Exogun Massage Gun Review

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Exogun Massage Gun Review

This is the Exogun Massage Gun that we have been testing out here on Home Gym Strength for the past few weeks. Now for disclosure, the Exogun company did send us this model to review for free but keep in mind that in no way it affects our review. As you will see, if you go through a lot of our videos, we have no problem bashing a product that a company has given to us to review. If anything, we are a little more critical many times when they give it to us for free. 

So with that in mind, what do we think of this Exogun? Well to be honest, I’m loving it! Now you have to remember that here in Home Gym Strength, we have a lot of experience evaluating massage guns. Of course, the big one that we’ve tried and the most expensive is the Theragun Massage Gun which retails for about $300-$400 for their premium model and you can get that on Amazon or on their website. But for that price, there are a lot of great competitors on the market that are much cheaper and can get you just as good of a product and the Exogun is definitely one of them. 

As you can see, it does come with this nice case to put it in. I think it’s great that they do this and even though the Theragun does this, I do not really put it in the case that often. It also comes with a decent assortment of attachments here. We’ve got Lacrosse ball massage type attachment. This is my favorite one because you can use it on more sensitive type tissue like on your neck so that’s fantastic. We also have this one here with this kind of tooth combed massage tool, then this other one, whatever this is and finally this other one which is my other favorite used for just just digging in and releasing trigger points. 

In this video, we’re not going to talk about how effective massage guns are. The only thing I’ll say is that I do like to use them and I think they are effective for areas that are harder to reach and massage like your forearms, your neck, upper back, your traps and stuff like that. I have a friend of mine that actually loves using it on the glutes and hamstring so it’s something to keep in mind. 

Now, let’s talk about this massage gun in particular and how we think it compares to something like the Theragun. I think it compares amazingly, honestly. I eventually sold the Theragun and no longer use it just because I thought it was so expensive for what it does. Now one good thing about the Theragun, I think, is that it has a little bit more back and forth motion. That’s what I would say but I’m not sure that that leads to a much more effective massage. Now if you also would like to compare this one in particular, the Exogun, to some other massage guns on the market, this one does have less flexibility in the adjustments, So I turn it on, you do power it on like this. It’s very simple to kind of adjust. You just keep on pressing the power button and it actually only goes up to level 6. That being said, I always just turn it up to probably the max. I don’t really mind the lesser amount of adjustability. The left digital display is the level it’s on right now and here on the right is the battery percentage indicator. Right now it’s 99 so it indicates that it’s 99 percent charged. The battery life seems pretty good, honestly. I used it for I think almost a week without charging it and that was immediately when I got it. I never actually charged it first.

Next, let’s flip over because I want to show you where it plugs in. Right under the handle, is where this thing plugs in and it does include a charger so you can charge it. Let me just show you on my arm here how it actually looks. I feel like it has plenty of power and as you can see there, it’s definitely moving the skin and providing some massage. Another thing I like about it is it’s honestly not too loud. Let me turn it back up to the highest level and as you can see it’s not super loud so you can definitely use this in another room of your house possibly while someone else is sleeping or something like that but it’s not going to disturb people unlike some the older massage guns used to do. 

Lastly, the real test of this massage gun is, “Do I use it and would I recommend it?” and then also “What is my rating?”. So I actually use this thing. I’ve been using it quite a lot to use to massage my forearms actually just like I showed you. I am a software engineer so I used my hands a lot, obviously for typing so I feel like this thing is very effective for, at the very least, getting blood flow going in the arms and possibly it also massages those out and kind of remove some of the kinks in the arms. I also use it a lot for the neck, shoulder area, traps, upper back, sometimes the glutes. But although I’m loving this thing, I think at this price, it’s a fantastic option. It’s much much much more affordable than something like the Theragun and it’s not going to leave you feeling guilty after you purchase it because it doesn’t have a super high price. So yes, I do use it. Yes, I do recommend it. And I think, with a lot of these massage guns, you just have to kind of try it out and see how effective and how much it will work for you. And I think with this Exogun, this makes you feel a lot better about trying it out.

And so finally, what do I rate this thing? I’m going to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars simply because it’s a great product and the price is very affordable versus something like the Theragun. So yes, 4.5 out of 5 stars. I highly advise you to check it out and let us know how it works out for you. 

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Quick Review Summary

Name: Exogun DreamPro percussion massage gun

Features: Comes with 4 different massage heads, provides 60lbs force and up to 3200 percussion per minute, has quiet operation 

Pros: Lightweight and portable, comes with a carrying case, sturdy, effective, can be used for almost everyone, affordable

Cons: Has a single button for operation, 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: Great product available at a much reasonable price.

Full Written Review:

On our website, we have reviewed some of the top-rated percussion massage guns such as: 

We have also provided you with thorough, step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own massage gun in less than $125

In this blog, we will be reviewing ‘Exogun massage gun’, another affordable percussion massage tool that we highly recommend. Like other products that we have reviewed, this one too comes with multiple attachment heads, each of them intended to target a specific area or muscle group of your body. We have been using it for a couple of weeks now and we are very impressed with its effectiveness. We highly recommend it for people who want deep tissue massage that can help them get rid of muscle tension, cramps, knots, and fatigue. 

