Rogue Competition Bumper Plates Review

Not everyone needs competition bumper plates. Training bumper plates whether black or color-coded are more than enough for most home lifters. But, if you are practicing for competitive sports or if you are someone who doesn’t mind spending extra money to ensure high weight accuracy and a dead bounce, our list of best competition bumper plates should help you find the most suitable product according to your budget and training needs. 

Rogue Fitness competition bumper plates are one of the top-rated products that have made it to this list. These bumper plates (and many other Rogue products) are used for CrossFit games, so it is fair to assume that they are built like a beast to handle a lot of rough use even when used by seasoned Olympic lifters. 

In this article, we will be sharing our detailed review of the Rogue competition bumper plates so you can set your expectations right before ordering them. 

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Quick Review Summary

Rogue competition bumper plates are strictly designed as per IWF standards because they are often used for CrossFit games. So, the diameter, thickness, weight accuracy, and bounce are all strictly as per IWF specifications. If you go with them, you can be rest assured that you will get the most reliable plates for hardcore training purposes and even for competition training. To enhance the durability of the plates, Rogue Fitness has come up with a two-layered steel core whose edges are embedded within the rubber to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Overall, an excellent choice for budding athletes and people who are practicing for competitions. 


  • Have a durometer rating of 94
  • Have a dead bounce
  • Have a thin profile
  • The edges of the steel core is embedded in the rubber to prevent metal to metal contact
  • The lettering on the plates are raised letters and they enhance the overall look of the plates


  • None as such


We are giving this a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Available in KG (10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg) and lbs (25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and 55lbs)
  • Manufactured strictly as per IWF standards
  • Diameter- 450MM or 17.72”, which is as per IWF specification
  • Has a collar opening or 50.40MM or 1.98”. This makes these competition bumper plates compatible with Olympic barbells.
  • Has a shore/durometer rating of 94
  • Has a chrome-plated stainless steel insert
  • Rogue Fitness claims that its plates have a weight tolerance of +/- 15 gms of claimed weight
  • Warranty- 5 years

The four most important factors that you should consider while buying competition bumper plates are: 

  • Dead bounce 
  • Strong and well-build steel core 
  • Thinner profile so you can add more plates to the barbell. Very important if you want to train harder day by day
  • High level of weight accuracy so you can better prepare for competitions.

Let’s first learn about the bounce of these competition bumper plates. 

Rogue Competition bumper plates have an almost dead bounce 

As we mentioned above, they have a very low bounce, which is also technically known as dead bounce. 

durometer rating of Rogue Competition bumper plates

The bounce of a product/material is measured in shore/durometer rating, which ranges from 0 to 100. The image above states that the higher the durometer rating is, the less will be the bounce. The Rogue Echo V2 bumper plates have a durometer rating of 88, so they have more bounce than these Rogue competition bumper plates that have a 94 durometer rating. Just for comparison, the Fringe Sport competition bumper plates that cost almost the same as the Rogue’s one have a durometer rating of 90. 

Now, if you don’t usually drop your weights when done, the difference between 90 and 94 may not sound like a big deal. But, if you are training really heavy, you may have to drop your weights occasionally when you start losing balance or feel less confident to come back to the starting position with weights on you. That’s when you need bumper plates that have a dead bounce so they can land and rest immediately on the floor. 

Dead bounce helps: 

  • Ensure that the barbell is immediately ready for the next rep
  • Protect the barbell against damage
  • Protect the plates against damage due to repeated bounces
  • Protect your floor/weightlifting platform

Here is how you can build your own weightlifting platform, just in case you need one. 

The steel insert is made of two steel discs 

Steel insert of Rogue competition bumper plates

The design and build of this steel core, also known as steel hub, varies widely. Some competition bumper plates have just a single thick layer of metal (usually steel) whereas others have two or three layers secured together to form a thick core. We do not recommend the ones that have a single metal layer because these plates pass the entire vibration and shock to the rubber outer, which could shorten their life. The ones with two or more layers are better because these multiple layers absorb some of the shock. 

The Rogue Competition bumper plates have two steel discs that are connected together using a 6-bolt locking system. The REP Fitness Competition bumper plates have three layers of metals connected using 5 bolts. 

We don’t know if three layers are better than two because different people have different opinions on this. But, if we have to pay extra for bumper plates with three-layered steel inserts, we wouldn’t because we don’t believe it makes any major difference. 

The bolts may loosen up with time but don’t worry, you can use an allen wrench to tighten them.  

The edges of the steel core are covered under rubber 

how steel inserts are embedded

See the above image to understand what we mean. 

By covering the edges of the steel inserts and proving a raised edge, Rogue has eliminated any metal-to-metal contact between plates. 

Does it make any difference? 

Well, nothing major, but this helps protect the steel core from getting scratched. Plus, it also helps minimize the clanking noise generated when you use more than plates on each side of the barbell. 

Rogue competition bumper plates are thinner and more suitable for people who want to lift heavy 

thickness of competition plates, bumper plates, and crumb rubber plates

All the three plates in the above image are of the same weight but their width varies widely. 

Does the width of the plates matter? 

Yes, they do!

You have only one barbell to train with and you will obviously want to load it with as many plates as possible. If you are an intermediate-level trainer, you may not find it a major issue but as soon as you enter the advanced stage, the scope of adding one extra plate on each side of the barbell can make a lot of difference. And, training plates are designed to provide that extra scope. 

The weight accuracy/tolerance of Rogue Competition bumper plates is exceptionally good 

The weight accuracy of your bumper plates can make a lot of difference if you are planning to set a new PR or going to participate in competitions and want to make sure you practice with exactly the same amount of weight that you will be using during your turns. 
Standard bumper plates are not quite accurate and their weight accuracy doesn’t really matter but competition bumper plates are designed as per IWF standards, which means their weight accuracy can’t fluctuate by +/- 15 to 20 gms. Talking about Rogue competition bumper plates; they have a weight tolerance of +/- 15 gm, which is the bare minimum fluctuation.


We are giving this a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Rogue competition bumper plates are definitely the best investments for your home gym. The only issue a few buyers have reported is that the plates have a rather snug fit on the barbell, so loading and unloading won’t be super smooth. This helps keep the plates stable during workouts but it could also mean that your barbell could scratch during loading and unloading. 

That’s it for this article. Before you go, do check out our list of best weightlifting shoes and best weightlifting belts because you will need them sooner or later, and the sooner the better.