Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller Review

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This post contatins affliliate links. If you click on one of these links and then make a purchase from the linked advertiser, I'll make a commission at no extra cost to you. Click Here to read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Quick Review Summary

Name: Epitome Fitness VIBRA vibrating foam roller

Features: vibrating foam roller with 4 different vibrating speed and one pulsating seed, has honeycomb grid for deep and effective massage, comes with a carry case, 

Pros: decent battery life, more effective than the conventional foam roller

Cons: doesn’t provide deep tissue massage as claimed by manufacturer

Our Rating: 3/5

Full Written Review:

The benefits of foam rolling have been well-documented in numerous studies. Vibrating massage too has been clinically proven to improve recovery, reduce muscle stiffness, and prevent lactic acid buildup. A vibrating foam roller like the Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller, therefore, sounds like one of the most promising options for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Tired muscles are the most common reason why they skip their exercises. The next-generation foam roller manufactured by Epitomie Fitness claims to help you maximize your performance by restoring your muscles quicker than they would naturally. Pre and post-workout self-myofascial release using this tool can help them get ready for their next workout session. 

We thought of giving it a try and honestly, we don't think it is worth its price. It works as described by the manufacturer but it doesn't provide as good a massage as we had expected. 

In this blog, we will provide you with our honest review of the Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller and why we do not recommend it. 

Please note that the review is based on our personal experience. Yours may differ from ours. So, you may try it out and see if it worked for you. If it does, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.  

Key features and specifications of Vibra vibrating foam roller 

This is an Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller
  • Dimensions: length-13”, diameter-5.5”
  • Material: high-density EVA foam
  • Has a honeycomb grid pattern that can target deeper muscles and knots. 
  • Has an LED control panel that displays battery and vibration level. It also has a slot for USB charging. 
  • Comes with a carrying case and a USB cable. You also get access to the manufacturer’s exclusive guide on ‘full body foam rolling’. 
  • Has a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 4 hours. 
  • Has 5 different vibration settings. 4 of them are for different speeds and one is for pulsating mode. 
  • Offers a max vibrating speed of 3600 RPM. 

Build quality

Build quality of the Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller
Build quality of the Epitomie Fitness VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller

Honestly, we haven’t tried a lot of vibrating foam rollers but the VIBRA foam roller from Epitomie Fitness is definitely a premium quality product. The dimensions are pretty standard but the material is quite dense. It feels sturdy; you can confidently put your whole weight on it. 

Initially, we were skeptical about its battery charge time of 4 hours. We have been using it for weeks now and we agree that the battery could last up to 4 hours even when used at its max setting. We didn't get the USB cable but we were able to charge it with a spare universal micro USB cable we had.  


The manufacturer claims that it offers 3600 RPM, which should be good enough for intense massages. Yet, many other buyers have reported that the vibrations are not strong enough to target the deeper trigger points. This is because the hexagonal grids are not as deep as they should have been. 

We and numerous other buyers have found the hexagonal grids to be far too wide and soft. They should have been a bit closer. Plus, the ridges should have been a bit sharp enough to penetrate deeper into the muscles. The current design of VIBRA Vibrating Foam Roller is too smooth to offer you a deep tissue massage in the true sense. 

You might wonder how is it possible that 87% of the 12 years have rated it 4 stars and above. That's because it does a decent job; not as good as we had expected but better than what you get from a conventional foam roller. 

The way the manufacturer has marketed it made us feel as if it is a good alternative to the expensive other deep tissue massage tools. But, VIBRA vibrating foam roller just provides an average massage; definitely not ample enough for athletes, bodybuilders, and advanced trainers. 


Well, we found Epitomie Fitness VIBRA vibrating foam roller overpriced for what it is and what it offers. It is currently sold for around $100. But, it doesn’t work as much as a $100 product should work. 

Its competitive product Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High-Intensity Vibrating Foam Roller costs around $200 and has been rated as the best recovery workout gear by Forbes. Well, that’s pretty expensive for most of us but if you need a vibrating tool to massage your back, you should try this instead of VIBRA. 

Another competitive product of VIBRA is the Vulken extra long vibrating foam roller. It measures 17”, so you can massage your whole back in one go. It offers a max speed of 3800 RPM. Plus, it is $20 cheaper than the VIBRA foam roller. 


  • Provides deeper and more intense massage than a conventional foam roller. 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty. Well, we haven’t ever tried using the warranty, nor did anyone mention anything about it on Amazon. Before buying, maybe you can call or email the manufacturer to enquire. 
  • No guesswork. It comes with a proper video guide on how to use it to massage the whole body. Perfect for beginners. 
  • 4 hours battery life is pretty decent. 


  • It is a pretty expensive vibrating foam roller. At least, the manufacturer could have made it a bit longer, say 18″. You would have been able to massage your entire back in one go. 13″ is smaller for people with a broad, well-built body.
  • It is noisy. You can’t use it without disturbing others in the same room. 
  • Priced closed to $100, Epitome Fitness VIBRA vibrating foam roller should have come with a proper wall charger. If you want to use it in your garage, you will have to use a spare converter plug. If you don’t have it, you will have to carry it to your home for charging with your phone’s charger or plugging it into your laptop.  
  • Some buyers have reported battery issues. It stops working after a few months. 

Our Rating: 3/5

Our Verdict: 

As obvious from our review above, Epitome Fitness VIBRA vibrating foam roller is not worth buying. It doesn’t have any significant effect on your muscles. It takes up your foam roller massage by just one level, which doesn’t justify its price. 

If you are willing to spend $100, why not buy a percussion massage gun instead. They do a better job in terms of providing deep tissue massage for post-workout recovery. We have reviewed many of them on our website. Chirogun massage gun costs less than the VIBRA vibrating massager and it offers an excellent value to the users. The Homech percussion massage gun also costs almost the same but it can provide 12mm deep massage, something that you can’t expect from the Epitomie Fitness vibrating roller. 

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