Yes4All Multi-Functional Aerobic Deck

Fitness decks are gaining a lot of popularity these days among people who want to set up a small workout space in their homes. These stepper-like products can work as a plyometric box, a ramp, a stepper, and a workout bench. Fitness decks are a versatile piece of equipment that you can use for various cardio, aerobic, resistance, and weight training exercises. 

We recently reviewed the Escape Fitness Deck V2.0 Workout Platform, which has 375lbs weight capacity and excellent foldability. In this article, we will be reviewing Yes4All Multi Functional Aerobic Deck, which is another robust and durable unit. 

We will soon be reviewing some more top-rated fitness decks such as Power Systems Fitness Deck, Reebok Deck, and Leike Fitness Multifunctional Aerobic Deck. All these products have received excellent ratings and thousands of positive reviews from buyers. You can buy any of these products that you believe best suits your needs.

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Quick Review Summary

The Yes4All multifunctional deck can be used as a plyometric box, a ramp, a stepper, and a workout bench. It is quite heavy as compared to the Escape Fitness deck and a few other products we have reviewed in our article on best fitness decks. The heavy weight gives it extra stability. Plus, the rubber feet prevent it from skidding and slipping during intense cardio workouts. The top surface too has a rubber coating to give you a good grip. The height and angle of the deck can be adjusted quickly but that means the legs get unlocked rather easily.  


  • Extremely stable
  • Heavy and sturdy for its price
  • Quick height adjustment makes it suitable for circuit workouts
  • Affordable than other competitive products


  • The legs get unlocked rather easily. You need to ensure that they are locked before use.


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Features and specifications of Yes4All Multi Functional Aerobic Workout Deck

Features and specifications of Yes4All Multi-Functional Aerobic Workout Deck
Features and specifications of Yes4All Multi Functional Aerobic Workout Deck
  • Dimensions: 44.3” X 13.4” X 8” (14” when raised)
  • Weight- 32lbs
  • Features ‘click and lock’ feet for easy adjustability 
  • Minimum height – 8”. Maximum height – 14”
  • The backrest can be adjusted to three angles; 25 degree, 50 degree, and 65 degree
  • The top of the deck features a slip-resistant surface to give you a good grip even when you are working out at a fast pace. 
  • Has a small storage unit inside where you can store your bands, small dumbbells, etc. 
  • Has slots where you can add resistance bands of your choice. Check out some of the best resistance bands that we recommend. 
  • Available in many bright colors so you don’t have to settle down with the standard gray or black
  • Warranty-1 year 

The collapsible legs fold down rather easily

They do lock properly but when you move the bench around even slightly, they get unlocked. If you pick the bench on one side and leave the other side on the floor, the legs will still get unlocked. 

This is probably the only major complaint buyers have with this Yes4All fitness deck. Some of them even ended up hurting themselves. If you have kids or pets running around in your workout area (which they anyways shouldn’t be), be careful so they don’t knock it down. 

Buyers have suggested that you should always lay it on its side and then adjust the bench. Plus, you should always check the legs before starting your workouts to ensure that they are completely locked. 

Yes4All aerobic fitness deck is heavy and extremely stable

That’s exactly what you need for fast-paced cardio and circuit workouts. Escape Fitness V2.0 workout platform weighs 28lbs but this one is even heavier, weighing 32lbs. As obvious, the heavier the weight, the more stable it will be. Plus, heavier weight also indicates more durability. 

But, please note that being bulky, the Yes4All fitness deck is not that easy to stow away. 

The feet are grippy and do not skid 

This is the feet of the Yes4All Multi Functional Aerobic Workout Deck
This is the feet of the Yes4All Multi Functional Aerobic Workout Deck

The manufacturer claims that feet have a TPE grip that prevents skidding and slipping during intense cardio sessions. See the image of the feet above. They do seem quite grippy and numerous buyers have also confirmed the same. 

They have stated that whether you do cardio exercises or bodyweight exercises, you can do them confidently even if you are using them on a wooden floor. However, we do recommend proper home gym flooring products to protect your floor as well as to avoid accidents such as slipping and skidding. We have already created a list of best home gym flooring products, so you don’t have to do much brainstorming. 

The textured top layer is uncomfortable when used as a bench 

That’s a standard problem with all multipurpose workout decks. The top layer is made of grippy rubber that usually has grooves to prevent skidding and slippages. These grooves are obviously not very comfortable to lie on. You can, however, use a towel while sitting or lying on it. 

Quite affordable and yet works as good as the more expensive competitors such as Reebok 

94% of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above. Thousands of them have agreed that the material and build quality is superb and so is the versatility of use. 

The adjustable height of the deck is enough to let you use it as a bench and as a stepper. The stainless steel frame gives it amazing stability so you won’t feel like collapsing when you do an incline dumbbell press. 

The fitness decks from Reebok and other expensive competitors cost more than $200. The Yes4All aerobic deck is almost as good as they are and cost about 25% less. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Honestly, the Yes4All multi functional fitness deck deserves a 5 out of 5-star rating but we rated it a bit low because of the poor locking ability of the legs. But, it seems the manufacturer has intentionally designed it to be like that so you can quickly and easily adjust the settings for your circuit workouts. 

If you don’t like that, maybe you can check out the other products that we have listed in our article on ‘Best Fitness Decks’. 

As we said in our review above, you can attach resistance bands to these decks. If you don’t have them, here are some of the best resistance bands and best loop bands that we recommend. For benchwork, you may want to check out our list of best adjustable dumbbells. If you are a beginner, we recommend FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells that can be adjusted between 5lbs to 55lbs. 

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