REP Fitness Competition Bumper Plates Review

A few days ago, we reviewed the REP Fitness bumper plates on our website. These plates are highly affordable for home gyms but they are not suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who want to train hard. If you are one of them, you need to buy a set of competition bumper plates. 

Competition bumper plates are significantly more expensive than standard training bumper plates, which is fair because they are made of heavy-duty materials and are designed to withstand thousands of drops and severe rough use. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the REP Fitness competition bumper plates, which is one such product that we highly recommend for budding athletes, bodybuilders, military and police persons, fitness freaks, and anyone who loves to train hard but isn’t willing to spend a fortune on IWF-approved Eleiko competition bumper plates or CrossFit games partner Rogue Fitness Competition bumper plates. 

Read on to find out what makes REP competition plates an apt alternative to the more expensive options. 

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Quick Review Summary

REP Fitness competition bumper plates are made of virgin rubber and have a durometer rating of 92, which is almost the same as the other expensive competition bumper plates. They have a steel core made of two discs and a steel ring. This is the manufacturer’s patented design and claims to help enhance the life of the plates. 

Rep Fitness competition bumper plates are designed as per IWF standards but we don’t know if they are approved by IWF or not. They have a weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams of their stated weight. REP Fitness is offering a 5-year warranty on them, which is exceptionally good. No major flaws found. 


  • Affordable
  • Has a durometer rating of 92
  • Tested for 30,000 drops
  • Come with 5-year warranty
  • Has a steel hub made of two discs and a steel ring which helps prolong the life of the plates


  • None as such


We are giving this a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Available in KG (10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg) and lbs (25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and 55lbs)
  • Diameter is 450mm, which is as per IWF standards
  • Hole size i.e. collar opening is 50.5 mm
  • Manufactured to adhere to IWF specifications but we don’t know if it is approved by IWF
  • Has zinc-coated steel insert, which is made of two steel discs
  • Has a shore/durometer rating of 92
  • REP Fitness claims that its competition bumper plates have a weight tolerance i.e. weight variation of just +/- 10grams of the stated weight
  • Tested for 30,000+ drops
  • Come with a 5-year warranty

REP Fitness competition bumper plates are made of patented steel inserts

Just in case you don’t know, competition bumper plates have thicker, bigger steel core than training bumper plates. This core i.e. steel hub helps make the plates heavier while still maintaining a thin profile, so you can add more plates on each side of the barbell. 

The hub could be either made of a single piece of steel or it could have two/three discs joined together; a design that claims to help disperse the shock and force that the plates are subjected to when they are thrown along with the barbell. The dispersal helps minimize the damage and prolong the life of the plates. 

The REP Fitness competition bumper plates have two discs along with a steel ring. See the image below.

Steel hub of REP Competition bumper plates

REP Fitness claims that this three-component patented design helps prevent premature damage to the plates. Other competitive products such as Rogue Fitness Competition bumper plates, Fringe Sport competition bumper plates, and Titan Fitness competition bumper plates do not have this ring at the center. See the image of the Rogue competition bumper plates below. 

Steel hub of Rogue competition bumper plates

Since most competitors do not use any ring, we are not sure if it is needed at all but REP Fitness competition bumper plates are factory tested for 30,000+ drops so maybe it does! Drop tests are crucial and if REP plates have cleared them, they are indeed made to last for a lifetime. 

They have a durometer rating of 92 

Durometer/shore rating represents hardness. See the image below (Shore A part). 

durometer scale for comparing hardness of objects

The more the shore rating is, the harder the objects will be and the less they will bounce. 

You do not want your competition bumper plates to bounce at all. You rather want them to land straight on the ground in one go so the barbell doesn’t bounce off and land here and there or hit you on the face. That's why the expensive competition-grade bumper plates are made of high-quality virgin rubber and have a durometer rating of more than 90. 

As mentioned above, REP Fitness competition plates have a shore rating of 92. The Rogue competition bumper plates have a rating of 94. The Fringe Sport competition bumper plates and Titan Fitness Competition bumper plates fall on 90 in the durometer chart. The hardness of most of these plates falls between 90 and 94, so their bounciness is almost the same. 

Less bounce means less time chasing the barbell in the home gym. Plus, it also helps protect the barbell and the floor from getting damaged due to repeated impacts.

Just so you know, training bumper plates have a shore rating of approximately 85 and the crumb rubber plates should be around 70-75. They have a decent bounce and that's why they may not last long when dropped frequently. 

The weight accuracy of REP Fitness competition bumper plates is impeccable 

The manufacturer claims that the weight of the plates could vary by +/- 10 grams of their stated weight. If you are preparing for competitions, this could mean a lot. By using these highly calibrated plates, you will be training/practicing with the exact weight, minimizing the chances of error. 

REP Fitness products are much more affordable than the big names such as Rogue and Eleiko. Yet, it has managed to manufacture such high quality, precision-made competition plates and it certainly deserves some appreciation for this. 

They come with a 5-year warranty, which is quite surprising considering their affordable price 

As mentioned above, these competition bumper plates are tested for 30,000 drops. And, this drop test is not that easy. Barbells are loaded with these plates and dropped from a height of approximately 6 to 8 ft. Plates that last well beyond 10,000 drops are considered to be premium quality products meant for advanced trainers. 
The competition bumper plates that we have selected for you belong to the high-end category, including the REP Fitness plates. And yet, it costs much less than the competitors. Plus, the 5-year warranty makes you confident enough to choose them, provided they suit your workout needs. Just so you know, Fringe Sport offers only 1-year warranty on its competition bumper plates.


We are giving this a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

REP Fitness hasn’t compromised on any aspect or taken any shortcuts while manufacturing their competition bumper plates. Their features and build quality are almost the same as the more expensive options, including noteworthy features such as no metal-to-metal contact. So, if you believe they are the most suited option for your home gym, do not hesitate to order your set because we are sure they won’t disappoint you.  

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