Let's start our Exogun massage gun review by looking at some of its key features and specifications: 

Key features of Exogun DreamPro massage gun

  • Contents of the kit: 1 massage gun, 4 attachment heads, a charging cable, and a user manual
  • Comes with a free carrying case
  • It offers up to 60lbs force 
  • The stroke length is 16 mm i.e. the massage heads go back and forth by 16mm. 
  • Has a 2400 mAh battery that can last for weeks 
  • Has 6 massage speeds and offers 1200-3200 strokes per minutes
  • It has a 24v brushless motor that offers a quiet operation generating a max of 70DB sound 
  • It weighs 2.5lbs
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty

How does Exogun massage gun work? 

This is an Exogun massage gun

This massage gun resembles the shape of a gun and works more like a drill machine with back and forth movement of the massage heads. All you need to do is to put the head of the gun in the desired area and set the speed that you desire. 

It uses a 24V brushless motor, which is much quieter than other inexpensive electric massage guns. 

There are 6 different massage settings i.e. speeds delivering up to 3200 percussions per minute. PPM means the number of times the massager goes back and forth in a minute. With 1200-3200 PPM, you can expect the massage head to hit your body around 20-53 times per second. The stroke length is 16mm/0.63 inches, which is enough to hit your tissues hard and help you get rid of tensions and knots. 

Let's look at the various massage heads you get with it and their functions: 

Exogun percussion therapy tool attachments 

  • Ball head: That’s our favorite one. It is the most commonly used massage head suitable for larger and medium muscle groups. It is ideal for post-workout recovery but you can use it to treat tired and sore muscles after a hectic day. 
  • Bullet head: If you are after an intense deep tissue massage, you must use this one. Its shape helps it to hit the trigger points hard and improve blood flow to the desired area. Mostly suitable for trigger point massage. 
  • Flat head: It offers much less intense massage than the other heads. Suitable mostly for beginners who don’t know how to use the gun and may accidentally apply a lot of pressure which may hurt you, especially if you hit the bony areas. You can use this massage head for non-fleshy areas of your body. 
  • Fork head: This is exclusively for the spinal muscles. You can massage those not-so-fleshy muscles without hitting the spine (which may cause injury or long-term pain). We have used it on calf muscles and it works equally well.

Swapping the attachment heads is rather easier than expected. The heads have small rubber rings that help them stay attached to the gun. All you need to do is to push or pull them out gently. 


Exogun electric massager has decent battery life. If you use it for 15 minutes a day, it could last for a week without needing you to charge it again. There is a remaining run-time indicator on the display panel, so you would know when you need to charge it. The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything, from our experience we can say that it takes approximately 2 hours to charge it fully. 

Design and built 

This is an Exogun massage gun designed for convenience
This is an Exogun massage gun designed for convenience

Exogun has a very conventional design that requires you to hold it like a pistol. You can use Exogun with just one hand and it offers the same range of motion as any other percussion therapy tool does. The pistol handle has a decent grip but it could have been better. 

Theragun has a more ergonomic structure, with a triangular shape that offers you more control over the pressure you apply to the body. And that’s why it is expensive. 

Weighing 2.5 lbs, Exogun weighs more than all other massage guns that we have reviewed on our website. Chirogun and Homech massage gun weigh 1.5lbs and the Theragun weighs 2.2 lbs. Well, heavier means you need more ar power to control it but heavier also means that it will provide you a more intense massage! 


  • The max force or stall force of the Exogun massage gun is 60lbs, which is enough for even the toughest athletes. Theragun, which costs almost thrice its price has a max stall force of 40lbs.  Homech massage gun, which is its closest competitor in terms of price, has a max stall force of 33lbs. Exogun is, therefore, quite powerful and a good choice for athletes and gym rats.  
  • Excellent battery life. 
  • Solid and heavy-duty.
  • Effective. Well, lots of massagers available online are useless. So, effectiveness is worth considering. 
  • The actual price listed on Exogun DreamPro’s website is $599 but it is mostly on sale. So, if you are even a bit lucky, you could get it at just $149. That’s a justified price. 


  • Exogun massage gun comes with a leaflet mentioning ‘how-to-use’ instructions. But, many buyers have stated that the instructions are not enough. There is no mention of how and where to use the attachments, leaving the buyers to do guesswork. There should have been a detailed user guide because if you are new, there are chances you could use the wrong tool and end up hitting the muscles in the wrong way. Well, that isn’t going to cause any major damage to you, except some discomfort.  
  • The carrying case is rather flimsy and not made of hard plastic. Basically, it is just a carrying case and not a protective case. But, that’s OK because it is being sold at a heavily discounted price. So, you get what you pay for. 
  • The only thing about Exogun that annoys us is its single button use. There are no separate on/off switches or speed change switches. Just one button does it all. There should have been at least two buttons; one for power and one for speed. Single button does get a bit confusing initially. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

Exogun DreamPro is a fantastic alternative to more expensive products from renowned brands such as Theragun. We do recommend it for both athletes who want a deep tissue massage after a long gym session as well as for commoners who want a therapist-like massage to help them unwind after a long and tiring day. If you want to purchase it, keep tracking its price because it is frequently on sale when it is sold at $149.

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