Is A Home Gym Worth It?

Working out is no longer an additional effort in anyone’s life, it’s a lifestyle and a necessary part of your wellbeing.

Working out is your best way to achieve a longer healthy life. However, not everyone is privileged to reach the optimum level of fitness, and not everyone’s looking for ultimate physical shape which is not achieved but through advanced exercises and expensive routines. 

And that’s where a ‘Home Gym’ appears in the minds of many people, while they always ask themselves, “is a home gym worth it?” and here in this article we’re going to explore how effective a home gym is, regarding its cost and benefits. In addition to ideas of building your home gym.

What equipment do you need for a Home Gym?

If you are a professional, then it might be of your interest to build the home gym with specific equipment that you already know would give you maximum benefit.

However, if you are a beginner or not looking for anything professional, then the following equipment would be more than enough for you.

1-      Bars: Bars are very important, especially the pullup bar and an Olympic barbell.  

2-      Weight Plates: start with the amount you can maximally reach, and then buy more when you master the amount you own.

3-      Squat Rack:  you don’t need to miss those exercises at home, a squat rack will give you more than you think.

4-      Adjustable Bench: Many exercises will never be performed perfectly without sitting in the right position, and this bench will help you achieve that.

5-      Dumbbells: There are more than 20 exercises that can be performed using Dumbbells, and surely you don’t want to miss them.

6-      Treadmill: Running is both an exercise on its own, in addition to helping you warm up before doing any other exercises.

Pros and Cons


  • Location: You don’t have to move from your home, and that will spare you a lot of excuses
  • Cost: The cost might be more than a year's membership, but it’s like a never-ending membership for the equipment. Moreover, you and your family can use it without paying extra money.
  • Time: Workout anytime you want. You don’t have to follow specific schedules.
  • Personal Hygiene: Having a home gym will spare you the suspension of catching an infection from the pre-used equipment.


  • Motivation: you have to motivate yourself, as social interaction will be the lowest with home gyms
  • The Initial Cost: it might be expensive to buy all the equipment at once.
  • Discipline: Although you are free to workout anytime, it might be difficult to follow a regular schedule, and you need to train yourself to work out regularly.

Is a Home Gym Really Worth it After All?

After exploring the pros and cons of having a home gym, we conclude that having a home gym is better and more effective than a commercial gym. Because you are more likely to workout at home than moving to somewhere else, in addition the long term cost of commercial gyms being way more than the initial cost of building a home gym.

In addition to that, the idea of having a gym at home and seeing it all day is motivational for you to burn some calories.