Best Budget Squat Racks for 2022

Before we move to our list, let’s quickly understand if you really need a squat rack because you wouldn’t want to clutter your home gym with something that you don’t really need. We will also explain more about the difference between a squat rack and a squat stand. This article also intends to help you

Best Fitness Decks

Best Fitness Decks for Your Home Gym in 2022

Fitness decks are not as good as exercise bench but they are still better for small spaces  Image source: Dmoose Look at the above image. While fitness decks can handle your pressure and weight, a solid workout bench will obviously give you more confidence to train in any way you want.  Weight benches have a

Best Open Trap Bars for 2022

Best Open Trap Bars for 2022

Is an open trap bar necessary?  No. They are not an absolute must-haves for home gyms or even for commercial places. Plus, no matter what upgrades are made, trap bars will never be as versatile as standard barbells.  But, if you have back issues or if you want to train heavy without straining your spine,