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Top Souls Quick Release Barbell Collars are must-have safety equipments for your home gym

Barbell clamps, also known as barbell collars or clips, are must-have safety equipment for your home gym. No matter what type of exercise you do or what weight you lift, you must have a pair of them handy, so you can ensure your stability and safety. Without them, the plates could shift or wobble, making the whole setup feel unbalanced. Moving plates will not just distract you but also make you feel unstable. You could lose your balance and end up injuring yourself. All removable plates, therefore, must be secured with barbell collars. 

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Thankfully, barbell clips or collars are inexpensive and there are too many options available too. But, make sure you do not go with the least expensive one. Remember that they are meant to keep the weight plates tightly secured, so they ought to be well-built, durable, and non-slippery. The cheaper options are made of plastic. They won’t last long, especially if you have the habit of dropping your barbell. We recommend you to spend a few more dollars and buy a metal one with ABS plastic parts. As obvious, such products are more durable and reliable. We have listed a few of them on our blog on the best barbell collars for your home gym. 

Top Souls quick release barbell collar is one of our favorite products. It is affordable and does exactly what it is supposed to do i.e. keep your weights secured so there is absolutely no movement. In this blog, we will tell you why Top Souls barbell clip is one of the top-rated products in its niche. We will also provide you with all the necessary details about its built, quality, and design so you can decide if it’s worth your money. 

Before we begin, let’s look at some of its key features. 

Features and Specifications of Top Souls Quick Release Barbell Collars 

  • Material: made of stainless steel with ABS components for extra durability
  • Compatibility: designed to fit all standard sized barbells having 2” diameter.
  • Clamping style: The USP of Top Souls quick release barbell clamp is its latch-styled clamping design. Conventional barbell collars need to be screwed in whereas this one requires you to simply press the latch. 
  • Color options: Available in many bright colors, so you don’t have to go with the standard grey or black. Green and orange barbell clips are definitely going to add some brightness to your otherwise boring home gym. 
  • Top Soul Barbell clamps have elastomer lining to protect your barbell against scratches.
  • These barbell clips have a non-slip exterior so you can easily and quickly add or remove them even if you have sweaty hands. 

A Detailed Review of Top Souls Barbell Collars 

Design and built 

Top Souls Quick Release Barbell Collars are made of nylon and have a high-quality metal frame that makes them durable enough to last without being broken or damaged even when dropped

As mentioned above, Top Souls quick release barbell clips are made of nylon and have a high-quality metal frame that makes them durable enough to last without being broken or damaged even when dropped.  These barbell clamps are designed to give a snug fit to the weight plates. The rubber pads on the inner side are extremely grippy. They help keep the clamps in place throughout your workout. When the clamps won't move, the weight plates too won’t wobble, making you feel safer and more confident during your workouts. 


The sole purpose of barbell collars is to keep the plates locked exactly where you want them to be. Therefore, a good grip is more important for them than durability. Imagine what could happen if the collar slips and falls off along with plates. Such accidents can only be avoided if the barbell clamps are grippy enough to stay in their place even when you are using a good number of plates. 

Numerous buyers have confirmed that Top Souls barbell collars are too grippy. A few buyers have stated that they are so grippy that they don’t come out smoothly. We have used it for a few months now but in our case, it comes out easily. Watch the above video review and you will know how the lever operating mechanism works. 

Easy of use 

Top Souls Quick Release Barbell Collars also has quick-release clamp feature that allows quick release of collar for minimal waiting time

The quick-release clamp is our favorite feature. The conventional screw-in barbell clips require one to two good minutes to get screwed and unscrewed for plate change. During this waiting time, your body will start to cool down and your heart rate will start normalizing too, ruining the momentum of your workout. Top Souls barbell collars have a latch design with a lever that you need to push up to release the collar. In the released state, the clamps are pretty easy to take out. The whole process is pretty quick, with the minimal waiting time. The lever clicks when secured, so you know it is locked, eliminating any guesswork.


  • Most inexpensive barbell collars are made of just plastic, which can break when used roughly. The Top Souls one has a metal frame. So, it is much better than others in terms of durability. 
  • Despite its quick-release feature and metal frame, Top Souls barbell collar is competitively priced, so you won’t mind choosing it over others. 
  • No fitting issues have ever been reported with this product. It fits well on all 2” barbells, irrespective of their brand or build. 
  • All buyers, irrespective of the ratings they left, have confirmed that these barbell clips lock tightly. They do not budge at all. Some buyers have stated that they had tried other quick release collars but they used to slip, making them feel nervous.


  • It cannot be operated with just one hand. You will have to use both your hands or seek someone else’s help to open it (closing can be one with one hand). This isn’t a major drawback but some quick-release barbells can be operated with just one hand. 
  • Some buyers have complained that the quick-release feature isn’t truly ‘quick-release’. The lever is tight and requires a good amount of force for unclamping. A few of them also stated that they got their fingernails damaged while trying to open it. Well, the lever lock starts to loosen up with time but until then you will have to be patient. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

Top Souls quick-release barbell collars are undeniably well-built and reliable. 89% of buyers have rated it 4 stars and above. Even those who have left low ratings are mostly satisfied with the product. They just didn’t like the tightness of the locking mechanism. As we said above, it will loosen up with time. We highly recommend it for your safety during weight training.