PULLUP & DIP Premium Gymnastic Rings Review

Gymnastic rings are probably one of the few home gym equipment that can help you intensify your workouts by adding less stability and more motion to your movements. By challenging your stability, these rings force you to engage those minor balancing muscle groups that often get ignored during standard workouts. They also help you burst your fitness plateau by adding a new dimension to your conventional pullups and pushups. 

If you have never used them before, now is the time to grab a pair of these rings and find out how much balance and control you have. 

In this blog, we will be reviewing Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings, one of the top-rated products in its segment. It is a pretty expensive product because it is meant for trained professionals. However, we highly recommend it even for beginners because it is much safer to use than low-cost plastic rings that tend to slip or crack. 

Let’s begin!

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Quick Review Summary

Pullup & Dip gymnastic rings are made of high-quality birch wood. They have excellent grip and durability. The rings have a standard thickness of 1.1”, which may not be enough if you have big hands but they work for most people. The straps are long, thick, and wide, reflecting the quality of the overall set. They are numbered for your convenience but the numbering starts to fade off sooner than expected. These gymnastic rings come with a door strap, which helps enhance their versatility of use. 

Overall, it is an excellent product for highly-committed people but the price is on the higher side.


  • Made of high-quality birch wood
  • Have thick, wide straps
  • Comes with a door anchor
  • Comes with a complimentary workout ebook


  • The rings may have splinters


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Features and specifications of Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings 

Dimensions of Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings
  • The gymnastic rings are made of birchwood.
  • Rings have an inner diameter of 7” and thickness of 1.1”.
  • The straps are 4.5 meter long and 1.5” wide.
  • Straps have velcro that you can use to tuck the extra strap so it doesn’t bother you while exercising. 
  • Comes with a door anchor, a carrying bag, and a detailed exercise guide. 
  • The workout guide is quite detailed. It eliminates guesswork and helps you do your workout maintaining correct form and posture. It is also available in PDF format for on-the-go use. 
  • Also available in ‘Trings’ sets that basically consist of uniquely designed workout handles instead of proper gymnastic rings. These handles have three different holding positions. Look at the below image for reference. To be honest, we would rather prefer the standard rings because they are so different that it could take some time to get used to their shape. 
Trings design of Pullup & Dip gymnastic rings

Made of high-quality birch wood 

Professional-grade gymnastic rings are made of birch wood. They are meant for intermediate to advanced trainers but recreational trainers should use them too. 

Usually, gymnastic rings are made of plastic, metal, plywood, and wood. As expected, plastic rings are flimsy and slippery. They are good for people who are just getting started or for those who are not too much into calisthenics. Metal rings are great for outdoor use but they are very heavy and tend to get slippery. Plywood gymnastic rings are OK for home gyms but birch wood rings are the best. They are highly durable and reliable. Plus, they provide excellent grip. 

Pullup & Dip gymnastic rings are meant for elite trainers but if you have the budget, you should not settle for anything less than this one or any of the birch wood rings that we have listed in our article on best gymnastic rings for home gyms

The straps are quite thick and reliable 

They are quite thick and 1.5” wide. 

Wondering if the width/thickness of the strap makes any difference? 

Yes, it does. Thicker straps are less likely to fray than thin, cheap-quality straps. Wider straps means less unwanted movement, which means you will be able to exercise more comfortably. 

Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings come with a door anchor 

If you want to train at home or in a hotel room, you can use this door anchor to install the rings on any lockable door. The anchor has a steel insert and is thickly padded to protect your door frame from scratches or dents or any other form of damage. The door anchor offers very limited workout options but nevertheless, you can still use it when stuck on a work trip or in your home during bad weather. 

This is a unique feature because not many gymnastic rings come with these additional accessories. And, probably this door anchor justifies the high price of the Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings. 

Looking for a squat rack or power cage for hanging the gymnastic rings? Check out the Rogue RML-3 Monster Lite Rack which is 91” high and the Rep Fitness SR 4000 Rack which is available in two different heights; 96” and 103”. They are the tallest possible squat racks, designed for crossfit exercises. 

You can even hang the gymnastic rings from pull up bars. Here is a list of the best doorway pull-up bars that don’t require screws. Ikon Fitness Pull-Up Bar is our favorite because it can fit even on wider door frames and come with two sets of pullup bars; one of them is a raised bar for taller people. 

The numbering on the strap start to fade off sooner than expected 

buyer's review regarding the numberings

Numbering system helps users adjust the straps precisely, so there is no unevenness that can bother you during your workouts. Even a slight difference in the length of the two straps can put unnecessary pressure on one side of your body, which could hurt you badly. You could even lose your balance. 

Cheaper gymnastic rings such as the NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings usually do not have any numbering or marking on the strap. You will have to rely on guesswork but that’s OK if you want to install them as permanent fixtures. 

But, if you need something that you can take with you wherever you go, you should spend more and get a product like Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings that have numberings to help you adjust both the straps within no time. Vulken Wooden Gymnastic Rings are even better because along with markings, they have loops so you don’t even have to make minor adjustments. 

However, numerous buyers of the Pullup & Dip gymnastic rings have stated that the numberings are not embedded into the straps. They are just prints or maybe rubber marks that start to fade off within a few weeks. We didn’t really expect this from a premium quality product like this. 

The rings may have splinters

This is a fairly common issue with almost all wooden gymnastic rings that we have tested and reviewed in our article on best gymnastic rings for home gyms. But, PullUp and Dip premium rings are on the expensive side, so we had expected the manufacturer to at least sand them properly. Nevertheless, you can do it yourself at home. It's pretty easy and takes just 5 minutes.  


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

To be honest, Pullup and Dip premium gymnastic rings deserve 5/5 stars but we don’t like its high price tag, even though the door anchor justifies it. Vulken gymnastic rings and Titan Gymnastic rings are equally good and they are about $10 to $20 cheaper i.e. about 25% to 45% cheaper. Plus, they are better brands with better reputations. 

Nevertheless, if the Pullup & Dip premium gymnastic rings fit in your budget, you should go with them. 

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