The Theracane Trigger Point Massager Review


I have had the Theracane Trigger Point Massager for over five years now and I can say that without a doubt, it’s a very effective if not somewhat niche tool to have in your mobility tool chest. Read on to find out some other things I like about the tool and some other things I do not like about the Theracane Trigger Point Massager.

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So one thing I can definitely say is that the Theracane Trigger Point Massager is a very sturdy piece of equipment. Once you get it and start to use it, you’re gonna see that it would be almost impossible or at least not very easy to break this thing. I have put my entire weight into it at times and I have never felt that it’s gonna break on me or splinter or anything like that.

Effective for some trigger point massage

So overall I like the Theracane Trigger Point Massager but it’s only effective for some types of trigger point massage. You really can’t get into some areas of your body with it like I was expecting. Some of those areas are your upper back it’s hard to get into and your lower back, anywhere in your back is hard to get into. Also, you can’t get under the hamstrings very well. At this point, I mainly just use it for things like digging into the shoulders to release trigger points, digging into the chest to release trigger points in the chest and also some interesting stuff you can do with releasing trigger points in the neck, arms, forearms and even the hands. So overall, it’s effective but only for some type of trigger point massage. You’re still gonna need things like crossballs, foam rollers and things like that so do not expect it to replace everything.


You can find this thing often in strange places around my house

The Theracane Trigger Point Massager is definitely very bulky. It’s not something very easy to travel with. So if that’s something you’re looking for, then this is not the tool for you. Rose is gonna be adding a link in this article to one their newer Theracane Trigger Point Massagers and it is special because you can actually take it apart which makes it a little more easier to travel with. So overall, just keep in mind the bulkiness of this device. It’s not something that you can throw in the car and take with you or even just keep on the couch with you. You’re gonna have to have a dedicated place to put it and it’s a little annoying to go and get it and deal with it.

A decent tool for your mobility tool chest

So overall, like I said prior, I think it’s a good tool for your mobility tool chest but it’s not gonna replace everything that you’re looking for. But for the price, I think it’s a good option to have it lying around in case it does solve a mobility or trigger point problem that you may have.



Recommendation: So our recommendation is to get it if you have trigger point issues or think you may have trigger point issues. It’s something good to try out and see how well it works for you since it really depends on just how your body is and what type of trigger point massage you like.


  1. Very sturdy.
  2. It’s very effective for certain types of trigger point massage.


  1. Not effective for all types of trigger point massage.
  2. Bulky, hard to take with you.

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