The Body Champ VKR1010: Best All-Around Power Tower

Are you looking for a new piece of fitness equipment that will enhance your workout regimen? The Body Champ Power Tower is a high-quality, multi-functional piece of equipment that has recently been released into the market. This piece of equipment is durable, affordable, and multi-functional. The Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower is “The Best All-Around” power tower of 2020 because of a few factors, including:

  • High-quality design
  • Multi-functional use
  • Affordability
  • Aesthetics
  • Competitive Advantage

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Although many people still utilize standard gyms, many bodybuilders and powerlifters are opting to work out at home. Working out at home gives you the ability to work out without any distractions. In addition, having a home gym that is specifically designed for you allows you to upkeep the cleanliness and maintenance of each piece of equipment. This Power Tower designed by Body Champ allows you to add many exercises into your regimen while only purchasing a single product. Let’s discuss the attributes of the body champ power tower and discover if it the right fit in your gym!

High-Quality Design:

VKR1010 is easy to assemble and weighs only 88 pounds. There are many features of this product that help increase your comfort and strength in the gym. Some of the most defining features include:

  • Heavy-duty cushions: Heavy-duty cushions promise comfort for your body as you are exercising. The heavy-duty cushions are able to last for many years.
  • Non-slip handles: When you are crushing a tough workout, you are going to be sweaty! Non-slip handles ensure that your grip will be supported even when you are sweaty.
  • Protective feet: Most people are aware of the damage that equipment may case to their floor. This body champ power tower has protective feet that do not cause any damage to the floor.
  • Sturdy Frame Base: The sturdy frame base keeps the tower stable. This base will stay in place throughout all your exercises.

Multi-Functional Use:

The body champ power tower is the piece of equipment you need to bring your upper body strength to the next level. This tower includes:

  • VKR station: The VKR station allows you to perform leg and knee raises. In addition, you can utilize this station for targeted ab crunches and tricep dips.
  • Push-up handles: Built-in push bars are located on the bottom portion of the tower.
  • Non-slip handlebar: The sturdy, steel handlebar across the top can accommodate lateral pull-ups, chin-ups, and traditional pull-ups.

The body champ power tower strengthens Your upper body. When you own this tower, you have the ability to enhance the strength in your triceps, biceps, back muscles, chest muscles, core muscles, forearms, and leg muscles.


Many multi-functional towers have an expensive price tag. This piece of equipment is more affordable than the competition. Other towers that are offered at a similar price point have a lower-quality design and fewer functions. When building a home gym, affordability is an important factor. Many of the products offered by the competition have less than a 4-star rating and are offered at a price that ranges from $40-$150 more expensive than the VKR1010. Lance, a raving fan of this body champ power tower expressed:

“This was exactly what I was looking for to complete my Home Gym. Took about 1.5 – 2.0 hours to put together correctly, instructions were well laid out. I purchased this product based on the reviews and I was not misled.

Pull Up Bar: I am 5ft 11inches; if I reach up and grab the bar in the wid- arm, chin-up position my feet are still on the ground so you will need to bend your knees for this movement. It works perfectly for a close-grip, underhand bicep pull-up. I have also been effectively attaching my ‘hanging ab sleeves' to the upper bar and that has worked well.

Elbow Leg Raise section: As designed, no hitches here. The cushioned pad is positioned perfectly for me and gives ample back support with a good degree of firmness on the pad. What I do like about this is that unlike others I have used in a gym setting, the elbow pads and back pads are at a 90 degree angle where as some naturally angle you upward and back. This design is actually safer for your back.

Solid enough once put together; a sensational piece of equipment for the price.”

We agree with Lance, “A sensational piece of equipment for the price” is the way we could describe the price-point of this product.


This product was designed for an at-home gym. It can easily be placed against the wall and is short enough compared with the standard ceiling height so that users can complete a pull-up without hitting their head. This product is black and looks extremely sleek. The design work is minimal so that it will not stand-out or be too clunky in your space.

Competitive Advantage:

Best 10 Power Towers of 2020” lists the VKR1010 as one of the highest quality products on the market. The only downfall of the product is that it is fairly standard and does not come with a ton of extra products and accessories. Compared to the other top power towers of 2020, it seems to have one of the lowest price points. In addition, it is more stable and versatile than many of the other power towers on the market. The key features that stand out among the competition are the D-frame base and non-slip handles.


Enhance your at-home gym with the Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower. This product is versatile, durable, and affordable. With the ability to help strengthen muscles across your entire upper body, this piece of equipment provides a lot of value for a low cost. Make sure to get the protein you need to support the strength that you will be gaining with the help of this power tower!

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