MOBO MAX Massage Stick Roller Review

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If you have been following our website, you would have come across the reviews of a lot of myofascial release tools that we have tried recently. In this article, we will be reviewing MOBO Max, a massage stick that helps you loosen up your tight and sore muscles by rolling it over them as well as target the trigger points deep within your muscles to improve blood circulation to those areas. 

This is the first massage stick that we have tried so far and, surprisingly, we found it much better than foam rollers. You can say that this tool is as effective as the ridiculously expensive massage guns such as Theragun

If you are looking for a highly versatile myofascial release tool that you can use on almost all areas of your body, we would recommend MOBO Max. 

Noteworthy features of MOBO Max massage stick

Wooden rollers of MOBO Max
  • Dimensions: stick length- 17.5”, roller diameter- 2.8”
  • Weight- 1.06lbs
  • Material: the rollers of MOBO Max are made of beech wood and have a thermoplastic rubber coating. 
  • The handle is made of airplane-grade aluminum and has the same grippy coating on the knobs meant for trigger point therapy. 
  • The positions of the rollers are not fixed to the center. You can move them along the rod and make them align at three different positions. 
  • Target areas: the manufacturer claims that you can use this massage stick on almost all parts of your body including head and neck, shoulders, arms and wrists, hip flexors,  quads, hamstrings, and other major leg muscles. 
  • As mentioned above, you can use the rollers for loosening the muscles and the knobs for trigger point therapy
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How to use a MOBO Max massage stick?

If you want to use it for kneading your muscles, you just have to roll it over the desired area. But, if you want to use it for trigger point therapy, you might have to check out the YouTube channel of MOBO System. The manufacturer has really worked hard to create videos that teach you how to identify the trigger points and how to massage them using their highly versatile MOBO Max massage stick. 

Don’t worry; the videos are short and helpful. Plus, if you are already using only other trigger point massager, you might not need the videos. 

Who can use the MOBO Max massage stick? 

This is where the catch is. 

Mobo max massage stick is made of wood and aluminum, so obviously, it is much harder than other myofascial release tools. 

The foam rollers are available in three different densities; soft, medium, and firm. The denser they are, the more intense the massage will be. But, most massage sticks including this one are usually made of harder materials. They are intended to provide deeper,  more intense massage to athletes and serious trainers. 

If you need a gentle to slightly intense massage, we wouldn’t recommend MOBO Max.  

Is it effective? 

pins that lock the position of the rollers

It is more effective than the Epitomie Vibra vibrating roller that we had reviewed earlier. The rollers of MOBO Max provide you a much deeper and intense massage than what you can expect from foam rollers. 

It is also better than the 5 BILLION Peanut Massage Ball and lacrosse balls. MOBO Max rollers are made of wood, so they are stronger and harder than lacrosse balls, which makes them a better option for athletes and people who love intense massages. 

But, please note that it costs many times more than the peanut massage balls. Further, peanut massage balls are much more portable than massage sticks. 

Is it worth its price?

We bought it for around $80, which we do find expensive. But the manufacturer has justified its price by using recyclable, non-allergic, latex-free materials. 

Also, this massage stick is probably the only tool we have come across that lets you knead the muscles as well as use the knobs for trigger point release.  

Since the MOBO Max offers more versatility than the other myofascial release tools that we have used, you might not mind spending some extra dollars for it. 

What we don’t like about it? 

Much more expensive than other massage sticks 

Currently, MOBO Max is sold on Amazon at $80, which is much more than other competitive products such as Doeplex Muscle Roller Massage Stick and Tiger Tail 18in Massage Stick Portable Roller. We agree that they are basic level massage sticks that do not have rolling wheels and knobs for trigger point massage. Yet, we are not convinced enough to ask you to spend $80 for it (unless you don’t mind that).

Our Rating: 4/5

Wrap up

As we have mentioned above, MOBO max is only meant for people who are looking for deeper, harder, more intense massage. If that's not what you are looking for, you should buy a foam roller or our favorite 5 Billion peanut massage ball. Even the RAD roller helix massager is also a good option for people who are looking for a rolling-type myofascial release tool. 

People who love deep tissue pulsating massage should go with massage guns instead. We have reviewed many of them on our website. Do check out the detailed reviews of Homech Massage Gun, Chiro Gun Massage Gun, and the Exogun Massage Gun. They are budget-friendly alternatives to Theragun massage gun, a top-rated myofascial release tool meant for athletes and advanced trainers. 

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