Titan Fitness Elite Competition Bumper Plates Review

Priced at $790 approx plus free shipping (at the time of writing this article) for a set of 340lbs weight plates, the Titan Fitness Elite bumper plates are one of the cheapest competition bumper plates for people looking for high-quality, durable bumper plates for their home gym. These weight plates are suitable for most of us who want to equip our personal workout space with good quality products so we can stay motivated and look forward to training like a pro. 

This article is a detailed review of the Titan Fitness Elite bumper plates. These plates go well with the Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 or Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0S because these are heavy-duty products meant to be used for lifting heavy weights. If you are looking for high-quality squat racks or power cages that you can trust for holding these really heavy sets of competition bumper plates, we would suggest you go with Titan X-3 Series Folding Power Rack or Titan Fitness X-3 Series Bolt-Down Power Rack from Titan Fitness. Rogue, REP Fitness, etc. also have many great options for you. Check out our article on Best Squat Racks for more recommendations. 

Talking about the Titan Fitness Competition bumper plates, they are expensive because they are meant for hardcore training. If you need something cheaper, you can check out our list of best budget bumper plates

Let’s go to our detailed review now. 

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Quick Review Summary

Titan Fitness Elite bumper plates are basically competition bumper plates manufactured as per IWF standards. They are made of virgin rubber (and urethane in some cases) and have a shore rating of 90, which gives them a dead bounce. The steel hub is probably made of three discs connected with six nuts. This helps minimize the impact due to dropping. Just like all other competition plates, the steel core is reinforced with edges covered by rubber to prevent premature failure of the plates. The weight accuracy is +/- 10 grams, which is exceptionally good for a low-cost product. However, since these plates are affordable, they may not last long enough if you drop them frequently. 


  • Affordable
  • Designed as per IWF standards
  • Available in black for budget-conscious buyers
  • Have a durometer rating of 90 which provides a dead bounce to the plates


  • None as such but they remain in backorder most of the time


We are giving this a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Available in KG (10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg) and lbs (10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs). You can buy them individually or as sets.
  • Diameter- 450mm which is as per IWF standard
  • Collar opening is 50.6mm with an error of +/- 2mm, which is also as per IWF standards
  • Has a shore/durometer rating of 90
  • Has reinforced steel disc at the center
  • Titan Fitness claims that its Elite bumper plates have a weight tolerance of +/-10 grams
  • Covered under standard 1-year warranty

Titan Elite bumper plates may not be suitable for competition training 

color coded Titan competition bumper plates

Don’t get us wrong. These are one of the best competition bumper plates for budget-conscious home gym owners. They are made of virgin rubber and have reinforced steel collars that prevent premature failure of the plates. 

They are much better than Titan Fitness Economy bumper plates in terms of build quality, thickness, and durability. If you are a fitness freak who loves to lift heavy, their thinner profile will let you load more of them on your barbell and still leave plenty of space for the barbell collars. You can use these plates for almost all types of exercises including the competition-specific Olympic exercises.

However, since these plates are affordable, we doubt their durability if you keep dropping them every now and then. And, that's why we said they may not be a good choice for people who want to practice for competitions where every LB matters. People training with such a crazy amount of weights have to drop their weights as and when they lose their stamina or balance. They need high-end plates such as the Eleiko competition bumper plates and Rogue competition bumper plates

But, if you are into the military or a profession where training hard is a part of your routine or if you are a fitness freak who loves to squat or bench with a weight that's beyond what normal people use, the Titan Elite competition bumper plates should work for you. 

With a durometer rating of 90, the Titan Elite bumper plates have a low bounce 

key features of Titan Elite bumper plates

Cast iron bumper plates have a shore rating of 70-75, which is why they are unsafe for you. They could bounce back and hit you on your face or just jump off here and there, damaging the floor and other equipment. Recycled/crumb rubber bumper plates have a lower bounce that falls between 75-80. 

Affordable virgin rubber bumper plates have a shore rating of around 85, which is pretty decent if you do not drop your weights after almost every rep. Competition bumper plates, however, have an unbelieve shore rating of more than 90, which gives them a dead bounce. 

Dead bounce helps protect your barbell, the floor, as well as the plates themselves. Plus, it minimizes the time and effort you would have to spend chasing the barbell before it stops and gets ready for the next rep. High-end competition bumper plates from as Rogue and Eleiko have a shore rating of 94. They land straight on the floor when dropped, a feature that reflects their excellent build quality. 

Titan Elite bumper plates and Fringe Sport competition bumper plates have a rating of 90, which falls within IWF specifications. REP Fitness competition bumper plates have a durometer rating of 92. To be honest, we don’t believe there isn’t much difference between 90, 92, and 94 unless you keep throwing your weights when done. 

Titan Fitness Elite bumper plates are made as per IWF specifications 

Buyers' response on the build quality of Titan Fitness competition bumper plates

They are not approved by IWF. That being said, most competition bumper plates are not approved by IWF; they are just designed as per IWF specifications. That's because getting IWF approval requires a lot of money and the manufacturer will have to pass on that cost to the buyers. Only a handful of products such as the ones sold by Eleiko and Rogue have IWF approval.  

But all of the best competition bumper plates that we have selected for you are designed to meet IWF specifications and the Titan Elite competition bumper plates are no exception. They use IWF specified color coding with raised text in white for easy identification. They have raised edges so you get a better grip. We don’t know how many steel discs are there in the center hub but we guess there are three and they are secured with 6 nuts. The steel hub has been reinforced to prevent premature damage to the plates. 

The weight tolerance or weight accuracy of these competition bumper plates is +/- 10 grams of their stated weight, which is exceptionally good for affordable products like these. The build quality is so good that some buyers have stated that these are basically Rogue plates for less. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

As obvious from our review above, we highly recommend Titan competition bumper plates for people who want something durable and aesthetically good for their home gym. 

Titan Fitness also sells black versions of its Elite bumper plates, which are cheaper. If you want to save some money, you can go with them instead. But, colored ones are better because they are easier to identify. 

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