Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station Review

Setting up a home gym is not so easy, especially when you don't have a lot of space and budget, which is not uncommon with many of us. Thankfully, some versatile and affordable home gym equipment such as cable crossover stations can help us achieve our fitness goals right in the comfort of our home without having to share the same set of equipment with other gym members. 

If you too are looking for equipment for your home gym, here is how you can find the best ones at the most competitive price

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Cable Crossovers are highly desirable 

Cable crossover stations are one of the most preferred pieces of home gym equipment because they are versatile exercise equipment. You can use them in various ways to target almost all muscle groups of your body. They allow you to move your muscles from different angles and different directions,so won’t get bored doing the same thing every day. 

These machines are great for people who prefer strength training or resistance training and for those who want to lose weight, build more lean muscles, improve their cardiovascular health and bone density, and gain more flexibility. 

There are many cable crossover stations available in a wide range of budgets for your home gym but, we have chosen the Valor Fitness BD-61 because, after comparing it with other competitive products, we conclude that it offers much more than what you can expect from others. Below, is a thorough review of Valor Fitness BD-61 and why it is going to be a great addition to your home gym. 

We hope it helps you set your expectation right before investing in it. 


Valor BD-61 cable crossover machine is meant for home and light-commercial use but it works best as a home gym equipment. 

Unlike other products, this machine lets two people work together, so it is highly preferred by people who like to exercise with their partners or trainers. 

There are three pulley positions 

The high pulley, the low pulley, and the multi-grip pull up station helps add a lot of variety and versatility to your exercise routine. The sleeve can be positioned at 17 different levels giving you approximately a 63” range of height adjustment. The pulleys pivot in multiple directions so you and your partner can exercise together while still maintaining a safe distance. 

The handles are adjustable 

Adjustable handles help everyone find their comfortable exercising positions. The BD-61 also has plate storage pegs, which help store the weights properly. 

Please note that Valor BD-61 cable crossover machine doesn’t come with any weight. You can use the weight you have to buy them separately. But, this will still be cheaper than a $4000 cable machine. If you don’t have weight plates, here are some of the best options for you


No matter what your budget is, you must not ignore the safety of use. Some unreliable manufacturers of home gym equipment do compromise on the built, stability, or weight-bearing capacity to cut down their manufacturing cost and sell their product at a very low price. 

Such equipment can tip over and can cause severe injuries, permanent disability, and even death. (2) Thankfully, renowned brands such as Valor will never compromise on any of the safety aspects. 

The feet have rubber caps 

The BD-61 has a double bar track with rubber base caps that encase the feet and make the machine stable and safe. You can also mount it to the ground using the provided hardware or weigh it down using your weight plates (which is better because it won’t damage the floor). 

We reviewed all the customer reviews and didn’t find any of them claiming stability issues, so you can trust this product. 

The Valor BD-61 is a heavy-duty machine 

It has a high-quality steel construction and weight-bearing capacity of 250lbs. This is the max you can expect from such an affordable home cable crossover machine but unless you are an advanced level fitness enthusiast, the weight bearing-capacity is fine. 

Things that we like 

  • The footprints of Valor Fitness BD-61 crossover station are depth: 52” width: 56” and height: 80”. So, it doesn’t require too much space. Rather, the columns are wide enough to place a situp bench between them. Perfect for small home gyms. 
  • It also has a pull-up and lat pull stations, giving you a wide range of workout options. 
  • It allows two people to work together. However, both users have to use the same weight. 
  • 3 years frame warranty and 1 year cable warranty. 
  • Many buyers have stated that Valor has an amazing customer support team. So, in case you need any help, you can expect a prompt response. 

Areas that need improvement 

  • Assembling BD-61 cable station is not so easy, especially if you are not fond of using tools. It does come with instructions but some buyers found them difficult to understand, especially the pulley installation. Many buyers have stated that they had to redo it a few times, as the instructions were not clear. Thankfully, some YouTube tutorials can help you with this. 
  • The pulleys are not made of metal. They are made of plastic and they do not have ball bearings. But, most buyers have stated that they do their job fairly well. So, maybe this can be ignored.  
  • The height of the Valor BD-61 machine is 80”, so taller people would find the pull-up bar to be too low. But, unless you are above 5.11” you can still use it comfortably. 

Our Rating

Our Verdict

Advanced trainers, people taller than 6 feet, or those who need the same smoothness and feel like the commercial-grade gym equipment may not like it much. Further, the assembly thing unquestionably needs to be improved but these issues shouldn’t stop you from buying it. 

Valor fitness BD-61 cable machine is definitely going to be one of the best additions to your home gym, especially when you are on a strict budget.