The Cheapest DIY Folding Squat Rack Ever

I saw someone asked on Reddit the other day if it was possible to “build your own cheap folding squat rack that wouldn't take up much space”?

At first I thought this was ridiculous and I was right.

The answer to this questions is ALWAYS No

Never build your own squat rack. It just never makes sense with how cheap Squat Racks are these days.

Hell, you can buy an acceptable rack from Walmart for less than $200 these days

If you really just have a hard-on for a wooden squat rack…

  1. First read this post on Reddit:
  2. Realize that what you want to do will likely cost more money and definitely more time than just buying a cheap rack.

There are some options though for building your own rack

You didn't really think I would leave you with nothing did you?

Option 1: Buff Dudes Wooden Squat Rack

Option 2: The Quarantine Special – Wooden Squat Stands

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