Core Weightlifting Shoes Review

For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing top-rated weightlifting shoes on our website such as Rogue Do-win weightlifting shoes, Reebok Lifter PR II squat shoes, and Adidas Powerlift 3.1 shoes. All three of them have a low heel height, which makes them better than cross training shoes/running shoes. They are great for beginners but if you want to squat deep, they may not be enough unless you have excellent ankle flexibility. This is where the Core weightlifting shoes come in. 

With a 1.2” heel height, this is a good option for people who want to take their weightlifting game to the next level. These shoes are very basic and only suitable for casual use or as a pair of transitioning shoes before you invest in better quality high-end weightlifting shoes

Read our detailed review below to find out what you can expect from it and where it stands when compared to other competitive products.

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Quick Review Summary

Core weightlifting shoes have 1.2” high heels, which makes them great transition shoes for people who want to upgrade to something better than their existing low-heel shoes. The sole lacks textures and ridges but buyers have stated that it still does a pretty good job. Buyers have also stated that these are very basic shoes that won’t last beyond a year if you use them rigorously. The Core weightlifting shoes are meant for beginners and recreational lifters so durability shouldn’t be expected. A good pair of squat shoes for people on a budget.


  • Has 1.2” high heel
  • Has velcro and loop straps to secure your feet tightly
  • Affordable than other high-heeled beginner shoes


  • Not durable and meant only for recreational lifters
  • Sole design could have been better


We are giving this a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Decent pair of shoes available for under $100 

To be honest, the Core weightlifting shoes aren't as good as the Rogue Do-win shoes or the Reebok Lifter PR II shoes in terms of the quality of raw materials used and the overall aesthetic appeal. But, they work as expected, which is why they have made it to our list of best affordable weightlifting shoes

The Adidas Powerlift 3.1 squat shoes have leather uppers, which make them stiff and non-breathable. But, the core squat shoes are made of mesh, a breathable material that not only ensures proper ventilation but also provides adequate stretch to keep your toes comfortable. 

Core weightlifting shoes keep your feet properly grounded 

Just like any good quality weightlifting shoes, they too have a dual closure mechanism. The laces help you secure the foot tightly whereas the velcro helps secure the laces. So, even if you are doing power moves, the laces aren’t going to loosen up or become undone. Tightly secured feet will prevent any unwanted play and will help you push the floor with more confidence and stability.

The sole is very basic and doesn’t look convincing enough for training with weight 

sole of core weightlifting shoes

The sole is made of EVA, which is quite expected at this price range. There are no ridges or textures and we find it quite odd. 

Look at the sole of the Rogue Do-Win weightlifting shoes below. They have wavy ridges and even pillar-like structures that help keep you more grounded during intense training sessions. Core weightlifting shoes miss out on these features. It seems as if the manufacturer intentionally designed them like that because it knows these shoes are only meant for short-term use. 

Sole of Rogue Do-Win shoes

They are very minimalist shoes 

You don’t get too many color options. Plus, they have a very average aesthetic appeal. But, as we said above, these are affordable weightlifting shoes meant for recreational lifters. You aren't going to use them for more than a year. Moreover, they are only meant for weight training. So, looks shouldn’t really matter. 

Core weightlifting shoes are not durable enough to bear heavy use 

These squat shoes are meant for beginners and recreational trainers who most likely do not indulge in hardcore training sessions. Numerous buyers have stated that these shoes can last for up to a year if you use them a couple of times a week. But, if you use them daily for lifting a decent amount of weight, they may start to split from the sides within just a few months. 

The upper mesh material and the stitchings are not great in terms of quality. They are only meant for recreational use, which is why the manufacturer is providing so many features in a $100 weightlifting shoes. 

In our opinion, the Core weightlifting shoes are also transition shoes just like the Adidas Powerlift 3.1 squat shoes. The Adidas weightlifting shoes help you transition from flat cross-training shoes to medium-heeled ones and these shoes help you transition from medium-heel shoes to high heel ones. Once you feel confident enough for training with high-heeled shoes like the core shoes, you may go with any of the best high-end weightlifting shoes that we have selected for you. 

1.2” high heel is a hard-to-find feature in low-cost weightlifting shoes 

Heel of Core weightlifting shoes

Image Source: NordicProStore

Most budget-friendly weightlifting shoes have a low heel height between 0.6” to 0.75”. 

A low-heel helps you make a smoother transition from flat walking shoes or squishy running shoes to extremely hard high-heeled squat shoes. If you skip these transitioning shoes, you may find it hard to adjust to your new ones. You may not be able to balance yourself. 

The downside of these low-heeled shoes such as the Adidas Powerlift 3.1 shoes and Reebok Lifter PR II shoes is that they require you to have a good amount of ankle flexibility to squat deep, which you anyways may not have since you are a beginner. 

High-heeled shoes, on the other hand, help you squat deeper and maintain a proper form even when you don’t have enough ankle flexibility. They help you push the ground with more force and lift heavier weights. However, if you are just a beginner, you may not feel comfortable while training with your heel lifted more than an inch above the ground. You may feel as if you are being pushed forward. 

This is why you need transitioning shoes such as the Core weightlifting shoes. But, you will be surprised to know that even though transitioning shoes are so important, not many companies actually sell them. And those who do, sell them at a high price. No wonder why these Core shoes are rated as one of the best weightlifting shoes under $100. 
Just so you know, there are products like Iron Bull Strength squat wedges that claim to eliminate the need for transitioning shoes. But, we usually do not recommend them because you will anyways be using your squishy running shoes over them, which could make you feel highly unstable. A low-cost product like the core weightlifting shoes is a safer and better alternative.


We are giving this a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Poorly designed sole and durability issues are the reason why we have rated it low. But, as we said above, these are transitioning shoes. You anyways won’t be using them for more than a year or two. So, the durability issue can be ignored, However, the manufacturer should have improved the design of the sole. Nevertheless, hundreds of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above and have agreed that these are great weightlifting shoes for beginners and casual trainers. Do not hesitate to try it out if you need a shoe with 1” high heel. 

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