Yes4All Replacement/Add-On J-Hooks Review for 2×2, 2×3, and 3×3 Squat Racks

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So, I heard about these J Hooks from a r/homegym comment and decided to give them a try. And boy am I glad I did!

The great thing about these J-Hooks is that they are available for 2×2, 2×3, and 3×3 racks. I have a 2×2 Rep Fitness rack and so that is the size I went with.

Upon getting the package from Amazon I noticed that everything was packed very well and the J Hooks were completely undamaged.

I repacked the J Hooks and decided to take them to my gym to try them first thing the next day.

The next day I went to the gym and immediately placed the J hooks onto the rack. I noticed they fit properly and felt more snug than the J hooks that came with my rack.

What really impressed me though is that the j-hooks can be secured completely to the rack by screwing in the Locking knobs. 

I will say that this does leave marks on your squat rack but then again in my opinion this is a squat rack and not a museum piece. Squat racks are going to get marked up and beat up.  They are built to take a pounding.

 I'm going to go ahead and say that these are the perfect add-on J Hooks for a 2in by 2in squat rack or power cage. I'm really happy that the user on Reddit recommended them to me!

I have been using them now for more than a week and I absolutely love them. I have had no issues with them becoming loose and I  have been leaving them in the same position for squats which frees up my other J Hooks that came with The Rock to be used 4 other exercises. 


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Buy
Pros: Great price. Feel sturdy and well built. Lock on to the posts unlike some other j-hooks.
Cons: None so far.
Summary: A great pair of J-Hooks!