How to Find a Squat Rack Ruring the Coronavirus Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everything all over the world. As such, daily activities such as going to the gym are a challenge or impossible. And because of this we have seen a huge demand in all types of home gym equipment!

Unfortunately this means it's very hard right now to find squat racks.

If you're resourceful enough though you can still find a way to get a rack. Here are some tips we have used ourself:

Getting Notifications From the Big Three Rack Manufacturers

The big three are Rogue, Rep, and Titan. They have all implemented notification by email to alert you when the equipment you are looking for is back in stock.

Rogue Fitness

For Rogue, you need to go to the top of the site. You will see a list of options such as barbells, plates, rigs and racks. Select rigs and racks and you will be redirected to a page with plenty of options to choose from. 

Once you find one you like, choose it and select the quantity. If it is unavailable, scroll down and click on the “Notify me” button. Fill in your email and you will be notified once the item is available. 

Rep Fitness

Sites such as Rep Fitness have the option of notifying you once a rack is available. All you need to do is go to their website, search for the item, and choose it.

If it is not available, you get a popup that requests you to sign up for email notifications. Fill in your email and you will get notified once the specific squat rack is available. 

Titan Fitness 

This is another great site to get squat racks from. Use the same process mentioned above to get information on any squat racks that may be currently out of stock.

Buying Second Hand

If you are not able to order from the above stores and other online stores, you can try using second-hand places. There are plenty of these online market places today. 

Facebook Marketplace is a good place to start. There are thousands of items on sale in this market place. You can try to find out if you can get a squat rack from here. 

If Facebook marketplace doesn’t work out, you can try:

  • Craigslist
  • Letgo
  • OfferUp.

Build Your Own

If you are unable to find a squat rack using one of the above, then you can even try building your own. Here are a couple of options we have found online:

The Cheap Emergency Wooden Squat Stands Build

Garage Gym Reviews released a great video on how to build this one:

The Professional Level DIY Build

A user on Reddit posted about how he created his own professional level half rack that can handle anything he throws at it:

Bottom Line

Normally we don't recommend build your own rack. But these are desperate times and it calls for desperate measures to keep the gains train moving.