Does Creatine Affect Penis Size? 😳

Many weightlifters and bodybuilders employ creatine to increase their activities and performances with varying side effects. But does it affect the size of the penis? We did the research so you do not have to! …

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Many weightlifters and bodybuilders employ creatine to increase their activities and performances with varying side effects. But does it affect the size of the penis?

We did the research so you do not have to!

What is creatine?

creatinine powder in scoop and dumbbells
creatine powder in a scoop and dumbbells

Creatine is an excellent supplement for improving gym performance because of its weight gain capabilities. This is as studies have demonstrated that it can increase strength, muscle mass, and exercise performance.

Creatine is naturally present in muscle cells, enabling muscles to produce energy during high-intensity exercise or heavy lifting.

Because creatine is an amino acid, it is naturally present in your body, particularly in the brain and muscles, as the liver produces it. An average 70kg male may typically store around 120g of creatine in their body. As a result,  your body naturally employs its creatine base to provide your muscles with energy if you do not use any supplements.

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But Does Creatine Affect Penis Size?

Due to its widespread use, creatine has also garnered various true and untrue reputations. One such reputation is that the supplement affects your penis size. This belief is probably perpetuated by how creatine works. 

How Creatine Helps You Build Muscles

Using creatine as a supplement increases phosphocreatine (PCr) storage within your muscle cells. PCr essentially serves as an energy source during high-intensity activities like weight lifting. As a result, increasing your phosphocreatine bases will enable you to hit more reps and recover better between sets. In time this would result in increased gains in muscle mass. 

For your body to create phosphocreatine in skeletal muscle, creatine has to enter the muscle cell through your bloodstream. As it enters the muscle cell, it potentially draws water into the cell, causing water retention and weight gain.

Thus, as a result of water retention in the muscle cell, creatine can increase body mass, particularly if you observe a loading protocol. Furthermore, the retained water allows the transportation of more nutrients and oxygen through your body to help with recovery. In addition, since there is more water, it delays lactic acid buildup.

Creatine and the Penis 

As we have established, creatine targets the muscles and makes them bigger through increased water retention and slow build-up of lactic acid. However, your penis is not composed of muscles. 

The penis is composed of two spongy columns of tissue that engorge with blood to create an erection, called the corpus cavernosa, a smaller column of spongy tissue that ensures the urethra remains open during an erection, and a thin layer of connective tissue that encloses the three columns. 

The only muscle around the penis is the external sphincter muscle at the penis’ root. The external sphincter enables you to hold your pee in when you need to urinate and also assists in preserving an erection. 

Because of the above, it is very unlikely that creatine use influences penis size since the penis really has no muscles.

Likewise, your body already produces creatine as you only increase its availability by taking creatine supplements. As a result, it is unlikely that ingesting it as supplements affects your penis if your natural creatine storage already does not.

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Is Creatine Safe?

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Several studies on creatine have established creatine to be a safe supplement. While some persons have reported side effects like stomachaches, this may result from ingesting creatine on an empty stomach or too much at once.

As a result of its safety, many athletes and bodybuilders use creatine supplements. Furthermore, professional sports associations like the International Olympic Committee and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) also allow the use of the supplement.

In addition, there have been several reports of benefits for men and women, although men have been the recipients of most studies. However, other studies have noted that women who use creatine supplements may not see similar strength or muscle mass gain to men during training.

Nevertheless, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate nutritional supplements. As a result, creatine products sold in stores may have varying quantities of creatine supplement, quality, and additional ingredients.

Using Creatine Correctly

It is vital that your muscle cells are saturated with creatine for you to see results. This typically takes at least a week to do. As a result, ingesting it once before a workout will not make any significant difference.