How to Set Up Neck Hammock

A neck hammock is the miracle of cervical traction that helps you get relief from the pain. It's really safe to use and effectively reduces neck tension. It has a clever design that is comfortable and perfect for improving posture. 

Using the neck hammock, you can relax your neck muscles through cervical traction. This will help you oxygenate your muscles, ligaments as well as tendons. It also offers mobility to the shoulder blades, along with the neck and spinal cord.

Most cervical traction devices are complex to use and expensive too. On the other hand, a neck hammock is an easy-to-use and effective traction device which minimizes your pain. You can use this device for ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

What Is Neck Hammock?

neck hammock

A neck hammock is a simple and portable cervical traction device that can apply pressure and decrease pain in less than 10 minutes. If you're suffering from severe neck pain, a neck hammock can be the miracle solution. 

It can release you from several issues such as stress, high tension headaches, poor sleep, and difficulty relaxing. It can replace all the expensive therapies within a moment. For a proper explanation, you can go through the neck hammock review and learn the basic things about it.  

How To Set Up A Neck Hammock?

Without giving much effort, you can use some easy procedures to set the neck hammock in the door- 

  • Unpack and make sure you have everything (strap, neck hammock) in your hand.
  • If you use the doorknob for the hammock:
    • Encircle the strap loop which you got from the hammock around the doorknob.  
    • Now try to take the strap end across the doorway.
    • Then close the door properly.
    • Next fasten the Bungie strap with the hammock, and youโ€™re ready.
  • If you use a door jamb for the hammock:
    • Set the door pillow in the door jamb first.
    • Close the door and pull it tightly.
  • If you use a pole or post for the hammock:
    • Wrap the strap on the pole and try to pull the end across the loop. 
    • Now pull it down and set it with the Bungie strap. 
  • Now wrap around the base of the head, close your eyes and relax.
  • Make sure that your neck and the head are in a neutral position. So adjust it to fit comfortably. 

Aside from this, you can utilize other parts of your house to hang the neck hammock. Ensure that the neck hammock device is secure enough after setting this up. The best place to use this neck hammock will be the one where you can lay down and feel comfortable.   

Sometimes you choose the wrong place to set the neck hammock and hate the device. The best thing you can do is try every single door or possible position of your house. Find a stable structure to assist your upper body's weight while searching for the best pain relief position.

Neck Hammock might well be adjusted to stand two to four inches high from the floor. To find your most stable place, it might be helpful to try to vary the height. However, you don't want to strain your neck muscles too much when pulling your neck.

If you don't use the eye mask with cervical traction, you won't acquire the relaxed frame needed for immediate pain alleviation. The mask will let you avoid worrying about those bothersome thoughts. 

Otherwise, that would interfere with your success in alleviating neck pain. Most Neck Hammock users said that wearing the mask made them feel so relaxed that they fell asleep on the floor.

Is It Appropriate To Place Your Head At A Certain Distance From The Wall/Door That The Neck Hammock Is Attached To?

an illustration of how to properly set up a neck hammock
an illustration of how to properly set up a neck hammock

There seems to be no precise number because the goal is to feel a comfortable, continuous stretch. What will be the gap between the hammock and the y-axis? The base/pad of the Neck Hammock is around 2-4 inches above the ground when installed. 

It will also rely on whatever aspect you find most peaceful and pleasant. Move away from the wall or door if you want a more intense stretch. Start slowly and notice how your body reacts after only one session. 

If you're feeling too stressed, return your attention to the wall or door. Your body is quite intelligent; it understands what it loves and dislikes. Your body will tell you if a stretch is too strong. You should adjust the tension according to your needs.

Some Tips About Setting Up the Neck Hammock

  • If you use a door to set up the neck hammock hang the door tog on another side of your door. 
  • Only use secure as well as stable objects that will never move while your neck is hanging.
  • Make sure you have a 15-minute timer set and begin the session. Don't use it longer than 15 minutes; otherwise, your neck will be grumpy or stiff.
  •  If you want to enhance the relaxation time, then listen to your desired meditation music while using the hammock.
  • In general, you should consult your doctor when you want to use the neck hammock. 

Wrapping Up

With the home neck traction product, you can quickly get relief from your neck pain wherever you are. This device is ideal for you if you're an office worker, student, athlete, laborer, or even driver. 

This device is a non-surgical treatment that offers fast neck pain relief. If you are considering using a neck hammock, consult your doctor first. Under the age of 16, using this device can be harmful.

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