The Force is Strong (and So Will You Be) With These Kettlebells

Take a moment and just picture a kettlebell. You’re probably imagining a big round hunk of metal with a handle on it. Maybe it’s a little rusty, or maybe it has a nice color covering to it. But what you’re probably not imagining is this:

That’s right Star Wars fans, the crossover you never thought you needed has finally arrived: Star Wars kettlebells. Finally, you can bring some of your favorite characters to your workout routine.

You Will Be Stronger

yoda GIF
You will be stronger, yes you will be

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Darth Vader was the sworn enemy of the Rebel Alliance. Now, with your Darth Vader kettlebell, you can make him the sworn enemy of your glutes and lats.

But Vader isn’t your only option for turning your gym to the dark side

Star Wars No GIF
Star Wars No GIF

If you’re more the Stormtrooper or Boba Fett type, then you’re in luck. You’ll find those options to satisfy all your nerdy needs. 

Let’s just hope you can swing a kettlebell better than those Stormtroopers can shoot their blasters. With weights ranging from 50 to 75 lbs, these are definitely some heavy duty pieces of equipment. You’re going to need some serious strength and stamina to build a workout routine with these substantial weights.

Pricey They Can Be

Sad Empire Strikes Back GIF by Star Wars
Sad Empire Strikes Back GIF by Star Wars

While these kettlebells are undoubtedly cool, they do come at a price. Ranging from $150-$200, these unique weights are probably only right for the dedicated super fan. But if you’re looking to take your gym from Padawan to Jedi Master, then these will definitely do the trick. 

Well Made

Im Sure No Doubt GIF by Star Wars
Im Sure No Doubt GIF by Star Wars

The great thing about these kettlebells is that they serve both form AND function. They’re sculpted out of chip-resistant iron, so they will last through whatever workout you’re looking to put them through. Unlike the Death Star, they’re sure to make it through any Rebel attack. 

Just like a Jedi wielding a lightsaber, you can learn how to use these powerful kettlebells to show your strength. By using a variety of different moves, you can create a full-body workout with these unique pieces of memorabilia.

Swing the nimble bounty hunter Boba Fett to work your shoulders, core, and glutes. Just remember to keep your core engaged and push through your heels so you don’t tweak your back muscles.

Make like a confused Stormtrooper and shrug with your new 60 lb weight. Simply hold the kettlebell in one hand and pull your shoulder blade up and down to work those traps. Make sure you remember to switch sides.

Bow down to the power of Darth Vader with a kettlebell deadlift. Much like the swing, make sure you focus on building your momentum from the lower body, not your back. Really squeeze those glutes when you get to the top.   

Awaken your inner buff nerd with these unique yet useful kettlebells. If you spend some time throwing these things around, then you’re sure to transform into a real menace in the gym.

Don’t settle for those boring kettlebell clones.

Now there’s a new hope for an exciting gym setup!

Harrison Ford Shrug GIF by Star Wars
Harrison Ford Shrug GIF by Star Wars

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