What Is the Dorito Body Build?

Many fitness enthusiasts and regular people alike are enthralled by the Dorito build and subsequently desire it. This hype around the build has increased curiosity, and this article will explain exactly what the Dorito body …

Many fitness enthusiasts and regular people alike are enthralled by the Dorito build and subsequently desire it. This hype around the build has increased curiosity, and this article will explain exactly what the Dorito body build is. 

The Dorito body build

 A man with a dorito body build
A man with a dorito body build

The Dorito body build describes a person who has a wide shoulder and thin waist, giving the torso the appearance of a Dorito – In other words, an inverted triangle. The Dorito build is also referred to as the V-shape or the Superman shape.

The name Dorito became popular through Chris Evans of the avengers being an ambassador of the Dorito chips. Presumably, because he also sports an aesthetically-pleasing Dorito body. 

How to develop a Dorito body build 

The Dorito body build features a wide shoulder and back above a relatively narrower waist. As a result, the best way to develop the build is to develop a wide shoulder and back while also ensuring your abdominals are fairly shredded. In other words, broad shoulders, slimmer waist. 

A man doing shoulder exercises
A man doing shoulder exercises

Exercises to build wider shoulder


Pushups are one of the primary shoulder workouts, and it is arguably a fundamental exercise for developing strength and muscles. Furthermore, pushups are very easy to perform and, as a result, are one of the go-to shoulder (and chest) exercises. 

Pushups are also very flexible as you can perform them practically anywhere without any equipment as all you require is some space and your body weight. Likewise, you can perform several pushup variations for different specific benefits. 

Incline bench press

The incline bench press is another shoulder exercise, and it is integral to any relevant shoulder workout. The exercise targets your deltoids and upper pecs, expanding the top area of your torso for a wider shoulder. This is different from the regular bench press that targets more of your lower pecs. 

To ensure you hit the right spots, position your bench at a 45-degree angle before performing a regular shoulder press. This could be by lifting a barbell or a dumbbell in each hand. The bench’s angle will engage your chest’s upper portion and strengthen your chest and shoulder connection.

Lateral raise

Lateral raises are another essential and versatile upper body workout that targets your shoulders. It builds your lateral deltoid muscles while improving your shoulder mobility. You can typically perform it with resistance bands, a pair of dumbbells, and cable machines. If you cannot access a proper gym or a home gym, you can also leverage improvised weights such as water bottles or books.

You can also combine your lateral raises with a set of front lateral raises to reach your anterior deltoids. Like the lateral raise, you can also execute a front raise with resistance bands, dumbbells, cable machines, or improvised weights. 

Overhead press

The overhead press, or overhead shoulder press, is an excellent shoulder exercise for any program seeking to build strength and muscle mass. You can generally increase the resistance with heavier weights, allowing you to work your deltoids, trapezius, pecs, and triceps. 

You can perform an overhead press by lifting a pair of dumbbells or a  barbell to shoulder level and subsequently raising it above your head. You can also perform the military press instead if you prefer something more challenging. With the variation, you typically use your cores for stability as you keep your feet together. 

On the contrary, if your gym has machines, you can leverage the should press machines if you prefer machines to free weights. 

deadlift exercise
deadlift exercise

Exercise to build a wider back 


The deadlift is an excellent compound exercise that helps to develop strength and muscle mass in the back, hips, and hamstrings. Deadlifts can stress your back when you use moderate to heavy loads and allow for higher volumes and loads training. As an added advantage, the deadlift also works your hamstrings, glutes, and hip muscles.


Pull-ups are another fundamental back-building exercise that you can perform almost anywhere. The exercise’s overhead pulling movement helps develop your lats and upper back muscles. Pull-ups also have variations that you can perform depending on what part of your back you want to target. 

This exercise is also excellent because pulling your body weight helps you involve your core muscles due to using your body weight. The body weight feature also adds extra benefits if you are a bigger person as it means you are pulling more weight. 

Bent-over row

The bent-over row is another excellent back exercise that offers significant variability. You can perform this exercise with kettlebells and dumbbells or the regular barbell variation. Bent-over rows help you engage your posterior chain, especially if you hinge at your hips while rowing the weight to your stomach. 

The exercise can also help you overload your muscles because it allows you to move considerable weight in a bent-over row position. 

abdominal toning wheel
abdominal toning wheel

Abs exercises

The sub-heading is slightly misleading because narrower hips and waists are more a function of nutritional diet rather than ab exercises. This is because continuous abdominal exercises will simply develop your core muscles. However, it will not make your waist narrower, especially if they are fatty. 

As a result, it is advisable to work on your diet and cut the calories to help your body burn the excess fat around the belly. While cutting down the fat around your waist, you can also incorporate excellent ab exercises. This can help you develop solid abs while also burning off any excess fat that may obstruct them.

Tips for building the Dorito build

It is essential to know that some people are more genetically predisposed to developing the build than others. Nevertheless, consistent proper, and specific workout programs will see you develop the build as your back gets wider and your waist narrower.

Ensure you eat a lot so that your exercises have enough resources to build on when the body begins to develop new muscle fibers. Similarly, ensure you get sufficient rest between workouts to ensure your body recovers and has time to develop those muscles. 

Likewise, ensure you use proper weightlifting equipment to ensure you remain injury-free. Ensure your gym is well-furnished with standard facilities and equipment. Alternatively, you may set up your home gym to give you more control over your workout circumstances.