How to Get Fat Guy Calves Quickly

The calves are typically one of the most challenging muscles to build as a weightlifter. However, it is common for plus-sized to have larger and more aesthetic calves relative to slimmer people, despite not engaging in any specific weightlifting programs. 

This article will explain the circumstances behind fat guy calves and how you can develop them without being necessarily plus-sized. 

What are fat guy calves?

muscular leg calf
muscular leg calf

Fat guy calves is the expression used to describe the large and often muscular calves that plus-sized individuals sport. Over the years, it has also been used to describe the appearance of any calves that look similarly built and muscular – often as a result of targeted calves training. 

Plus-sized people typically develop fat guy calves through regular daily activities, especially if the daily activities include considerable walking. Walking is a basic bodyweight resistance exercise. Consequently, the body has to adapt to any increasing resistance, which in this case, manifests as more body fat. 

How do plus-size people develop muscular calves?

Muscle development involves certain variables that are typically present in plus-sized individuals. Some of them include:

More bodyweight

Plus-sized people typically weigh a lot, and some are overweight, resulting in the body working much harder to cater for the extra weight. For example, your heart has to work harder to pump enough blood, and your lungs have to work harder to distribute enough oxygen. Likewise, the calves also have to work hard to carry the plus-size body weight. 

As a result, the most basic and mundane tasks commonly result in a fair deal of work for the calves as they lift heavier weights when the plus-sized person walks, climbs stairs, or runs. Additionally, as plus-sized people get bigger, as they tend to do, they undergo progressive overload.

Thick bones

Many plus-sized people have thick bones, and this naturally results in muscle mass. For example, an individual with 7-inch wrists will typically have a larger arm than a person with 5-inch wrists. This disparity also applies to calves, so your calves will typically be bigger if you have thick ankles.

Short tendons

Unlike ectomorphs, several plus-sized individuals have shorter tendons with longer muscle bellies. While this is not always so, the phenomenon is relatively common. Furthermore, your calf muscles will be capable of more growth when you have long calf bellies and short Achilles tendons. On the other hand, persons with long Achilles tendons – for example, sprinters – typically possess smaller calf muscles and shorter muscle bellies, resulting in a slim hypertrophic figure.

Excess calories

In addition to genetic predisposition, most plus-sized people typically consume many calories. This amount of calories ensures that the body has enough resources to rebuild bigger calf muscles as the plus-sized people lift their body weight regularly. 

How to develop fat guy calves

two women doing calf raise
two women doing calf raise

Obviously, getting fat simply to develop fat guy calves is not an exciting idea. Nevertheless, other natural exercises can help you build your calves to fat-guy-calves levels. 

Standing calf raises

A fundamental basic move for developing your calf is the standing calf raise. Standing calf raises target your gastrocnemius, the largest calf muscle, accelerating the fat man calves’ development. The exercise is also flexible as you can do it anywhere. You can also progressively overload by doing it with weights.

You perform the exercise by keeping your hands at the side, pointing your toes forward, and straightening your knees. After this, you raise your heels off the floor while pushing via the balls of your feet. It is essential that you control yourself throughout the movement through slight pauses at the top of the contraction. 

Seated calf raises

Like standing calf raises, seated calf raises also help develop your calf muscles. The exercise places the resistance on your quadriceps, right above your knees, in a seated position. Several gyms have calf machines, and you can use them by adding suitable weights to increase the resistance. 

Elevated calf raises

Elevated calf raises are very identical to the standing calf raises. However, in the elevated variation, you use a raised box or step platform to increase motion range across the exercise. Ensure you are standing on the raised platform with both of your heels hanging off the platform’s edge. 

Like the standing calf raise, this exercise is also very flexible as you can perform it almost anywhere. You can also incorporate dumbbells to increase the resistance.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is another great exercise to develop your calf muscles. This is because, in addition to building your calves, jumping rope is also a full-body workout. Ensure you select a suitable jump rope in length, lightness, and a suitable jumping surface. Keep your jumps controlled and small to help prevent injury. 

Tips for developing fat guy calves

Here are some tips that you should note to help with your calf development:

Train your calves for 2-4 weeks straight

Working on your calves daily for about 2-4 consecutive weeks before switching back to your regular program can help you accelerate your calf’s development. Try to perform about 4-6 sets per workout, alternating the exercise every day.

Use appropriate gym equipment

Using the appropriate gym equipment is necessary if you want to develop your calves safely. Ensure the facilities and equipment are standard and well-functioning. Alternatively, you can set up your home gym to ensure the safety of your exercises. You can set up a home gym with a barbell, a few dumbbells, a squat rack, a pull-up bar, and perhaps a cable machine if you can afford it. 

Train Before Bed 

Training every night just before you sleep can also benefit your calf development journey. Before you sleep, perform a set of 80 – 100 hard-squeezing and slow standing or elevated calf raises with your bodyweight. Doing this in addition to your regular calf programs will see you develop calf gains quickly.

Employ basic training principles

To activate muscle hypertrophy, you have to overload your muscles. However, as most people typically use their calf muscles a lot across the day, they may need to overload the muscles until they are close to damage to see gains.