Is a Black and Decker Polisher the Ultimate Cheap Self Massage Tool?

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This post contatins affliliate links. If you click on one of these links and then make a purchase from the linked advertiser, I'll make a commission at no extra cost to you. Click Here to read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Recently, we came across this Reddit thread where someone mentioned that BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander/polisher is the best investment he has made for his home gym. Upon reading the whole thread we realized that a lot of people are using it for massaging their body! 

Yes, just like you, we were shocked too! 

We thought these were just a crazy bunch of people. How could a polisher or sander be used on human skin? Wouldn’t it hurt? Wouldn’t it scratch your skin? Is it worth it? 

Shouldn’t people just stick to endless varieties of affordable myofascial release tools such as MOBO MAX Massage Stick Roller, RAD Roller Helix, or maybe 5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball, the cheapest possible deep tissue massage tool?  

Various credible sources and people claim that a sander or buffer is an excellent massage tool 

We soon came across this New York Times article that also claimed that a $30 BLACK+DECKER car buffer is as effective as a $500 Theragun massage gun

Sander/polisher versus massage guns

Image source: New York Times

Numerous other credible sources also claimed the same thing. Users have stated that the buffer head spins and vibrates like massage guns, thereby soothing the tired muscles and improving blood circulation. Watch this video below where the YouTuber has mentioned how you can use it to massage almost all parts of your body. 

For $30, it sounded like an amazing option. So, we thought of trying it out and ordered this BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander/polisher

But, it didn't work for us. Rather, we felt like it just kept rubbing against our skin, making us feel uncomfortable instead of making us feel relaxed. 

Here is why we do not recommend using sander or car buffer as a percussion massage tool 

They just vibrate whereas deep tissue massage tools actually go deeper 

This is how a massage gun works. 

This is how a car buffer or sander works: 

Which one do you think will give you a better massage? 

Buffers or sanders just rub against your skin. They might massage the layer of muscles that are just below your skin but they cannot provide you a deep tissue massage like what other massaging tools do. 

This image explains it all. 

difference between deep tissue massage gun and vibration massagers

Image Source: Amazon

It might leave minor cuts on your skin

The head of the buffer came with a cover, which is probably made of wool/fleece/cotton. It is soft but when the head moves on the skin in circular motion vigorously, it makes us feel as if it could cause rashes or itching or worse minor cuts. 

This is just our assumption. We didn’t face any issue but, then, we didn’t even use it for a good amount of time. 

It has just one flat surface whereas massage guns come with multiple heads for targeting various muscles groups 

attachment heads that you get with Chirogun massage gun

Chirogun massage gun comes with 15 different massage heads (see above image). Each of them is designed to work for a specific area. Their unique shape helps them fit well along the muscles and bones and provide a thorough massage in less time. 

attachment heads that you get with Theragun massage gun

Theragun massage gun also comes with 5 different massage heads. As you can see in the pics above, each head provides a different level of firmness, which makes it suitable for a specific type of muscle or a specific type of massage. You can choose the soft ones for neck and spinal muscles and the firmest one for calves, hamstrings, etc. Each muscle group will get a customized massage. 

With BLACK+DECKER car buffer, you will only get one head, which is flat and circular. Plus, its spin per minute is fixed. You can’t change it. 

Now, the pressure and intensity of massage that is suitable for your calves and hamstring can actually be too much for your spinal muscles. Plus, do you think the large circular flat head will be able to massage your lower back muscles, especially the lumbar area? 

What we want to say is, car buffers or sanders are not effective for percussion massage i.e. deep tissue massage. 

But, those people aren’t lying 

It took us a few minutes after the massage to realize that it did help improve the blood circulation a bit. It wasn’t totally useless. 

So, if you are a senior citizen or if you are someone suffering from mobility issues and all you want is a very basic, light massage that just helps boost blood circulation a bit, you may use the BLACK+DECKER car buffer

But, if you are an active person, who needs a really good massage after your workout session or during weekends, we wouldn’t recommend using a sander on your skin. 

Affordable massage tools that we recommend 

The only reason why people get tempted to try such odd products on their body is their low budget. 

But, even if your budget is $30, there are still a good number of options available for you. And, they work better than the sanders and buffers. Plus, they are safe on the skin and body. 

For example; the 5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball costs just $15 and yet, you can use it on almost all parts of your body. It is made of 100% natural rubber and has a groove to take off the pressure from the spine. 

The RAD Roller Rad Helix Myofascial Release Tool costs $50 and works as good as foam roller. Plus, its spinal groove helps keep your spine safe. KOA Elite Fascia Massage Tool mimics human fingers, knuckles, and elbows, making you feel as if you are getting a massage from a therapist. 

Cheaper massage guns are available too

Theragun massage gun’s price could overwhelm you. Honestly, we too would hesitate to spend $400-$600 for it. But, don’t worry, a lot of cheaper varieties are available that work equally good. 

You can buy a massage gun for as low as $50 but those are substandard products and their quality of massage would be as good as the one you can get from the Black and Decker sander. If you want an affordably-priced deep tissue massage gun, we would recommend Exogun Massage Gun, Chirogun massage gun, or Homech Massage Gun

You can even make your own massage gun for just $125 and that's better than using a sander on your skin. 

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