Under Armour Men’s Sportstyle Left Chest Short Sleeve T-shirt

The popularity of athleisure is growing rapidly and we love it too! The concept of athleisure helps merge fashion and fitness so you can train harder, faster, and better without looking like a typical gym rat wearing the typical grey and black shades. Since more and more people are buying them crazily so they can head out for their next jogging session with confidence, a lot of brands have jumped into the bandwagon and have started manufacturing them in bulk without even understanding the basic concept of activewear. 

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Many products marked as ‘athleisure’ are just regular t-shirts or pants blended slightly to make them look cool. They do not provide adequate sweat absorption and do not help block the sweat odor. They do not have enough space to let you pull, push, or twist your muscles comfortably. This is why we recommend you to buy sportswear by a renowned manufacturer. Under Armour is one such company founded in 1996. It claims to be the originator of ‘Performance apparel’ that helps keep athletes cool, dry, and light. 

In this blog, we will be reviewing Under Armour’s short-sleeved t-shirt for men. We will provide you with all the necessary details so you will be able to decide if it is worth your money. 

Let’s begin our review by looking at some of its key features:  

Key features of Under Armour Men’s Short-Sleeve T-shirt 

  • Sizes: Almost all possible sizes; right from XS for teenagers to 5XL for some of us who need to start training more often. 
  • Color options: various shades of almost all primary colors that men wear. For example; you can buy various shades of blue such as academy blue, mechanic blue, electric blue, versa blue, etc. 
  • Fabric: 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane (as mentioned on Amazon) but buyers have stated that the t-shirts they have received are made of 60% Cotton/40% Polyester. We checked their website and found that the buyers are correct. Maybe different shades are made of different materials. 
  • Fit: Standard
  • Has ribbed collar 

A detailed review of Under Armour Men’s sportstyle left chest short sleeve t-shirt 

A photo of an Under Armour Men’s sportstyle left chest short sleeve t-shirt

Size and Fitting 

More than 80% of buyers have stated that Under Armour t-shirts are true to their size. Buyers have hardly reported any sizing issues. 

If you don’t know the size that will best fit you, do not do any guesswork. Under Armour has a sizing chart on its website. All you need to do is to measure yourself. If you still have doubts, you can use the manufacturer ‘Find your true size’ tool available on its website. You need to enter some basic details like your age, height, weight, the size of other brands you wear, etc. The tool is truly helpful and eliminates all types of guesswork so you can order confidently. 

Under Armour Sportstyle short sleeve t-shirts don’t shrink. So, you don’t need to order a larger size. 

Another interesting thing that we love about these t-shirts is that they are available in smaller as well as larger sizes too, like XS and S sizes or 4XL or 5XL sizes. So, no matter what your body type or bodyweight is, you will get something that will fit you well. Other popular activewear brands usually manufacture products for heavy adults and they are often big for an average adult. 

Please note: do not put this t-shirt in a dryer. Just like most sportswear, you need to let it dry naturally. 

Comfort and breathability 

A photo of an Under Armour Men’s sportstyle left chest short sleeve t-shirt's lighter and stretchable fabric

Most buyers have reported that these t-shirts are comfortable, stretchy, and have decent sweat-absorption capacity. 

Recently, some buyers have stated that the fabric has become thinner than it used to be. One buyer even placed a dollar under it to show how thin (see-through) it has become. We agree with these buyers. The blend of the fabric has changed over the last few years. It feels less cottony and the breathability has changed too. Many buyers have stated that it is not the same heat gear that it used to be a few years ago. But the new blend is much lighter and stretchable. 


Some recent buyers have also questioned the durability of the new fabric. They have stated that the fabric (which has become significantly thinner) doesn’t feel as durable as it used to be. A few have reported that their t-shirts started pilling after a few months. 


A photo of an Under Armour Men’s sportstyle left chest short sleeve t-shirt

Under Armour hasn’t listed its specific use but we recommend it for cycling, hiking, climbing, weight training, and other medium intensity workouts. Since the breathability of this Under Armour sportstyle short sleeve t-shirt isn’t great, we do not recommend it for high-intensity activities where you would sweat profusely. It will neither keep you cool nor dry enough to feel comfortable. 


  • Athleisure or activewear are expensive. Good ones could cost you around $30-50 for a t-shirt. But, not all of us need such heavy-duty clothes. Unless you are into competitive sports, decent quality clothes like this Under Armour sportstyle t-shirt will suit your needs. Being priced affordably compared to its competitors, this t-shirt is a bargain buy. 
  • If you wear odd-sized clothes i.e. if you are either too lean or too fat, it could be a challenge to find the right-sized sportswear for you. Thankfully, Under Armour has too many sizing options, so you don’t need to wear misfitting clothes that could cause injuries.
  • The fabric is lightweight and stretchable. You can use it for almost all types of workouts and outdoor activities
  • The fabric is soft and doesn’t shrink when washed as instructed. 
  • Fitting issues are rarely reported by buyers. 


  • Some buyers have stated that the fabric has become thinner and more transparent in the last few years. The new variety looks cheaper and less durable. 
  • Many buyers are unhappy with the neck of these Under Armour left chest sportstyle t-shirts. The neck of sports t-shirts should be elastic-based and should be narrow. This one has a loose neck which seems stretched out. 
  • As mentioned, the wicking capacity is decent but not great. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

The affordability versus performance of Under Armour products is admirable and this sportstyle left chest short sleeve t-shirt is no exception. It has its flaws and yet many of us wouldn’t mind them because it is far more enjoyable and comfortable than other affordable options. But, UA must take the fabric blend complaints seriously before it starts to lose out its customers.