Saving Money on Home Gym Products by using Price Tracking Software

I don't know about you but one thing that I love doing is saving money!  If you feel the same way then you are definitely in luck! This post is all about using software to save money on Home Gym products you can buy on the internet. And of course you can use these techniques to save money on any product.

Camel Camel Camel

For saving money on Amazon Products you cannot beat

It's a weird name but it works very well!

Setting Up a Price Tracker

To get started visit Amazon and then copy the name of a product you're interested in:

Then paste that product URL Into the appropriate section of the website:

Hit enter and then you should see the price history:

You can then setup a price tracker like so:

Making it easier to add Products automatically to your tracking list

So obviously it can get pretty cumbersome to always have to visit the website to add products. You can get around that though my seting up to automatically import products you add to a public Amazon list.

First create a public Amazon List that you will add products to.

To do that go to your account

Go to your account
Click on wishlists

Then click on add Wishlist

Then fill out the info for the form, creating a name for the list and making it public:

Then Copy the URL for the list like so:

Now go back to and go to the wish list area:

And that's it! Now, items you add to this list on Amazon will be automagically added to and you will get alerts when the price drops!

Keepa Price Tracker

Another great option for tracking Amazon products is Keepa!

It is similar to except that it:

  • Has a Chrome extension that displays price tracking info directly into the Amazon website (only when your're on a desktop computer).
  • Allows messaging you about price drops through:
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Email
    • Telegram
    • Browser Push Notifications
    • RSS Feeds


Well that is all I have for now! Please let me know of other interesting tools you come across in the comments below.