What Color Should You Paint a Home Gym?

A lot of people these days want to have their own home gym so they can train a little more privately and a lot more comfortably. 

The idea of having your own workout space sounds really tempting and, with thoughtfully planning and a wise selection of workout equipment, you can set up an incredibly functional home gym in the smallest possible spaces. 

Wondering if it is actually possible to set up a home gym if you have bare minimum space? Our article on ‘How Much Space Do You Need for a Home Gym?’ should clear your doubts and give you some ideas. 

Setting up a home gym is challenging but sticking to your workout routines while being at home is even more difficult. 

People start to lose their motivation after just a few weeks. That’s why it is really important to create a workout space that is more inviting and inspiring than your bedroom or living room. From having great ambient lighting to decorating your home gym walls with motivational flags, you can do a lot of things to ensure that you never have to push yourself to visit the place that you so fondly created with your savings. 

In one of our previous blogs, we have discussed how to have the best home gym lighting so that your home gym looks as good as your nearby high-end commercial gym. We have also created a list of home gym banners/flags that you can use to pump up some energy to your gym’s environment.  

In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right paint for your home gym so you can create the right energy levels. 

Did you know the color of your home gym can affect your workouts? 

Various studies have concluded that the colors of a room can significantly impact your mood, decision, and performance. (1)

Kurt Goldstein, a German neurologist and psychiatrist, in his book ‘The Organism’ has mentioned that light affects our pineal gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones in our body. When you see green color, you feel energized and active whereas you are more likely to feel fatigued when you see yellow color. All this happens because of the function of the pineal gland. 

Some colors may make you feel angry whereas others would make you feel relaxed, for absolutely no reason. This is why it is really important to choose the right color scheme for your home gym. 

If you are into cardio and high-intensity workouts, paint your home gym red 

Red is probably the most powerful color. From danger signs to traffic lights, everything that requires maximum attention is painted in red. 

Studies have indicated that red color helps increase blood pressure (2) and makes you feel energetic.  

By painting the primary wall of your home gym red, you can add a lot of energy and excitement to your workout space. 

If you don’t like red, you can go with darker shades of pink or orange instead, which evokes the same feeling that red does. 

Please note: Limit the use of red color only to your cardio section or just the primary wall of your home gym. That's because red also triggers aggressiveness. You need to create a balance of different energies so you come out of your home gym feeling calm and happy. 

If you are into weightlifting, paint your home gym walls with blue color 

Did you know why students are asked to use blue pens? That’s because the color blue is known to improve concentration and focus. (3) It is also perceived as a trustworthy color. 

Therefore, blue should be the primary color for the area where you want to train with weights. It can help boost your productivity and do more reps. 

You might have noticed that maximum weight plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells are blue and not red. That's because the color blue makes things appear lighter than they actually are. This means you will feel more confident while training with heavy weights. 

Choose darker shades of blue for weightlifting and lighter ones for areas where you want to do stretching and yoga

Paint your home gym walls with green color to create a resting and relaxing zone 

Do you know why therapists ask you to go to a park and watch trees when you are stressed out? That's because green is a quiet color. (4) It helps us stay calm and refreshed. It makes us feel renewed and rejoiced. 

If you are into yoga or if you want to create a proper resting area in your home gym, we highly recommend painting it green. You may mix a bit of yellow or purple but green should be the dominant color. All shades of green are stress-reducing but the ones closer to the color of trees are better than the lighter and darker ones. 

Choose neon colors to create a vibrant home gym 

We understand that not everyone likes neon but one or two strips of neon paint can help you balance the energy levels of your home gym. Neon lime, neon orange, and neon green should be your most preferred choice because they are mood-lifting colors. 

Even if you like neon, do not overdo it. You obviously do not want to make your gym look like a discotheque. Just a strip here and there should be enough. 

Pastel colors are attractive but not quite energetic 

They are suitable for yoga and meditation but we wouldn’t recommend them for cardio and weight training. You may, however, use them to paint a specific wall, maybe a theme wall, or to create textures. They shouldn’t be your primary colors though unless you are into yoga. 

If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to consult an expert

A color consultant can help you choose the right color scheme and the right design. He can also help you choose the right area where you can receive as much natural light as possible. If you can afford his fee, it is totally worth seeking professional advice, although we believe it is not that difficult to do it yourself. 

Wrap up 

We hope this blog helps you understand what color you should paint your home gym to make it look as good as a professional gym. Do check out our other interesting articles on How To Prevent Your Home Gym From Smelling, Can You Put a Home Gym on the Second Floor, Should You Use A Fat Burner Supplement Along With Exercise for Losing Weight, and How To Build a Weightlifting Platform

We also have created an ultimate guide on how to build a home gym. It is an extensive article that lists down almost everything that you would ever need for your workouts. We keep updating it every week to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. 

If you have any query or suggestion, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help!

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