sooner you know when it's coming, the better!

Stretch marks on the stomach: How to remove them

stretch mark laser treatment
stretch mark laser treatment

If you are in any of these circumstances and want to prevent stretch marks, it’s important to nourish the skin.

1. Chemical intervention

Products like Mother’s Friend which is a good cream to use and Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream takes care of dry skin. The more moisture there is, the more stretchable the skin becomes; this means it can grow without making new collagen. Moisture also keeps skin in place. If you're not pregnant or breastfeeding and want to get rid of your stretch marks, there are some creams you can use. Revitol creams contain Vitamin A which promotes new skin growth and helps to remove even the most stubborn scars. It also shares qualities with Accutane, Retin-A or Differin without side effects like severe dryness.

Mederma is a popular stretch mark product because it stimulates collagen production. They use asiaticides, which are not toxic to Asians. The asiaticides come from Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu Kola, that revitalize antioxidants in the body to recharge vitamin C. Pretty much any skin cream with vitamin C in it (i.e. the ascorbyl palmitate form) can have the same effect on your skin.

There are a few prescriptions that dermatologists might urge you to take for stretch marks, including Accutane, Retin-A, and Differin. They work by speeding up the development of the skin cells that fill in the stretch marks. These products are only right for new, red or purple stretch marks. They require careful monitoring with regular blood workups and cannot be used during pregnancy.

2. Spa and rubbing (manual or with rollers)

Stretch marks can also be kept in check by rubbing in a circular motion around the navel. Once a day is enough if done by you or your partner, but if you're looking for spa-level professionalism, it should be given to a professional weekly. Touching your skin with a steel roller can stimulate collagen, but be gentle on your stretch marks to stop them from coming back. Drawing blood is never helpful during massage sessions. A numbing cream should only be used if you're rubbing too hard. In that case, steel roller massage should feel uncomfortable for the client but not painful.

To slim down and tighten up, exfoliants are a great way to get started. These products can remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling soft.

3. Modern technology

Permanent stretch marks that cannot be resolved by simple rollers and chemicals should need more advanced technology. When it comes to difficult problem areas Laser and  intense light treatments are the next steps in such cases.

4. Early prevention

Prevention is better than cure as they say. If you have a darker complexion, be sure NOT to use products that make your skin sting. If a product does this, it is burning away the natural oil on your skin, which leads to age spots creating stretch marks- exactly what you don't want!

The single best way to prevent stretch marks is by using moisturizers prematurely. Doing this as soon as you start your skin care routine will be easier and cheaper in the long-term.

Is it Possible to Get Stretch Marks if I Scratch My Stomach?

When you're pregnant, you may have noticed that the lower part of your body, particularly your stomach, becomes itchy.That's totally normal and is most often the result of exposed skin from increased stretching or improperly fitting clothing. But scratching will not cause stretch marks. It's likely that you're itching a lot because your skin is dry. But because of this, it could make your stretch marks worse and itch a lot. Scratching doesn't cause those long-lasting scars. You could leave some marks, but it's not going to be as bad as a cut.

It is highly recommended that you need to trim your nails if you're dealing with intense itching. Long nails can tear your skin and make it worse. 

Cover Up for the Stretch Marks on Abs

Temporarily resolution

one-piece swimsuit
one-piece swimsuit

Working out daily is a great way to build muscles. It’s completely normal that you might not want your stretch marks on display. While they are a part of who we are, it’s important to know what to do about them.

If you are planning to hit the beach and hiding your stretch marks on abs is a major task to fulfill, try a full-body swimsuit or two piece. There are many designs specifically made for this purpose, some with longer tops and others with higher bottoms. Search the web for swimwear options you like best!

For those who have many stretch marks on their stomach, a waterproof body concealer can also be an alternative solution. For the best results, it’d be best to use a swimsuit with specially-designed areas for stretch marks.


Consider tattooing over your marks for a more permanent solution to concealing them.However, you will want to talk with a doctor and/or a professional tattoo artist before deciding on this option. Some people love getting tattoos, but we recommend that you take the time to think this through. We love tattoos, but we know how awful stretch marks can seem and think about other methods of concealment.

Red ink can be jarring and painful, but it gets better with time. So when you’re in the initial phase of your tattoo and don’t see a positive outcome, don’t give up hope! It takes a lot of time and care to make something look good, but when you put in enough detail, it will turn out great eventually.

An Important Takeaway in Managing Stretch Marks Appearance

In order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, aside from the intervention stated above a home gym would be a huge help in maintaining loose skins. If you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your abs, then you should work out at least three times per week with weights and cardio exercises. Stretch marks are usually caused by the rapid growth of your muscles, which is why it is important to build a home gym to create a routine that can help you reach your goals. Here is The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home Gym in 2022.

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We hope this article has been a lot of help to you on how to manage stretch marks on abs. As always you can count on our articles to bring you the latest fitness information.