Are Long Arms a Problem in Bodybuilding?

“Do you even lift?” is the most crucial question in strength training, followed by “How much bench do you have?” However, if you’re a serious lifter, you’ve probably done a bench press. Although your 1-3RM …

“Do you even lift?” is the most crucial question in strength training, followed by “How much bench do you have?” However, if you're a serious lifter, you've probably done a bench press. Although your 1-3RM may be impressive, you may find it challenging to achieve your desired numbers if your limbs are excessively lengthy.

As a result, long-armed males can benefit significantly from using barbells and dumbbells to increase their chest size and strength. Here, we'll be talking about long arms bodybuilding. Individuals who have lengthy arms will benefit from our advice as well. If you're a person fond of working out at a home gym, visit our guide on Building a Home Gym in 2022.

What are Long Arms in Bodybuilding?

a man measuring his arm with a tape measure
a man measuring his arm with a tape measure

As a general rule, if you have long forearms than your upper arms, you probably have long forearms for your build and height. Consequently, there is no definition of a “long” or “short” story. Men's forearms ranged from 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) to 30.5 centimeters (12 inches). Four hundred eighty men participated in the research, which yielded an average length of 25.4cm (10″).

Researchers also measured women's forearms in a recent study. However, one participant had a forearm measuring 31cm/12.2″ in length despite women's reduced average forearm length. Among women, the shortest length was 19cm (7.4″), while the average was 23.5cm (9.25″). In total, there were 1150 female participants in the study. So, if you fall somewhere in the middle of the two lengths, you can tell if you have long forearms or not.

Is having Long Arms Bad for Bodybuilding?

a woman flexing arm muscle
a woman flexing arm muscle

We've all had those flaws in our physical appearance that make us uncomfortable. It's not uncommon for these alleged deformations to be purely psychological. In other words, we are the only ones who notice them. 

As a result, many people assume that they have long arms in proportion to their height. It's not uncommon for people to overestimate their supposed defects to feel unique or self-conscious.

I can see how having unusually long forearms could be a burden in specific scenarios. The only catch is that they'd have to be lengthy to be effective. 

The lat pulldown machine, which demands you to extend your arms above, is an example of gym equipment that may be difficult to use if you have a lengthy bone structure.

However, if this is the case, you'd also have to be an enormous height. People of average height do not have forearms that are so lengthy that they hinder their daily tasks. I already stated that we all want to feel exceptional and are self-conscious about various bodily parts. Thus most of these abnormalities are in our thoughts and not in anyone else's.

Will Long Arms have an Effect on your Exercises?

It varies depending on the exercise. At the beginning of their training, men with short limbs have an easier time benching large numbers because they need to travel through a modest range of motion (ROM) to accomplish each rep. 

Those who are heavier in body weight can also lift more weight, as any powerlifter can tell you. If you're fond of a home gym, you need to check out our guide on the best deadlift platforms for a home gym

People who have a more extended forearm are more likely to have larger bodies in general, which implies they can sustain a more significant amount of muscular mass (and hence more strength) overall.

On the other hand, having long forearms indicates that you have at least a moderately solid physique. Thus it's likely to aid you in this regard. Long forearms are sometimes a sign of a larger frame, which is beneficial for maximum strength. 

Specific workouts may be challenging if you're particularly tall and have forearms that match. Pull-ups come to mind when I think about this exercise. Because of the wide range of motion, doing each rep will be more difficult if you have long arms.

Gymnasts serve as a good illustration. They tend to be tiny in stature, but they pack a powerful punch when pulling their weight. The shorter ROMs they have to go through may have something to do with it. 

It's also possible that their decreased weight is a contributing factor. As a result, bodyweight workouts may be more difficult for someone with a large frame and long arms than for someone with a more petite frame.

Tips for Long Arm Lifters to Pump their Muscles

a man lifting a dumbell
a man lifting a dumbell

9 out of 10 times, thinking outside the box is the best way to break through plateaus and gain muscle. Even more so when you're doing long arms bodybuilding. You'll be busting sleeves in no time if you follow these suggestions from the trenches. With these training tips for men with long arms, you'll be able to build a bigger chest.

  • Dedicate More Time To Direct Arm Training
  • Focus On Dumbbell Hammer And Incline Curls
  • Master The Floor Press
  • Choose The Right Extension
  • Smash and Stretch The Long Head
  • Use a Narrower Bench Press Grip
  • Arc your Chest
  • Perform more Dumbell Press
  • Pull Twice the Amount you Bench

Final Verdict

Resistance training is solely responsible for this. I'd rather have long forearms than short forearms when it comes to forearm length. Why? Arm length and frame size are linked, at least in theory. The more bone in the frame, the more surface area to “hang” the muscle tissue on, connecting frame size and muscle mass.

Our lower arm lengths are, for the most part, comparable. You can see from the data above that the gender gap is smaller than many people believe. Overall, having long forearms isn't a terrible thing. What you see as “long” or “abnormal,” on the other hand, is generally normal to most people you encounter. 

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