How To Have the Best Home Gym Lighting

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Home gym lighting is an underrated and often-ignored aspect. Many of us still have our home gym in gloomy, unappealing, uninviting basements and garages, which is why we literally have to push ourselves to visit ‘our own temple of steel’ that we had created so fondly using our savings. 

Don’t you think it’s time for you to discard those 60w overhead bulbs and upgrade your home gym lighting? 

A well-lit, well-decorated, inviting home gym will boost your motivation

You will be more frequent and you will love spending more time there. You will do more reps and you will experiment with different exercise routines. 

When you will do more, you will achieve more. And, that's a strong reason why you should spend money to get the best home gym lighting solutions. 

In this article, we will brief you more about how you can create a well-lit workout space that makes you feel as energetic and enthusiastic as sunlight does. Also, check out our selection of Best Garage Gym Flags that can further make your home gym’s environment more inviting and inspirational. 

Basic requirements of home gym lighting 

You can’t just buy any fancy bulb in any number and flood your home gym with too much light or else you could end up with a high electricity bill. 

You need just the right amount of light that: 

  • Doesn’t produce too much heat
  • Provides just the right amount of light 
  • Sticks to the natural light color of 5000K
  • Energy-efficient so you don’t regret using them 
  • Aren’t hanging etc. or else you could hit them accidentally if you are working out in a low ceiling area

LED lighting has a high upfront cost but they are cost-effective in the run long 

The main benefit of LED light is that its color temperature is almost close to that of natural sunlight i.e. 5000K. (1)

Matching your gym’s lighting with that of natural light will help you feel as energetic as you will feel while exercising outdoors. Plus, it won’t strain your eyes. 

Further, LED lights are much more energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs. They do not emit as much heat as other lighting products do. 

While buying LED home gym lighting products, make sure you buy the bulbs that are classified as ‘daylight’. Do not buy the ones that are rated as ‘soft white’ because their color temperature is not close to sunlight. 

Also, wherever possible, go with overhead lights or recessed lighting so they neither reflect from the mirror nor form any unwanted reflections. 

Things to keep in mind while installing home gym lights

Ensure proper gaps between your lights to get adequate, even coverage 

Measure the height of your ceiling and divide by two. The number you will get is the amount of space you need to ensure between two light bulbs and the light bulbs and the wall. 

For example, if you have an 8 ft high ceiling, you need to have 4 ft gaps between lights and the bulbs should be 4 ft away from the walls. This is an ideal spacing but you obviously have to customize it as per the available space and type of light you are planning to use. For example; shop lights provide more coverage than recessed lights, so you can go with ⅔ the height of the ceiling instead of 1/2.  

Do not mix light types 

Using bulbs of different temperatures will strain your eyes by causing unwanted light variation, shadows, and reflections. You don’t want to have a headache at the end of your training session. So, stick to just one type of bulb. The goal is to have an even coverage that resembles daylight. 

Determine how much light you need to feel as if you are working out in a posh commercial gym 

Workspaces need brighter, even lightings than living rooms and bedrooms so you can stay comfortable and concentrated while doing your work. The same applies to home gyms. 

There are numerous apps that you can use to determine how much light will be enough for your home gym. But, they just give you a rough idea that you can also calculate otherwise. All you need to do is to multiply the area of the room and the foot candles required. 

To calculate the area of your room, multiply the length and the width of the room. For example, if your room measures 10ft in width and 15ft in length, its area is 150ft. 

Next comes the foot-candle, which is basically a measurement of how bright a light source is when you stand one foot away from it. Rooms and bedrooms need fewer foot candles because you don’t really need as bright light there as you would need in your office. (2)

There is no formula that you can use to calculate foot candles. You just have to pick a standard one from the below image. 

foot candles required for important areas

Image Source: Alcon Lighting 

So, if you want to light up your 150ft garage gym, you would typically need 150 X 30= 4500 lumens of light. 

That’s just a rough average but works for most cases. 

Please note: we are talking about lumens here not watts 

Watt is the unit of electricity and indicates the amount of energy a bulb consumes. It doesn’t indicate the amount of brightness you will get. Lumen indicates how bright a light is. (3)

The below image will give you an idea of how many lumens you will get from a specific type of bulb. But, make sure you read the product packaging to find out the exact lumens you will get from a specific product. 

Chart showing watt and lumen outputs of various light bulbs

Image Source: Alcon Lighting 

Remember that dark colored walls need more light 

Dark colors absorb light, thereby making the room look darker. So, you will have to use brighter lights than what you get after doing the calculation as per the above formula. If you want to save your electricity cost, you might think of getting your walls repainted with a lighter shade. 

Best home gym lighting products that we recommend 

Overhead lights 

multi-head ceiling light

If you are going to workout in a garage or a basement, these are your obvious choice. If the space is really small, you might not be having more than one fixture for installing your light bulb. In that case, you will have to install a highly-bright light that can fit into the existing socket. 

Check out the Intpro 60W LED Corn Light Bulb Lamp that provides 100 lumens per watt, making it a great choice for garages and basements. TANBABY Garage Light with adjustable LED heads is a good option for evenly illuminating your home gym with just one bulb. Kernovo LED garage lights are also a good option if you have a large area to cover. 

If you can have recessed lighting in your home gym, Ensenior has some good options for you. The lights are expensive but they do a good job and you will feel as if you are in a commercial environment. You can have TORCHSTAR Basic Series recessed lights plus a basic LED socket bulb to create a bright almost daylight environment without worrying about exorbitant electricity bills. 

If you do not want to hire a professional for creating a recessed lighting setup, you can go with BIGLIGHT LED Track Lights. They can be adjusted and they come with a remote control so you can operate them easily. 

Wall lights 

If you do not have ample ceiling sockets to lighten up your garage gym properly, you can have some wall-mounted lights such as the ChangM Modern LED Acrylic Wall Sconces. A pair of them would be enough to supplement the insufficient ceiling lights. Plus, you can use just them during your relaxing yoga sessions. 

Floor lights 

floor lamps

They are also a good option for supplementing poor or insufficient floor lights. TROND LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, Modern Pole Lights look trendy and highly attractive. You can have two of them around your main machines and that should be more than enough. Onforu 50W LED Flood Lights are also great to have in poorly lit basements. 

Wrap up 

Be creative with your home gym lighting. Think of it as a space where you come to transform your body as well as your mind. Do not hesitate to upgrade the lighting as and when you feel like because we get bored of things easily. For example; we recently came across these huge Dumbbell Neon signs that we will be ordering soon to use as a wall light decoration. 

A small change here and there frequently will make your home gym look fresh and inviting. 

If you are building your home gym and need some helpful tips and tricks, do check out our guide on how to build a home gym on the second floor, how to build a weightlifting platform, How To Prevent Your Home Gym From Smelling, and our ultimate guide to building a home gym. These articles should address most of your queries. If you still have any doubts or questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. 

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