Are Planet Fitness Weights Really Lighter Than They Should Be!?

It has been claimed by many regular gym goers that the weights used by Planet Fitness are actually lighter than what is claimed. Most people who already train at other gyms often end up wondering …

It has been claimed by many regular gym goers that the weights used by Planet Fitness are actually lighter than what is claimed.

Most people who already train at other gyms often end up wondering “Are planet fitness weights lighter?”

If you’re looking forward to going to a gym and building up your strength then this is something that should bother you.

This is why, in this article, we’re going to discuss in detail whether the weights are actually mislabeled, and if not, then is it still worth it?

The Burning Question: Are Planet Fitness Weights Lighter?

If you just went to Planet Fitness for the first time or visited it after you trained at other gyms, you might also be wondering about the legitimacy of their weights. According to most people, they were able to lift considerably heavier weights and do more reps when they went to Planet Fitness.

Since Planet Fitness focuses mainly on those who haven’t been to any other gyms, the anecdotal evidence to support this claim is almost completely absent.

So with that in mind there is no evidence that planet fitness weights are somehow lighter than the weights are other gyms.

However, there are a couple of reasons why the more experienced lifters might feel the weights are lighter:

Reason Number One: Not Accounting for kg vs lbs

There can be many reasons why people feel that the purple weights at Planet Fitness are lighter.

One of the most common errors made by people is that they don’t account for the unit of measurement.

Depending on the manufacturer of weights or machines, the units used can be either kilograms or pounds. Since one pound equals roughly 450 grams, it can be that these people forget to notice which standard is being used. 

Reason Number Two: Poor Machine Maintenance

Another very probable reason for the disparity between what one feels and what’s actually claimed could be the condition of the machines in the gym.

Almost all exercise machines utilize levers and pulleys, and depending on the maintenance schedule, the pulleys can be either stiff or smooth.

If the machines in your primary gym aren’t regularly maintained then they might feel tighter and in turn, heavier than Planet Fitness weights. 

This still doesn’t mean that Planet Fitness doesn’t suffer from other issues that should make you avoid it like plague. In the next few sections, we’re going to take a look at the other red flags of Planet Fitness that you should be aware of. 

Does Planet Fitness Carry Enough Heavier Weights?

Not a lot of dumbbells

The weights at Planet Fitness might not be incorrectly labeled, but the biggest issue with Planet Fitness is that the weights aren’t usually heavy enough for most lifters.

For those who’ve been consistently lifting for quite some time, Planet Fitness will be a disappointment.

With a maximum of 60-70 lbs of barbells and dumbbells, anyone who’s not a newbie will not benefit a lot!

Most people who've been lifting consistently won’t find these small weights to be any challenge at all and it won’t help them progress further. If you’re an absolute beginner with no prior experience lifting then it might work out for you, but it’s still not recommended due to the other issues with the franchise. 

How Does Planet Fitness Operate?

Planet Fitness judgement free zone
Planet Fitness judgement free zone

The marketing strategy of Planet Fitness is to target those who have never been to a gym before. These people are usually intimidated by the lifters who’ve been lifting for a while since they appear daunting. Planet Fitness exploits this weakness to sell its membership by claiming to be a judgment-free zone. 

The truth, however, is quite different than what’s portrayed in PF advertisements. The regular lifters might appear big and scary but they won’t gobble you up and will most likely help you out if you ask for help.

However, the issue with Planet Fitness is that no serious lifters will stay there for long because of their discriminatory practices towards the apparently “intimidating” people. 

When we factor in the monthly “Pizza Nights” and “Bagle Mornings” offered by Planet Fitness, the situation seems even bleaker. Planet Fitness wants you to do the bare minimum exercises that make you feel like you’ve done something and will not focus on nutrition at all.

This leads to a vicious cycle that only profits PF in the end. People don’t go to PF to get fit, they go there to stay fat or worse, get even fatter. 

Alternatives to Planet Fitness: Your Own Home Gym?

home gym
home gym

Now, this is the part that will do you more good than membership of Planet Fitness ever will. The best way forward is to either join a reputed gym where there are no stupid gimmicks like free candy, a lunk alarm, or pizza parties. Go to a gym where people already have the physique that you desire and you’ll learn much more.

It might be scary initially, but everyone who starts is scared and everyone has to start somewhere. If it bothers you too much then you can even set up your own home gym which will be far more effective than Planet Fitness. It doesn’t even have to be expensive either as you can build a lot of your own equipment if you’re into DIY. 

A home gym will often be far more sustainable and you can even find affordable equipment with just a little bit of research. Even if establishing your own gym costs more, you’ll have your own equipment for the rest of your life. You’ll be able to lift as much as you want, you won’t have to control your natural impulses like grunting, and you’ll actually get fit.