How To Use Resistance Bands To Create a Full-Fledged Home Gym Setup

Let's admit; resistance band workouts are not as interesting and appealing as pumping iron in a gym. They won’t give you the same feel and satisfaction that you will get when you deadlift 250lbs or bench press 150lbs. They won’t make you feel stronger and stronger every week when you add more and more weights to your barbell. 

But, ‘creating a temple of steel’ requires a good amount of space and significant investment. If you are living in an apartment, you probably won’t have a spare room to keep a treadmill or squat cage. Plus, not everyone wants to or is physically fit enough to train with free weights. 

If you are a total beginner or if you are recovering from an injury/have musculoskeletal diseases, resistance exercises are definitely a better option. Unlike free weights, resistance exercises are not affected by gravity. So, they are much smoother and therefore, safer than dumbbells, barbells, etc. 

You will be surprised to know that, despite being low-impact workouts, resistance training provides you similar benefits that you get from weight training. (1)

So, if you have a bare minimum space in your house or if you have a limited budget, or if you just want to take a break from the metals you have in your home gym, building a home gym with resistance bands makes total sense. 

We have already evaluated a number of products and have come up with lists of best resistance bands and best resistance loop bands. We have also reviewed the Rogue Fitness bands, which are a great option for advanced trainers. 

In this blog, we will brief you on how you can use them to target almost every major muscle group of your body and do almost all types of exercises that you would have done if you would have had a proper home gym with free weights. 

So grab these elastic ropes and let's get started!

Types of resistance bands 

These elastic bands are usually of two types; the loop bands and the non-looped bands i.e. the standard elastic bands. 

The loop bands, also known as mini bands, are usually meant for lower body workouts and the open elastic tubes are for the biceps, core, etc. but they can be used for targeting almost all muscles of the body. Open elastic bands come with or without handles. 

Resistance bands are usually made of latex. If you are allergic to rubber, you can buy the ones that are made of fabric. As expected, fabric bands are more expensive and more durable than the latex ones. Also, fabric resistance bands offer much more resistance than the rubber ones. They are a good option for people who are already quite fit and won’t be satisfied with the amount of resistance that the latex fitness bands provide. 

Resistance fitness bands are usually sold as sets but individual pieces are available too. Each resistance band in a set offers a different amount of resistance; yellow is the easiest one and black is the toughest one. However, various brands offer various color options. So, make sure you read the product description thoroughly to find out the most suitable option for you. 

If you need more resistance, you can always double or triple them up! 

How to hook a resistance band 

You can do most resistance exercises by holding the band with your hands or feet. But, for some, you may have to anchor it somewhere. And, that somewhere has to be a highly stable and reliable thing. You can’t just hook it around the leg of your furniture because the furniture piece may slide off and might slam your leg. 

Here are some products that you can use for anchoring your resistance band around your home gym. 

Door anchors for resistance 

These are the cheapest and easiest options you have. Basically, they have a knob and a loop. The knob has to go on the opposite side of the door and you need to insert the tube into the loop/handle. See the above image to get an idea of how they work. 

DynaPro – Door Anchor and Boss Fitness Products – Extra Large Heavy Duty Door Anchor are some of the top-rated products we have found for you. They have a pretty standard design and work for most types of exercises but you need to keep changing their position to target various muscle groups. 

If you want to save time, you can go with the OPOLEMIN multi point door anchor for resistance band home gyms. 

As you can see in the image above, it has an upgraded design with 5 anchor points, you won’t have to readjust the position of the hook, every time you want to try a different exercise. 

Also, check out the Bodylastics Heavy Duty Resistance Bands Ultra Anchor Attachment with 25 anchors. We don’t think you actually need so many anchoring points but just in case you do, this should be the most versatile product you could ever buy for setting up your home gym with resistance bands.  

Some products such as the Whatafit Resistance Bands Set already come with a door anchor, so you don’t have to buy anything separately unless you want to hook them to the wall. 

Wall/ceiling anchors for using resistance bands in home gyms 

If you can’t spare a door, the next best option you have is a wall/ceiling anchor. You will have to do some drilling for it. But, if done correctly, you will be able to create the safest possible home gym setup for using resistance bands. Look at the image below for reference. 

Some products such as RitFit Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket, Core Energy Fitness wall/ceiling anchor for resistance bands, and OPTP Resistance Band Wall Anchors by Bob and Brad have a pair of anchoring points. If you need more flexibility, you can go with Myosource wall mounts for kinetic bands. It consists of a long steel plate with a railing system that offers 5 different anchoring positions. 

Fitness decks that have resistance band pegs

If you don't know what fitness decks are, the above image should give you an idea. 

Basically, they look like aerobic platforms but they have foldable legs and a foldable top, so you can use them as a plyometric box, a stepper, a weight bench, and a ramp. Good quality products such as Reebok Fitness Deck have an extremely grippy top surface, so you can do fast-paced cardio workouts without worrying about slipping off. 

All good quality fitness decks such as Power Systems Fitness Deck, Yes4All Multi-Functional Aerobic Deck, and the other best fitness decks that we have reviewed on our website have slots where you can attach your resistance tubes. 

Fitness decks are made of plastic and weigh somewhere between 28 to 32lbs. So, obviously, you can use the resistance bands only when you are sitting or standing on them. Or else, the decks will slide off even when you apply the slightest pressure. 

Squat racks/half racks 

Some power cages such as the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Strength Rack-SF-XF9925 come with resistance tube pegs. But, most of them do not have any hooks where you can attach your elastic bands. However, you can buy extra handles and use them for wrapping the resistance tubes around the uprights. 

Just make sure the squat rack is bolted to the floor or weighed down adequately so that it doesn’t wobble during your workout. 

Resistance band exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime

There are thousands of YouTube videos that can help you understand how to use resistance bands in your home gym to get the most effective workout. So, this section is not needed in this article. But, we thought we should share some of our favorite exercises to help you get started. 

Seated row

LAT pulldown using resistance bands

Leg curl 

Chest Press 

Resistance band pushups 

Wrap up 

That's all we have to say about setting up a home gym with resistance bands. 

A lot of people assume that these elastic tubes are only meant for beginners but products like Rogue Fitness bands can challenge even an athlete. These inexpensive products can really help improve your strength and stamina. Even if you are into harcore weight training, you should still go for resistance training once or twice a week just to give a different kind of challenge to your muscles. 

We hope this article helps you find out how you can create your own home gym even if you have very limited space and budget. Do check out our ‘Ultimate home gym building guide’ for more useful tips and tricks. 

If you still have any query, do not hesitate to contact us.