Is’s Bodyfit Subscription Worth It?

Various weightlifting platforms leverage their expertise and experience to develop platforms to guide weightlifting beginners. One such platform is Bodybuilding’s Bodyfit subscription. However, many individuals have remarked various reviews regarding the subscription, including positive and negative reviews, leaving us to determine if it is generally worth it. 

Bodybuilding’s Bodyfit subscription

Bodybuilding’s Bodyfit program is the apparent culmination of the franchise’s experience and expertise into a “convenient one-stop fitness solution.” According to the franchise, BodyFit includes everything you require to reach your fitness goals, whatever they are. The program includes:

after workout in the gym
after workout in the gym

BodyFit: Your Digital Personal Trainer

The program claims to gather more than 2,500 workout articles and videos into a “curated experience.” This also includes access to a “new and improved exercise database” comprising about 3,500 exercises, from regulars like the squat and bench press to various more specialized exercises.

According to the platform, Bodybuilding has overhauled and updated the database of exercises with new videos, instructions, and features. These new features would enable users to find the proper exercise for their objectives and perform them effectively.

Workout Programs and Tracker App

The BodyFit offering also includes about 90 plans and programs, comprising classics like Shortcut to Shred and LiveFit to more recent programs like the FYR 2.0 and Maximum Muscle. 

According to the franchise, these fitness plans also contain meal plans, full transformation guides, and daily video workouts. It will also include a mobile app with essential features like workout tracking. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

In addition to all of these, the platform claims that members receive an automatic 10% off every purchase they make and free shipping on all U.S. orders. The membership fee is currently  $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year with a seven-day trial period.

Is the subscription worth it?

a woman tracking her workout progress with a trainor
a woman tracking her workout progress with a trainor

Here are some of the general reviews regarding the app:

Inconsistent data tracking

Several users have complained about the subscription app’s failure to track data consistently. Many users have noted that they failed to get their previous workout data and subsequently could not track their workout progress.

Limited free shipping

The platform claims that the subscription entitles members to free shipping on all products for US orders. However, users have noted that the claim is not entirely accurate, and the free shipping is only limited to specific locations in the US. 


In general, the subscription targets users in the US (other than Hawai and Alaska) as they may benefit from the shipping fee bonus. Furthermore, if you seek a training program and can not find any better options, the subscription may also be worth it.

However, if you do not live in the US, you may be unable to leverage the free shipping perk. Furthermore, if you are interested in figuring out your training program yourself and are familiar with the basics of weightlifting, it may not be a fit for you. 

Advantages of home workouts 

Bodybuilding’s BodyFit program leverages various how workouts. As a result, here are some of the benefits of working out from home:

a man working out at home
a man working out at home


Working out at home is very convenient, and it makes it easy to fit fitness into your already busy lifestyle. As a result, you do away with the need to waste energy and time gathering your gym necessities, packing your gym bag, driving 10-15 minutes across town, and hustling for a parking space. 

Flexibility and versatility

Because you are working out at home, you will not be limited by a gym’s operating hours. As a result, you do not have to wait till 4 pm or 7 am to work out, as you can simply work out when you are ready for it. 

Likewise, because you are in charge of the workout space, you can tweak it however is sufficient for you. Most gyms prohibit external music systems, leaving you at the mercy of the gym music, if any. Working out at home means you can play any music you want, wear any outfit you wish to, and make as much noise as you want. 

No wait times

Gyms are typically crowded, resulting in wait times to use various equipment. When working out from home, wait time is never an issue as you are often the only one using the equipment. As a result, you can use the 10kg dumbbell whenever you need to. 

An offshoot of this perk is that you can enjoy privacy while you work out. Exercising around other gym users may be motivating and exhilarating, but it can also be discouraging and intimidating. With home workouts, you can exercise at your own pace without dealing with the potential or perceived judgment of other users. 


Gym membership subscriptions can be very costly, especially if you are interested in high-end ones. In addition to the subscription costs, going to the gym also contributes to how much you may be spending, especially if your gym is quite a distance.

You do not have to worry about these costs with home workouts as you do not have to pay for gym subscriptions or transportation. While it is true that buying the equipment may be costly, investing in quality equipment will save you money in the long term. 

You can set up a home gym with the essential equipment for a start. Setting up a home gym with a barbell, a few dumbbells, a squat rack, a pull-up bar, and perhaps a cable machine if you can afford it will be cheaper in the long run if they are well-maintained.

No distractions

Gyms may be distracting to use because of several reasons. For example, you may be sharing a gym with a noisy weightlifter or two friends who just can quite stop talking, or perhaps a smelly trainer. Working out at home eliminates these distractions, especially because you are in more control of the circumstances of your workout environment. 

Limits excuses

Working out at home eliminates several potential excuses that would have derailed you if you used a gym. For example, a rainy day may be enough to stop you from going to the gym, but this will not apply if you work out at home.